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  1. October 14, 2017 (Britannian Date) The facts were laid out clearly for The Holy Britannian Empire. The Navy was to be strengthened and become on-par with Mog[Corp] in order to protect their colonies and Homeland from invasion. If the security of Britannia is to be maintained, Naval advancements will take priority. The Californian Base, and other coastal bases on the East Coast of Britannia would see their shipyards become very busy. The drawing and intel gathered from the Arab-Mog[Corp] being put to use by making Submarines, Carriers, and other weapons. While these advancements are projected to be both powerful and done fast. It has pushed back Project FLEIJA once again. Though completion is around 75% making it a suitable loss for the moment. Regardless, military funding exploded in the European Colony while the Asian Colonies would become more trade influenced rather than bases to stage large invasions. This can be seen in the fact Arab Troops and Weapons were moved to Italy to be used in their military bases there. Preparations to de-colonize the north of the Arab Colony were drafted up, but waiting on the Mog[Corp] military to withdraw prevented this. Meanwhile the Britannian Economy is seeing a boom as the allies of Britannia were once again able to buy their oil. Without the threat of war, trade was able to go up by 33% allowing more and more funds to enter Britannia. Much of it going to the military, but also to other departments as well to keep the Empire running. More and more money is expected to flow into the country as time progresses, relieving Britannia of the Korean and Arab issues and allowing them to re-organize their army and avoid an ill-equipped colony be the target of invasion. Finally, Britannia is proud to announce the signing of an MDP between Britannia and their new ally Laurentia. The meeting between the leaders occurred shortly after the Arab-Mog[Corp] war ended in which Rosemarie Laurens was awarded the Britannian Crest as a show of good will and gratitude for ending the war in the Middle East Thank you for tuning in.
  2. Just toss them up into Army/Navy/Air Cadets (This is a joke, I'm more informed on Canadian Cadets than American stuff and that)
  3. The Holy Britannian Empire welcomes a new Oceania Nation to the wold of Orbis, and extends their greeting to their people. - Emperor Lelouch VI Britannia
  4. October 9, 2017 Breaking Britannian News At roughly 4:38 AM Britannian Troopers who were patrolling the Ontario Sector dividing the Nova Empire and Britannia were involved in a fatal incident. Two Britannian Troopers as they passed and checked the fences triggered a land-mine killing one and lightly wounding another. As the Nova Empire had set up prior in Ontario, the land-mines were suspected to be planed outside of their bounds to injure expanding Britannian troops. The Commander of the Armed Forces made it clear in an early morning briefing: "If these reports are true and Novan Empire Troops did plant mines in neutral land expecting Britannia to step in them there will be consequences. We ask the Nova Empire government to contact Britannian officials as soon as possible. Hopefully this can be resolved without another war." In order to prepare, Britannian Military armed the Nova-Britannian borders. Various lines of Defence would be established in case Nova's armies overpowered certain points of the Britannian Army. Further orders were relayed out to prepare the Homeland Military. As the Homeland prepared, Emperor Lelouch Vi Britannia was able to strike a deal with The Regime to gain more land closer to home. Once the Other German Nation fell, Britannia was quick to strike a deal among what was left of the nation in order to secure a bit of a land close to the Italian Colony. A small island chain near it was gifted to the Regime as Britannia received the Bahamas.
