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  1. The internet fascist response would be "tehe the sjw cucks took us srsly lmao haha we edgy and cool with our fascist image /pol/ and Pinochet are the best. Commies are the worst than us so why be mean to us?"
  2. Pacifistic is giving them too much credit Horia Sima was definitely not a pacifist. I'm sure Armand Călinescu would have something to say about it were he not assassinated. Then you got these fun guys: That said, I don't have a problem with alliance themes based on historical groups but I didn't like seeing it being misrepresented when talking about the group that it was inspired from.
  3. They have spirit and panache.
  4. Finally over and time to rebuild for those in range of the actual fighting. Our coalition name is dumb and so is the second term of the peace treaty. A simple "the war is over and IQ lost" would have sufficed. Seems everyone is too tired to spam memes and shitpost and I think that says enough about the war.
  5. Congratulations and well fought, most of my opponents were SK. Best of luck on the rebuild.
  6. This sure is a thread.
  7. Regarding those who are 'surprised' at how much t$ and Mensa are losing, I think you'll want to focus more on the numbers in round two. It's not hard to out damage people who are outnumbered in the first set of wars. The important part is seeing if the front remains the same round after round and I'm pretty sure Dio hasn't forsaken them.
  8. We may not always be #1 in score, but we will always be #1 in your heart.
  10. ZA WARUDO!
  11. Best of luck!
  12. I thought we at TKR were ODN... Hrm.
  13. Dynamic! Pacifica rising.
  14. Hurray for us.