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  1. While I disagree with the enclaves idea I believe Rping a colonial development would make some sense, although going really deep into it would hinder the "casual" side of the RP that is allowed under the map rules. The RP isn't a PvP nor is it an isolated amount of bubbles with people inside rping without interaction. So a decision that prevents both would be the best choice. However, there is a similar idea to Enclaves and that being a type of guideline to subduing the population. This would be put into various stages where the one colonizing must spend 1 week colonizing the area (Getting trips to the area) and another week subduing the area based on how they feel (I.E. Either installing a native government or making the area an Autonomous region). This would increase how much one must post if they wish to have a colony and somewhat avoid a person virtually trapping other players and cutting them off from expanding. For what defines a colony personally I believe Colonies should be as they were earlier and that is each grouping of land away from the Homeland past a certain distance is a Colony. So per say a nation in the X area had two pieces of non-connected land in Y Area it would count as 2 colonies since they aren't connected and the land that divides it could be hostile making ill-suited to travel between land pieces and more incentive to reduce the spacing in between land. While the same wouldn't count with land divided by lakes since to establish a colony one must have the means to reach it by waterway.
  2. This is the right area to post and you may continue to post. You DO NOT have to sign up for the map or anything. So long as you make posts about whats going on in your nation you are free to do so.
  3. As Zodiac ships neared the Venice Colony they were soon to find out the ideal range to fire on Britannia was mined across the waterway. Any Zodiac ships that dared to push forward would either be sunk from mines or sunk from Britannian Destroyers as they sat in the safety of their port. However, the risk of chemicals forced all civilians to move further North away from danger zones in which Zodiac could attack from. On the other side, Britannian Destroyers in Arabia quickly dispatched to intercept Zodiac Destroyers before they reached Suez. It was clear Zodiac was looking for the most chaos and such Britannian ships were given the go-ahead to fire on any Zodiac ships nearing the Suez or leaving their own traditional waters. If Zodiac were to challenge Britannia with no help they would very easily begin loosing the East Med, which was something to happened due to the ill equipped Zodiac Navy. However, defending a small portion of their own waters was all Britannia was able to do so if they wished to avoid Mog[Corp] navy ships that were in the area. No shots had been fired on either side and Britannia wished to continue to play defensive. Security was enforced to be on guard of invasion or any aggressive actions being taken onto the other. Even though that meant Britannia was unable to stop the Zodiac Ships that were entering the Ocean, all that could be done is notify Laurentia of the flank attack and hope they caught them before they attacked.
  4. Moments after Britannian Strategic Bombers made it over Laurentian Airspace the skies began to lit up with explosions. One after another the Britannian Bombers were shot down over Laurentia and plunged into the country-side away from populated areas however, the AA shells from Perpignan clearly left Homeland Britannian help out of the picture now as it was clear so long as Zodiac had AAs, Britannia was unable to help from the skies from risk of bombing allies. However, Britannian land troops did arrive in Laurentia and were quickly handed control over to the Laurentian Army as this was a war only Laurentia knew what to do in as it was on their soil. All troops were able to arrive safely thanks to the pressure Laurentia added to Zodiac along Spain and the coast. The Mog[Corp] interference however disallowed Britannia from sending in more troops from Home and Britannia stood down from sending over anymore troops from the East. Britannian ambassadors to Laurentia have been discussing the future of the conflict and future of Britannia's involvement.
  5. Following the attacks in Laurentia and the murder of our borthers and sisters to the hands of terrorists we are now left with no choice but to aid our comrades. The Holy Britannian Empire and it's Special-Administrative Zone of the Greater Venice Area declare war on Zodiac International and their assets. All Britannian assets in Laurentia have been put on lockdown including the embassy. A comlink has been established with Laurentia to enure communication while the Rainbow Pact makes their own accords on dealing with this, Britannia will be the first to supply weapons and men to the frontlines to aid the Laurentians. The Holy Britannian Armed Forces will be sending overseas strategic bombers to aid the Laurentian in the air. While the Greater Venice Area will be supplying the Laurentians with IFVs, Tanks, Soldiers, and Destroyers. The arrangements to send them off to Laurentia have been arranged and we are expecting roughly 10,000 soldiers, 100 tanks, 500 IFVs and 50 bombers alongside their attack jets. Godspeed and Good luck on this war to our own soldiers, and the allies who will face Zodiac head-on.
