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  1. Well someone nominated me, and I would consider it a momentous victory if I managed to snatch that title away
  3. You've come a long way Epi, congrats and good luck on the bloc! If anyone asks now though, you can deny being a sphere on the account of being a circle
  4. Apollo: please, please learn from Thalmor's mistakes. There needs to be a lot of order restored and a lot of mindset changing needed to be done. The reason why I dislike KT isn't because it's a bad alliance, but because it's wasting so much of its potential. Restore everyone's faith in KT, you got this. And I would've liked Anneal to be in that list, but oh well. Best of luck to KT in the future! Oh and of course, major props to Thalmor, enjoy retirement.
  5. Did you literally just recolor a flag of Barbados and tilt it 45 degrees?
  6. Calm down guys; I'm pretty sure Dubayoo is just baiting you at this point Sketchy could do it better imo
  7. gg no re Shifty
  8. I don't really get the top part; I mean technically all the other policies make the game "easier". I just think there's a point where investing in infra doesn't make that much sense anymore and something like this would at least give players another option than whaling up. And land does get scale pretty quickly imo. Believe it or not, there are times when people don't want to build cities or infra and would rather build land.
  9. ALLIANCE CATEGORIES ------------------------------ Alliance of the Year: The Knights Radiant - IQ's failure to properly take TKR into account during Trail of Tiers further extended their dominance as the biggest alliance in the game. Most Powerful Alliance: The Knights Radiant - while NPO is another valid choice, their current amount of debt and growth phase means TKR still has more opportunities to increase their power. Best Military: The Knights Radiant - still good at blitzes, and their levels of military generally make then a far better raider deterrent than most alliances Best Rookie Alliance: Typhon - their member count is impressive, and they have the potential to cause far more havoc if they wanted to. Best Flag: Oblivion - cats. Best War Flag: Western Union - https://i.imgur.com/A0b7dlk.jpg - it's still around and I'm not in it, so it counts Most Active Alliance: Knights Templar - they actually have several active OWF posters and an active Discord, and generally spend too much of their time worrying about their bank money. Most Honorable Alliance: Cobra Kai Dojo, for honoring their treaties, even ODPs, and keeping only a limited amount of treaties. Most Improved Alliance: Rose - for managing to recover from defeat several times and still being a big player. Best Diplomatic Team: Arrgh - generally able to do whatever they want with little consequence while still being probably the most profitable alliance and still being attractive to people bored of sphere politics. Best Economic System: Rose - because of their impressive tiering and work they've put into spreadsheeting. Best Recruiting Staff: Western Union - for gaining 80 active members in roughly a month. Best Propaganda Staff: Cobra Kai Dojo - for having Reaver (and Shifty at one point) Best Alliance Growth: Arrgh - respect to them for picking up lots of steam from members that are tired of waiting for war. Best Forums: Holy Britannian Empire - for actually having working widgets and the treaty/war map. Alliance Most Likely to Succeed in 2018: Stratagem - you have a stacked team - use it well! Most Immoral Alliance: Iron Guard - no explanation needed. Most Controversial Alliance: Black Knights - more controversial than NPO because they were the biggest player from Syndisphere that left. Best Alliance for New Players: Black Knights - but only if you end up leaving later. Most Missed Alliance for 2017: Terminus Est - no explanation needed. PLAYER CATEGORIES ------------------------------ Player of the Year: Curufinwe - although BK and IQ fell flat, props to Curufinwe for steering BK away from TKR and trying something interesting. Most Powerful Player: Roquentin - for controlling all of NPO and being the face of IQ. Best Alliance Leader: Apeman - for actually trying to make interesting moves that ignore everyone else's opinions. Most Controversial Player: Kynlo - the threads about sexism and rebranding Lordaeron caused a lot of arguments and made Lordaeron an even worser alliance than it was before. Best Player Sig: Rook - I like chess. Best Player Avatar: Gorge - it's simple but memorable and gives me a schema of what his in-game persona is like. Best OOC Poster: Rozalia - for the best shitposts in history. Best IC Poster: Ripper - for his PnW comics and doing a decent job of pushing people to question the current game meta. Nicest Player: Manthrax - for streaming XCOM and being a cool guy in general. Funniest Player: Zeebrus - no explanation needed. Most Active Player: Anneal - is basically online 90% of the day. Player Most Likely to Achieve Greatness in 2018: Quichwe10 - this is a challenge more than anything. *cough* TFP-Guardian sphere Best New Addition to the Community: Ripper - no explanation needed. COMMUNITY CATEGORIES ------------------------------ Best Wall of Text: The Legend of Rozalia series (starting here: https://politicsandwar.com/forums/index.php?