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  1. Tasty.
  2. I mean, IQ has an easy 1.02 million score in direct counters if you hit any of them. Don't do the Dynamic™™™™ and point that finger when IQ is equally as guilty of what you're proposing, if you're correct. However, while we can't confirm if TKR will actually get all this power in, we can for sure guarantee that IQ will get that amount in because they are so tightly tied together. You can look at the numbers and say it's even, but you can also look at the fact that over half the game wants smaller, varied wars, where we don't do the same thing and more or less agree to do the same thing 3 months later down the line. I am hammered so if my maths is wrong I apologise, but your numbers don't account for what people actually want to see happen
  3. The point is, you tried.
  4. I'll forgive you, but only because it's you
  5. Hello is this the meme police? Yes I'd like to report the use of a stolen meme in my area.
  6. I'm not even sure why we're attacking them. I don't know who's legitimately attacking. What have we started? What meme is this?
  7. Be right over.
  8. Curufinwe? Thank god you've arrived, we're being overrun
  9. At least buy us dinner if you don't want it to be a one night stand, come on
  10. For you? Anything
  11. Good to see some things just never change. Never stop never stopping lads. (and shaxxy)
  12. It works wonderfully. So far, I've had no complaints. I haven't told them I've changed to this style yet.
  13. Although no longer bonded, AIM feels the need to join in this clearly one sided fight in the aid of our friends in zodiac and the inquisition bloc in general. Thus we too declare war on the Nordic Sea Raiders. Let us all pray that we manage to help even the odds during this time of hardship. Signed: Bezzers, because I told absolutely none of my government.