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  1. I'm not talking about fortifying indefinitely because unless you're Arrgh, most people find it better to accept the beige if you've got no chance of recovery. You lose a lot less that way. I'm saying there are cases in a real war where buying yourself a bit of extra time can turn the tide of the war, i.e. by extending it just a bit to get a double buy like Micchan pointed out.
  2. I agree with this 100%. Taking away all ability to add resistance takes away a lot of strategy and options for disadvantaged nations in a war. It just makes it a beatdown for the advantaged nation without allowing enough time for the disadvantaged nation to use many of the strategies Micchan has mentioned.
  3. Did you like your answer, @Bluebear?
  4. I can't wait.
  5. Clearly you've never had John's cooking. These cookies can make or break Orbis.
  6. TKR sent people in on select targets prior to all these declarations in order to help out our protectorate.
  7. Sincerest thanks to Guardian for everything and especially for their patience and understanding these past several weeks.
  8. Too late to add this one into the "Best Forum Topic" category?
  9. No self-hate, Zeebs! I was only joking. We <3 you. See for proof
  10. Psweet being upset would change your mind but not me being upset? I see how it is, Zeebs. (but yay! more stories!)
  11. As one of the silent majority on the OWF you're referring to, I have to disagree with this. The OWF isn't the only way to judge community. We have an extremely active network of discord(/slack) channels and private alliance forums that obviously figure into things as well and on which people tend to be more forthcoming. I don't have any particular issue with IQ but I think the clear coordination of literally every category goes above and beyond merely suggesting votes like many of you have claimed to be doing.
  12. Updated to include and
  13. Thanks! Added
  14. I'm attempting to collect all of Zeebrus' stories here. If I've missed any, let me know and I'll add them to the list. The Book of Kek (13 March 2017): A Bee Movie Summary (21 March 2017): Princess of Cobra Kai (21 March 2017): Our Uncle Who Art in Space (21 March 2017): A Dark Day in the Tortellini Kitchen (5 April 2017): Zeebrus Laboratory (9 April 2017): We are a Micro (26 April 2017): Rose (17 October 2017): If Bluebear were in Valkyrie (8 November 2017): The Apocalypse Strikes PnW (16 November 2017): Thalmor in Retirement (20 November 2017): The Legend of the Knights (20 November 2017): Thraxy's Special Kool Aid (22 November 2017): DramaAlert Nation Intelligence Agency (28 November 2017): Roq (29 November 2017):
  15. I'll do it. I'll probably need some help finding them all though