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  1. That's an odd thing. In case 20 nations from top 10 alliances burn down $10B you consider it a major conflict, but if more than 30 nations from lower ranked alliances burn down $20B - $30B in infra and ressources it is just a skirmish because no top 10 alliance is involved. That makes perfectly sense, yeah.
  3. As you can see on the screenshots it is 5 days, but if you could change this to 3 days (or even better 2 days) that would be awesome. The market screens would be clearer this way.
  4. In addition to the above it should be pointet out that trade offers get removed automatically after 5 days.
  5. ...but it was fun!
  6. Just received it. Thank you!
  7. I like the new PDF format, even if it has a close resemblance with the flyers of a big phone company. :-D BTW, what do I have to do to get my prize money?
  8. Wealth quickly got will become less; but he who gets a store by the work of his hands will have it increased. Salomo Proverbs 13:11
  9. There is a nation with a GDP of $999,999,999,999.99. I hope it is just a display bug? :-D
  10. Yes, I could do that when it happens again, but to be honest it will look exactly the same like the screenshot above from Kosonome.
  11. The second bug (You must at least wait 10 seconds...) is still showing up.
  12. Just click on the blue words Power Resources Manufacturing Civil Commerce or Military and the corresponding buy menus will show up underneath.
  13. Thanks for catching this, Koso. It seems that guy really likes his new business concept.