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  1. you get to be a pidgeon
  2. Will the kind citizens of Orbis help us in our hour of need?
  3. I'm not sure we can handle them alone, they are a scary alliance
  4. Uh oh, with APEX raiding us I might have to jump into vacation mode soon
  5. I like it, if you have the intelligence agency project it could change the stats making it easier to convert spies or harder for them to escape.
  6. nation name: Sotan nation link:
  7. I am willing to do this. May you please unbar this ip?
  8. I am sorry I have mis interpreted the rules, my intention, none of our intentions were to break them. May i please have my nation back? I have invested almost a year into it and was looking forward to playing it through college. I won't play at the school again, only this ip and you will see that this is my only nation.
  9. Ok so were more than 2 of us on the same network? I know of 4 people who played at our school but I know one of them had quit. did the others get on too?
  10. But I didn't, we followed the rules at the school making sure only two people got on at once. We never had 3 on at one time.
  11. bump
  12. My nation was deleted because I "broke game rules." I have sence been banned from the forum for asking why my nation was deleted? I followed all the rules, have been playing this game for most of a year, and am now banned for nothing? Can I at least have an explination?
  13. Up to 2 nations are allowed to play on the same network, so long as they have signed up on different networks. Nations playing on the same network must keep all interaction at a minimum. Trades sent on a network cannot be accepted by a nation on the same network. Banks cannot be used as a medium between two nations on the same network to transfer funds. Two nations on the same network are allowed to be in the same alliance, but they are not allowed to declare war on the same nation. Failure to follow this rule will result in a nation strike the first time, and a ban the second time. This is copy and paste from the rules and we did each of those things.