  5. Reikistien removed Glave removed (Gifting 4 pieces to Britannia) Britannia trades a bit of Europe near Venice to the Regime for Bahamas
  6. Britannian Homeland Army 1.4 Million Active Soldiers 600k Reserve 1k Excalibur Mark II 5,000 Tanks 20,000 AFVs 1 Aircraft Carrier (1 in Construction) 25 Destroyers 5 Submarines Britannian Colonial Army 500k Reserve and Active Soldiers 10,000 AFVs 500 Tanks 100 Excalibur Mark II (To be deployed to Colonies) Venice Colonial army 200k Active Soldiers 500 Tanks 5,000 AFVs 25 Excalibur Mark II 1 Aircraft Carrier 10 Destroyers Arab Colonial Army 300k Active Soldiers (Sunk 50% as per Bordeaux Summit) 4 Destroyers 1,000 AFVs (To be dropped by 50%) 250 Tanks (To be dropped to 100) 50 Excalibur Mark II (To be removed) Hong-Kong Security Force 10k Mainly Reserves Soldiers 10 AFVs 1 Tank 5 Naval Vehicles 10 Excalibur Mark II (Police Force) Japan National Defence Force 10k Mainly Reserves Soldiers 3 AFVs 1 Tank 3 Naval Vehicles 3 Excalibur Mark II (Security) Notes: Artillery (Estimated to be around 5k worldwide) and Aircrafts (Estimated to be 10-15k World Wide) are classified
  7. October 7, 2017 (Britannian Date) The Holy Britannian Empire once accepting their lost in the Middle East quickly turned their eyes towards the nations of Walpurgis, Amenria, Meta Board and Nihon. It was clear that in a world with other-worldly creatures and Humanoids one must counter them if the need arises. As such, inspired by these nation. The Other Division would be formed. Emperor Lelouch Vi Britannia with the help of the Imperial Court of Britannia picked out only the best to lead the division of 100 individuals. They were to be trained as Special Operatives made to spy on and work inside areas where normal humans couldn't operate. A roster of leaders and active members was drafted up and quickly released to the Britannian Public, only being illegally leaked online for the rest of the world to see if they stumbled upon it. Commander of Other Division: Mei Misaki Second In Command: Demon Prince Asmodeus Phantom: Asuka: Kokichi Ouma: Celestia Ludenberg: The Other Division is expected to enter it's first phase as soon as possible. The Various members are willing to take questions from the foreign press, though any OPSEC questions will be ignored and the media will be promptly deported back to their Home Country. Thank you for tuning in.
  8. Cheonsa-Today at 11:47 AM Hey man I can't post in the forums so I'll tell you where I'll expand for this month I'll move my claim in Hainan to here(edited) And expand to the white spaces in North Korea
  9. Ayy Lmao
  10. Give two pieces of Sinai to Mog[Corp] Four expansions pieces in the US/Canada
  11. October 5, 2017 The sound of Mog[Corp] armour rocked the sands. Britannian and Arab soldiers said their prayers as they prepared a brutal clash. Suddenly, pamphlets rained down as loudspeakers broadcasted the end of the war. The soldiers all collapsed and sighed, weapons of death and murder being put aside as talks had been reached. The Arab soldiers shouted "God is Great" and signalled their prayer towards the Kabba. The Britannian Soldiers of Jewish, Christian, and other faiths held their own gatherings. Despite Britannia acknowledging their defeat, peace was something the Colony was looking for. The Britannian and Arab soldiers began tearing down fortifications, removing heavy weapons, and began repairing the colony. The terms had been issued out to the soldiers once the day ended. All over Britannian Arabia moves to fulfil their terms. As the Sinai was already given up military wise, it was given to Mog[Corp]. Various other implications were added as the soldiers worked to return the Colony to normal Back at the Homeland: "Thank you all for coming, as the Emperor remains away it has left us managing the Homeland," Suzaku spoke at a field dinner by the coast. Joined by him were new Officers and highly experienced NCOs. "I've been made aware that this was supposed to be a fancy dinner to celebrate your advancement in the Armed Forces, but field work speaks for itself." Suzaku rose his glass as they toasted. Many new Officers and NCOs were promoted while working in the Homeland fields against Zodiac International. Many balls and ceremonies were being planned at the Homeland as per the Emperor's orders thought the reason and who was invited remained a mystery, even for the highest of the Imperial Court. "Anyway…Rachel Spruance shall lead the Destroyers and Field Craft Ships onto the Island. We expect the Emperor or myself to announce them for Britannia. Once that is complete and the island is under Britannian control, funding will flow in to build up the Island and engage with further movement." Suzaku used his drill cane over a map of an Island in the Western Hemisphere. Already prepared were a few ships and hundreds of soldiers who were ready to leave. The Holy Britannian Empire's Armed Force awaited the Emperor's word as they sat around the tablet Suzaku used to display a connection to the Emperor. Suddenly, as the Bordeaux Summit ended, peace was reached. The command for the occupation of Cuba was called in and plans for annexing it were drafted alongside. The War had inflated the military and with the retreat of the military from Arabia and Korea, the Homeland and Venice were reaching their peak.
  12. One claim for the final piece of Cuba Transfer Korean 4 pieces to Mexico under the South Britannian Border
  13. (Apex and Germany switch mainlands) (Rename Germany to Laurentia and their flag turned into the Modern French Flag) AKA Just their homeland German Colonies goto the new France, and Apex colonies go to the new German Apex
  14. Map for reference (Yellow and Black)
  15. I want to claim these 4 provinces(edited) But cant make a post For a time being I am going to make it tomorrow , if I am able to. So just want the two Provinces in Bosnia and around Baghdad (RIMSKI)