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  1. I'm sure I don't know what you mean
  2. Must be lack of sleep, but I swear you wrote 'varnishing' there.
  3. You don't have to switch to a 'winning' side - I don't believe that's what Kastor was implying there. On an aside, I don't get this general consensus that you must always ally to friends. I have friends and people I like in a couple of different alliances at this point, but don't need to be in an alliance allied to them to still have fun. Similarly, I'd be totally fine with going to war against them/their respective alliances (and have done a couple of times in the past) if the opportunity presents itself (Looking at you @Baronus) (alright I might draw the line at RW, unless it was something agreed before hand, haha). If one wants to be and do everything with their IG friends why don't they all form a single alliance? Not much difference all things considered, and after all, alliances are pretty much just communities of people that mostly get on with each other anyway. So half the game go and duff each other up and we'll [IQ et al.] just watch and do nothing, right? Dynamic indeed!
  4. What are you, an Englishman?
  5. Have fun! Hope all goes well
  6. I was referring to whoever was sitting on that much steel, but sure that works too.
  7. Sounds like a cry for help from someone desperate for war.
  8. SGM has done, or at least tried to work towards doing interesting things instead of just existing in state over their relatively short existence. I may not personally agree with all of it, but they have certainly expressed the drive to get things done and from an outside view SGM is looking promising. Can't really say the same for AIM to be honest - you don't necessarily need to sign treaties to 'show respect' or 'friendship' for other alliances. However both alliances are in relatively early days so there's all to play for, plus AIM has Red, Vexz and Qwen which can only be a positive.
  9. Hit me up whenever, I'll see what I can do!
  10. From a super high quality source of course!
  11. A month of peace is waaay too long. It's good to get out more.
  12. Here's to hoping for more than 1 round and some extended fun for a change. We Are Assassins.
  13. Damn it. I blame @Kastor But wtf first court?
  14. I'm sure Arrgh! will profit nicely from this, have fun.