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  1. But its fun to say amity
  2. I disagree Alex I think it is important in nation-sim. The World Cup has a huge impact every 4 years. If you tied an "international tournament" into the economy of a nation and depending on how well they do they could get a boost in income. It would encourage players to spend money on their team as well.
  3. you get to be a pidgeon
  4. Will the kind citizens of Orbis help us in our hour of need?
  5. I'm not sure we can handle them alone, they are a scary alliance
  6. Uh oh, with APEX raiding us I might have to jump into vacation mode soon
  7. I like it, if you have the intelligence agency project it could change the stats making it easier to convert spies or harder for them to escape.
  8. nation name: Sotan nation link:
  9. I am willing to do this. May you please unbar this ip?
  10. I am sorry I have mis interpreted the rules, my intention, none of our intentions were to break them. May i please have my nation back? I have invested almost a year into it and was looking forward to playing it through college. I won't play at the school again, only this ip and you will see that this is my only nation.
  11. Ok so were more than 2 of us on the same network? I know of 4 people who played at our school but I know one of them had quit. did the others get on too?
  12. But I didn't, we followed the rules at the school making sure only two people got on at once. We never had 3 on at one time.
  13. bump