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  1. Nice blitz.
  2. real tearjerker of a goodbye thread.
  3. Oh no, there is no way to get this thread back on topic. The only logical course of action is to lock it.
  4. MFW mods are the ones derailing threads now.
  5. Yeah, it's a frigid 61F where I am. Pretty harsh winters we have down here.
  6. Whaaaaaaaaaat? Noooooo. That doesn't sound like Kazy at all.
  7. Uh, quite a few alliances had higher net damages. And this doesn't account for damage done per capita.
  8. Debatable.
  9. How intolerant. How would your little sister feel about this?
  10. Hmmm, I'm gonna look at their QQ account. