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  1. Welcome to Orbis! You've chosen arguably a good time to join up; most raiders are focused on IQ or other active wars and such and won't be interested in spending attacks on you when there's bigger fish in bigger barrels. I'd personally suggest (despite my history and strategy) that you lay low and learn the landscape and the particulars of the war system; both are deceptively deep. Keep your militaries up, especially your navy and airforce, and good luck; we need new and competent alliances.
  2. You didn't even mention how ground battles give instant cash, straight from the opponents' liquid currency. That mechanic is far from negligible at any level, and it therefore requires that the aggressor, defender, weaker, and stronger nations consider that in their build, strategy, and tactics. You also completely failed to mention that the single fastest way to beige an opponent is 5 naval immenses and three ground immenses, and speed is of the essence in profitable raiding (every action point not spent beiging is an action point not making profit, to a pirate). Sure, that level of speed isn't as important as doing as much damage as possible in the case of alliance warfare, but once down you're down and raiding/surviving raids is the name of the game after that. I guess you're a reroll or something, but how about you fight at least a few dozen wars before you call yourself "one of the most vetted players in the game"? I wouldn't even rate myself higher than 'above average' in terms of war expertise, and I've won twenty times as many wars as you.
  3. Actually, his point stands anyway. With the changes to warfare being what they are, having a penalty to having low approval rating in one's nation allows the winning side of an alliance war yet another very real tool with which to suppress their opponents to unplayability.
  4. Are you sure about that?
  5. Hey did you just backpedal? Who are you and how did you hack Apeman's account
  6. If we really want to make ground battles great again, then surely we need the option to build walls. That can be paid for with ground battle victories of course.
  7. Now, I know you have a solid point and it is very real, but the juxtaposition makes me tickled anyway x3
  8. No, they haven't surrendered in this war. That they surrendered almost two years ago against a completely different set of enemies doesn't change their intent nor strategy now.
  9. Yeah, this is a thing that was called out as a likelihood from the start of the bounty system as a concept and was proven to be a thing during the tournament (albeit usually in order to circumvent the trade restrictions there). Who could possibly be surprised at this?
  10. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muh missiles Anyway, for reals though, don't we already have Iron Dome and Vital Defense System? Statistically, those cut the effectiveness of missiles by 50% and nukes by 20%. Cutting their effectiveness by 20% off the top again weakens them too much IMO. They're one of the few offensive options that everyone is always vulnerable to, so they shouldn't be weakened more than they already are.
  11. Mate, I realize you haven't fought many raiders so no shade, but believe me when I say that it is VERY possible to get nukes even when you're blockaded and zeroed. It's not quite as easy as getting missiles, but there are ways known to pirates for getting money for military.
  12. Boo. I mean, it's a brilliant idea that makes a ton of sense and should be implemented as soon as possible... but it doesn't align with my playstyle or interests and therefore I discount it out of hand. Ree. (This is a good proposal)
  13. Hm... interesting. Well, rip zodiac, you were always good loot
  14. Some of those are also multis; I checked this one at least
  15. ...What are you talking about? I mean, they've apparently turned their alliance color to grey, but still.