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  1. Hello The NK forum link is as follows http://nuclearknights.boards.net/ Please feel free to pop along or send a rep to establish an embassy. I look forward to seeing you over there Hayley
  2. Regardless of north or south ireland, some of it is still a part of the UK so jump of this thread with your "let's see how smart i can pretend to be while attempting to make everyone else stupid" post cos by attempting to do this you've just proved you are incapable of reading forum rules!
  3. On deciding to change to my countries flag I noticed it is not there. Nor is the Union Jack flag! why is this? This is the English flag and it's a disappointment to not see it on the list considering Scotland, Ireland and wales is there! England is a country as is Wales, Scotland and Ireland and together we are the United Kingdoms or the UK and our flag is the Union Jack which I also cannot find on the list of countries however, it used to be there so I could be wrong but is it is it this is what it should look like. So yeah my suggestion is, is to put these flags in the game! England is a larger country than Scotland, Wales or Ireland why are these countries recognised but not England?
  4. we're talking one of the many iv sent out. Some kill higher infra than your calculation some kill lower but since you're in a position to criticise I guess you'd have the intelligence to guess that.
  5. I see the people of orbis forums still attempt to read between the lines as opposed to make sense of what is actually written.
  6. At 12pm this day Hayley's Kingdom launched it's 100th nuke making it the first nation to hit three figures in nuke launching. I would like to thank Dainanthal of Arrgh for eating this nuke, Apeman and the NK crew for supporting my nuke building and anyone else that has eaten any of my bespoke nuclear weapons without you this wouldn't have been possible.
  7. The carrier pigeon quit without notice, we needed something fast.
  8. Good evening people of orbis. NK has a new headquarters so come pay us a visit. http://s15.zetaboards.com/NDF/index/
  9. To make this work rationing should be introduced. If this was happening in rl do you think you'd still be able to go out and buy what you liked? Erm no every country would be rationing food. So maybe if radiation will effect the food production as leader of your nation you should have the option to ration food! However your approval rate lowers and possible refining production. The reason this isn't working is because it's hasn't been thought out as if it was a real life situation.
  10. There's always one tool on every thread FIGHT MEEEE!!!!!!
  11. What is going on here? Send out 5 DoW get 2 counter attacks from ts. Poor attempt of defence!!! Group of people as large as you can't fill my 3 slots! Come on guys and girls, not really that fussy, stop hugging your pixels and fill my slots let me leave wrecked and satisfied with my nukes all gone.
  12. I can see the following *Absolute panic for a week *Nothing Stop getting your panties in a twist
  13. can i ask you something? is your bunker generated? do you have running water? and have you come out since the ebola and swine flu epidemics that were going to wipe out human kind? If not it's over nothing happened we're all still alive you can come out now. It's all in uncertainty at the moment the pound will dip and in another month you'll be claiming something else is going to pose a threat to global economy or human kind and the EU referendum will all be forgotten.
  14. Wow for such a small country it sure makes an impact! The comments are amusing, nuclear war all because one country stepped out of the EU? really? Maybe the thread should be named Armageddon, the UK leaves the EU. As individuals from other countries you will not of had the pamphlets on your door mat stating facts and arguments from both sides, I have. In regards to the PMs argument on staying he contradicted allot of those points in the speech he made this morning. Said this would not have a mass effect on trade etc. The pounds gone down for sure and for now but will it stay down forever? will it stay down for long? it's highly doubtful. As things settle and and things get put in place it will rise again. Whatever country you're a part of have you had the full ins and outs of what is really happening? or just had what is put to you because it's what your news wants you to see? As for racism and thinking about the future of our children blah blah blah I do. I think about the children who don't get a school place or are located to a school which causes their parents great difficulty travelling to and from, I see the lack of education provided to the English speaking children because the teachers are too busy explaining things to the none English speaking kids. I think about the housing crisis and all the homeless families specially veterans all those single mothers who have fled from domestic violence to be thrown in protected shelters, some had their children removed into foster care because of their unstable situation due to lack of housing yet we watch eastern Europeans get placed in homes. I see all this and this may not be in your American news or it doesn't flash up on your computer screens as new news but this is what happens. This referendum will give the government a freer reign on migration on an already overcrowded country. Whether the government chooses to control this we shall see. The PM wanted to stay in because it somehow benefits him. If the country chooses to keep letting migrants in without EU laws telling them they have to there may be an uproar. However, it'll be no more than a handfull of people stood outside downing street protesting. New trades will be made the pound will rise some trades have already been spoken about and negotiated.Bigger problems arise such as how will the human rights laws change within the UK? Will they continue laws on working standards etc? These are bigger problems for people in the UK. My loaf of bread costs the same yesterday as it did today so the value of a pound means very little to me. I voted out this is an act of courage rather than stupidity. If it's such a stupid move it's a stupid move several other countries within the EU are considering taking. You may continue hiding under your beds waiting for anarchy and global war now.
  15. Nah biggest alliance in Orbis needs to "defend" itself from and alliance with no military