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  1. You know exactly where I want you to put them so there is no reason for me to announce it to the public Happy nuking frags and may the odds be forever in your favour
  2. If you’re going to write long posts can they please be of interest?
  3. Not paying attention is how fools are made
  4. dude do you even understand what I just posted?
  5. "not sure why NK would hit SK considering NK & SK share an MDP partner with AIM, or whatever the hell you mean with "come out to play"! Yeah because we all know you talk loads of sense
  6. I'd love to know what has got up your nose about me lol
  7. it shall be more if the next round goes off with infra lost
  8. Now @Brooklyn666 since you can’t reply to personal posts but reply here, it goes here. Since you made a total balls up, made yourself look like a doylem and amused me greatly I’m willing to cut you some slack. The balls in your court I have a stack of nukes no infra nothing to lose my next round to fire will be in 11 hours 45 mins Any attack on me between now and then will result in a nuke on each nation that attacks i am giving you the opportunity to take your bat and ball and go home I can go forever but it’s not me that will lose Why am I being so generous you ask? Well I feel kinda bad for you tbh The choice is yours
  9. It’s all good fun
  10. Yeah but look at the reaction she got 😂 it’s all worth it
  11. Well said @Fraggle it’s been an honour fighting beside you
  12. It’s frags we are ALL waiting on inc me
  13. Getting inpatient? Maybe we know more than you do And you aren’t coming off as the victim here “I offered peace and they rejected” 😂
  14. How did you know I like salt This all needs to be shown in the light of proof and PMs