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  1. In Canada that would be around 75....so Im happy
  2. USA: Added to Authorized Leave
  3. February 23, 2018 (Britannian Date) Large amounts of military units moved out of Hong Kong and bled into the surrounding area on two different fronts. Britannian Navy Vessels attacked from Hainan and pushed inland as Hong Kong's forces attacked at the nearest crossings. Supporting the advance in the air were new jets purchased from the Meta Board, the R-20 Ushiromiyas were modified for Britannian Pilots in anticipation of the Asian Invasion. However, as a map of the desired land had been drawn up, the military sent in had yet to reach the points required for a Britannian Victory. No media reports were able to film what was going on as Britannia had kept a strong chain on the national media as well as their own. Making sure what was happening was as private as possible. While very close to Walpurgis, it was the report of their collapse that sent the Britannian Military forward.
  4. XD Not sure if I should be upset of how accurate that is when I started editing Or laugh at how funny it is Ayy Lmao
  5. *Looks at watch* Are we done? I don't want to miss Terminal Jest's funeral either I heard there will be Coke and Comics
  6. Maybe it's his long lost dream like restoring the Holy Britannian Empire?
  7. Ayy Lmao! Comics....
  8. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse for Terminal Jest We bring it right back with the brand new Ayyslamic Attack See if you can find the hidden score easter egg
  9. *Looks at MAPs I still had* *Looks at beige timer you had* Let's go with that
  10. Me and you both know what happened there
  11. Fixed to avoid the confusion You filthy IQ main....
  12. *Claps from the shadows*
  13. To combat whales and their strong cities elite operatives must take upon the hard task of bringing them down. An easy task, however, for the Ayyslamic State. This is only the beginning
  14. I know it's eerie XD