  6. Loan Canadian/Alaskan Islands to USA
  7. Somewhere in North America :Classified between Britannia and the United States of America: "Thank you Emperor Lelouch, it was good talking with you." The American Ambassador and Lelouch shook hands as they collected their paperwork. "It's always a pleasure to be working with friends, I hope you enjoy your stay and we will be sending our own diplomats shortly." Lelouch escorted the ambassador off before closing the door as a cloaked man emerged from the Shadows looking towards Lelouch. "So...you had me shivered in the Canadian/Alaskan Islands to give it away to the Americans?" The figure looked at Lelouch. "No, you shivered to gain us some friends." Lelouch reassured the figure before walking off. The Holy Britannian Empire had begone demilitarizing their Italian Colony and its assets. Much of the nobility had left departing back to the Homeland as expansions were made and purges began. Diplomacy and the way of words had helped Britannia increase their presence in the area and allowed them to expand further into their own country. However, the foreign threat made them build a stronger wall close to home and have the world community back away from Britannian Interests buying Britannia more friends, and non-enemies.
  8. Move two pieces of Italy to Canadian/Alaskan Islands
  9. This will put you over the Colony limit Not including the colonies you wish to leave, you will need to remove one of the following to make room for the 5th colony. Until then your claim will be on hold Hawaii Central America Sinai Somalia/Yemen Gibraltar
  10. Message from The Imperial Court of Britannia The Holy Britannian Empire and I would like to extend our hands and send a warm welcome to the United States. We are pleased to see you unite into a single nation and hope we as leaders are able to use diplomacy to create a better world and nation for both of our citizens lives in North America and ensure safety for many generations to come. If willing we are open to embassy requests and are willing to host the United States as a friend in our Capital City where we may continue our talks. Warm Regards 99th Emperor Lelouch Vi Britannia
  11. Moving two pieces near the Balkans to Ontario and Michigan
  12. "Four fatalities and a possible compromise on radio files in the area. We also have unconfirmed reports of M16s being fired but we are unsure if they were Nationalists or Military forces." A Britannian soldier read the report to Field Commander Anya who was overlooking the Britannian Tanks and supplies move into the area and secure the post. "I want all airbases on alert, AA guns beginning sweeps and the reserves called in to monitor the border." Anya ordered the Soldiers around her as she typed up a message to the Quebec Representative and Novan Government regarding the incident in the area. The Holy Britannian Armed Forces began deploying a quarter of their armed forces to survey the border between the Nova Empire and Britannia mainly near Ontario and Quebec but also along the traditional border lines. Further defence lines were dug in and reinforced with armour and artillery along a kilometer difference between the border and each line of defence that would be used to hold the line in case of an aggressive attack. All media relating to the incident has been blocked and censored.
  13. N/A
  14. @Erin Brockovich
  15. :Classified: Pendragon, Britannia "You know Lelouch…unwinding once in a while is something…you should do more often." C.C spoke softly to Lelouch before Suzaku knocked on the door calling for Lelouch. "Handle it quickly, and assign someone else if it isn't urgent." C.C continued as Lelouch stepped out to talk with Suzaku who was waiting outside Lelouch's room. "What is it Suzaku? I thought things were cooling?" Lelouch buttoned up his shirt as he looked at Suzaku who was laughing. "Lelouch your hair is a mess, but anyway to business. Mog[Corp] has invited Britannia and the world to start talking about de-arming the world. Another field commander is required for the border because of the heat in Quebec, and Project Akasha is nearing completion." Suzaku finished listing what had happened from his tablet as he put it away and looked at Lelouch who was thinking for a good moment about all Suzaku had told him. "Suzaku, you'll head over and meet with Mogatopia. Anya will be moved to reinforce our positions along the border. Now…as for Akasha double production utilize the tools from every coast, make sure they are able to destroy any metal that goes against us. Is that all?" Lelouch looked as Suzaku nodded. "That's all Lelouch, I'll prepare to leave within the hour, usual preparations will be brought along." Lelouch smiled, as he shook Suzaku's shoulder and have him a handshake. "If he keeps his word then hopefully this will all end." Suzaku and Lelouch exchanged their farewell as Suzaku began his departure towards Mog[Corp] prepared for the meeting that laid ahead. "Also Mei…finish with the Vampire downstairs. We should be nearing completion in those weapons." Lelouch spoke to a girl in the shadows who simply nodded and left. Now Lelouch was alone outside his room as he sighed looking at the ceiling. He was happy he was able to finally be home, even if it was a for a little before Hiroshi and Featherine came crashing with Dokkaebi's arrival in the coming hours. "Soon…Mogar I hope your word stays true to your goals, it's almost over." Lelouch chuckled as he entered his room and locked the door. This time sure he was able to spend his remaining hours winding down with C.C before the trouble makers arrived. In the meantime the rest of the Capital Building was prepared for the arrival of guests. However, the best preparations were with Camleot and specifically Earl Lloyd who was preparing to meet with Dokkaebi and work on Britannia cyber security. Following a nearly fatal hiccup in the system regarding Laurentia, Lelouch was determined to make sure his enemies never took advantage of him again. As it would mean someone else's blood must be spelt to pay for the losses. Regardless, Britannia was seeing it's better days as the Britannian year winded down as trade flourished along the Northern waters and stockpiles grew. All preparations were ready