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  1. More totally original adverts, dorks.
  2. Whomever is best suited for the job, regardless of gender/race/religion/whatever.. I can sort of see to an extent what The Democrats' post is tying to get at. Would be better for them to campaign to identify and address the source of any issues rather than compensate for such issues however.
  3. Happy new yearrgh!
  4. Miss.7 Sex drive: 7 Submission: 5 Intelligence: 8 Strength: 6 Experimentality: 4 Sect: uhhhm, shia? Symbol: tattoo Thanks Santa, and Allah.
  5. In conclusion you're all the same/as bad as each other, and should go paperless. Now kiss.
  6. I'm still trying to work out exactly where Lord is running...
  7. Myself and Leo attacked Arthur due to his inactivity at the time, and having no military. Presumably Aleph was doing the same. It was at a relatively similar time, too. Would be a bit odd to deliberately fill slots of an (at the time) 7 day inactive to purposefully enable them to hit someone else three days later, no?
  8. No parting song, SK? Better still, a RW-SK joint singalong...
  9. That's...a new way of thinking about things I have to say.
  10. Clearly trying to hide in plain sight, duuuh.
  11. I can approve of this too. Whenever I see Other James mentioned, for a split second I think I'm being mentioned and that makes me temporarily happy.
  12. It's worth it just to listen to your beautiful singing. A merry fight to you all
  13. PG-13, please.
  14. It was certainly worth spending the time trying to read it.
  15. I fail to see a difference... On an aside, the numbers you listed conveniently equal 100, so yes.