/topic/18038-legend-of-rozalia-super-1/) - 10/10 shitpost. Best P&W Forum Topic: https://politicsandwar.com/forums/index.php?/topic/21560-wtf-happened-to-this-place/ - for encouraging some discussion about stagnation in the game, no matter now pointless. Biggest Controversy: 6 months of no war - y'all are pixel huggers and probably like it that way. Funniest Event: Everyone merging into Rose - for one I welcome our new Rose overlords. Most Entertaining Discord Channel: Church of Spaceology - XCOM, interesting people, interesting conversations. Best Treaty Announcement: Fark protection (https://politicsandwar.com/forums/index.php?/topic/20252-announcement-from-farkistan/) - good on Fark for doing this. Every other treaty was shit. Best Declaration of War: The Nothining (https://politicsandwar.com/forums/index.php?/topic/21702-the-nothining/) - Thank you so much for doing this CoS Biggest Meme: Micchan's problem/solution chart - https://politicsandwar.com/forums/index.php?/topic/21719-the-most-bloody-meme-war-like-ever/#comment-348466 Largest E-Peen: Bluebear - for thinking his version of Arrgh was actually relevant. Gets triggered very easily. Best Villain: Kastor - everyone hates him but he's probably done far more exciting things than you ever will. Most Hated Poster: Sheepy - partially to blame for PnW's slow death, see his post on baseball and ad money for example. Most Missed Player: Prefontaine - no explanation needed. WORST CATEGORIES ------------------------------ Worst Alliance of the Year: The Syndicate - for having so much potential by going paperless but instead becoming a dead alliance with members who have given up on the game. Basically an easy target for raiders nowadays. Worst Military of the Year: Seven Kingdoms - bad blitz. Worst Diplomatic Move: Hogwarts-Arrgh secret plans - seriously damaged Partisan's reputation and put him on heavy PR mode. Most Inactive Large Alliance: Guardian - not meant to be a bad thing - they're slow diplomatically and most members probably don't care about the game enough to be active. Alliance Most Likely to Fail in 2018: Knights Templar - their bad PR and poor management of their alliance will get them screwed one way or another. Worst Player of the Year: Greene - for trying to create a banking empire, spamming other players, being a pixel hugger, and finally bribing other alliances with IRL money. Worst Alliance Leader of the Year: Greene - see above; also made his entire alliance basically disband or delete. Worst Treaty of the Year: VE-tS - https://politicsandwar.com/forums/index.php?/topic/18885-the-color-of-money/ - VE betrayal. Worst Forum Poster: Roquentin - only posts to defend IQ, definitely not interested in a more dynamic game. Worst Nation Setup: Chima - 4100 infra, 17 windmills per city, dodged a few wars. Enough said. Honorable mention to Belgica, who has the most infra/city in the whole game. Worst Fighters of the Year: Seven Kingdoms - see worst military of the year. Alliance Most Likely to Get Rolled in 2018: Knights Templar - see alliance most likely to fail. Even if they continue to avoid more wars that'll get them rolled anyways.
  10. You actually have a list of people who went into VM? Damn, that's impressive. I look forward to the subsequent name and shame of pixel huggers who read this and went into VM again Have fun and happy hunting CoS! o/
  11. Upvote/post ratio: Ripper: 1916/404 = 4.74 You: 41/12 = 3.42 Post/upvote ratio: Aliyan: 80/12 = 6.67 You: 12/41 = 0.293 Vote Vince McMahon for worst math ability
  12. Since there are already policies that reduce city, project, and infra costs by 5%, could there be a policy that reduces land costs by 5%? (It's about 4 AM here though, so feel free to point out anything stupidly obvious I've missed)
  13. Negative 3.5 months*
  14. Give 'em hell, Shifty! o/
  15. Way to be an !@#$ Also, it literally just links to a Google form lol Not that many have actually submitted legit answers though...definitely not enough for any of this to mean anything >.>