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  1. Always regretted deleting my initial account. Think my nation was #70 something. I was glad to be a part of this game in it’s infancy. Good times. Happy to see it still finding success. Alex will never satisfy everyone but he cares and it shows. Shout out to the handful of old timers still out there.
  2. Time flies, Van. Thanks for hitting me up in pm. Good to hear from you, old friend.
  3. Just say what it was.
  4. Depends on the skin being used.
  5. I remember when I used to play this game in it's infancy, creating micros, celebrating 500 members, and more. Pour out a little liquor for the Blackstone Commission, Ragnarbuliwyf, Keegoz, and many others I called friend during my time here.
  6. Posting to clear notification in-game for my new nation.
  7. Destiny is awesome. Haters.
  8. I vouch for a Battlefront sub-forum.
  9. Destiny Also recommend changing the CoD: AW forum to Black Ops III, or simply changing it to CoD to cover discussion of all the games.
  10. Posting here to make in-game notification go away.
  11. I like both of the new options for alliances. Well done.
  12. Maybe they just designed them the same. I recall the same forums for the last 2-3 years at least, but my memory has never been my strongest quality. I guess what I'm getting at is that the Guardian brand was always under the same administration/ownership, regardless of game titles, as far as I can remember. This is the first time in my memory that doesn't seem to be the case.
  13. Can't help but feel like this is the final nail for the Guardian I've always known, dating back to long before Orbis. Is all of the old guard gone now? (pardon the pun). Just saying that I've seen leaders come and go, gov changes, charter changes, but always a core group and the same forums throughout. Is that all over now? Been out of the loop a while.
  14. I actually agree that the prequels weren't very good. I hope Episode VII turns that around. But that's a discussion for another forum.