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  1. Lordship ;-; enjoy your retirement my friend
  2. Watch as this guy desperately throws insults at a wall to see if anything sticks
  3. Hooo boy. Well played thrax, just try to include chickensguy for me. That dude ran from every war I ever saw him fight in.
  4. Nice one dio. To Guinness, may you have a successful future!
  5. It has been made clear to me that a ruling on voting for your own alliance was not explicit. I have amended this and explained the decision in the OP. Those who have already submitted their posts may go back and change their nominations if they wish. @Grimz @Micchan @Squiddy
  6. self nominations wont be counted, meaning much of what you posted in the alliance category will not be acknowledged. Would you like to edit your post?
  7. Ya'll realise you can actually go and make the nominations now xD
  8. Hi Everyone, the official nomination period for this years Politics and War Awards is now open. Please read the guidelines below before entering your nominations. There have been a few changed categories and rules since last year. Guidelines: Please Keep your nominations to one player, post or alliance per category. Any dual submissions will not be collected. Please refrain from submitting more than one set of nominations. If a player double posts, their first post only will be accepted. If you wish to remove your nominations and change them- edit your original post. If you wish to skip a category, please enter [none chosen] into the category to signify to the event team that you have no nomination for that category. Self nominations will not be accepted- if you wish to be entered into the polls, another player must nominate you. Submitting your own name will be a wasted nomination on your part. The same goes for alliances, voting for your own alliance is not counted as a valid nomination. It makes sense for people to nominate in a non bias way- people are bias towards their own alliances. You can, however, vote for yourself when the nominations stop and the voting starts. Re-branded Alliances will not qualify as rookie alliances, and nominations for them as 'best rookie alliance' will be ignored. Nominations- please stick to the format provided below ALLIANCE CATEGORIES Alliance of the Year: Most Powerful Alliance: Best Military: Best Rookie Alliance: Best Flag: Best War Flag: Most Active Alliance: Most Honourable Alliance: Most Improved Alliance: Best Diplomatic Team: Best Economic System: Best Recruiting Staff: Best Propaganda Staff: Best Alliance Growth: Best Forums: Alliance Most Likely to Succeed in 2018: Most Immoral Alliance: Most Controversial Alliance: Best Alliance for New Players: Most Missed Alliance for 2017: PLAYER CATEGORIES Player of the Year: Most Powerful Player: Best Alliance Leader: Most Controversial Player: Best Player Sig: Best Player Avatar: Best OOC Poster: Best IC Poster: Nicest Player: Funniest Player: Most Active Player: Player Most Likely to Achieve Greatness in 2018: Best New Addition to the Community: COMMUNITY CATEGORIES Best Wall of Text: (provide a link) Best P&W Forum Topic: (provide a link) Biggest Controversy: Funniest Event: Most Entertaining Discord Channel(Please don't include Slack): Best Treaty Announcement: (provide a link) Best Declaration of War: (provide a link) Biggest Meme: Largest E-Peen: Best Villain: Most Hated Poster: Most Missed Player (Player that has gone inactive/quit): WORST CATEGORIES Worst Alliance of the Year: Worst Military of the Year: Worst Diplomatic Move: Most Inactive Large Alliance: Alliance Most Likely to Fail in 2018: Worst Player of the Year: Worst Alliance Leader of the Year: Worst Treaty of the Year: (provide a link) Worst Forum Poster: Worst Nation Setup: Worst Fighters of the Year (must have fought in 2017): Alliance Most Likely to get Rolled in 2018: Remember- Nominations are open from now until December 1st. Any nominations posted after we have collected them will not be taken into account.
  9. Pls no hurt, I like grills really
  10. Grills aren't real on the Internets
  11. Hello everyone, I'm happy to announce the return of the Politics and War Awards for this year! I'll be organising it this year along with a few others, so we'll give it our best shot. To make things slightly simpler than last year, we'll be breaking down the Categories completely into the four sections- Player, Alliance, Community and Worsts. Each will have separate threads run by a different person. Hopefully that will make it easier for people to pass along their nominations for the categories they want to vote in, rather than having to leave many blank like last year. Here is the schedule we are looking at right now: Nominations will be held from November 15th until December 1st Voting will be done from December 2nd until December 16th Awards will be announced on Sunday the 17th of December. That's all for now folks, thanks for another great year, and here's to hoping for an even better one next year.
  12. GG it's over, SK disband now
  13. Damn kids, get off my lawn!