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  1. Every white colored food is vanilla. Except popcorn.

    Eat the yellow popcorn. 

    1. Sailor Jerry

      Sailor Jerry

      But don't eat the yellow snow!

  2. ON IT!!!!
  3. What about it?
  4. And neither did you
  5. A WWIV soldier fighting for the intergalactic rights of genetically modified people to become bee-chicken things.
  6. Wouldn't it be more beneficial to cite which rule was broken in order to educate the forum at large, thus improving the overall quality of posts here?
  7. I like how the people who said #NotMyPresident are the ones who are calling it #TrumpShutdown. It was filibustered. "Earlier in the afternoon, the Senate also voted to reopen the government after 81 senators broke the filibuster that shut it down." (Source)
  8. A target.
  9. I can make that much money in 1/3 of a turn while fully militarized after a city has been nuked. Feels so strange. Why do I have a feeling you'll return in a decade just to post in this thread?
  10. Deus Vult!
  11. Merge: CKD Disband: UPN - It was fun while I was there, but it's pretty dead now. Roll: Guardian - Finish what BP started
  12. 100 posts ITT, 100 reasons to join today!
  13. I'd argue otherwise. I'm sort of worried about mods not being consistent when classifying threads as spam or not spam. Take this thread and this thread into consideration. The Christmas thread has a link to an article and calls The Guardian and CNN fake news. The immigration thread expands another thread which was IMO, poorly created because of its either-or nature and actually mentions stats from the article in the OP. The vague wording in the thread ("This also does not follow the standard guidelines to a debate/discussion as there is no substance to discuss or debate on. Please update your OP to provide actual substance for discussion or this thread will be locked.") really doesn't address which point. I believe the mods stating which point was broken by posts (not just Roz's, but all) would improve the overall state of the forum over time. Kaizen is a strong force. In the Discussions Guidelines thread, Four clearly states that posts will be moved. When did that change?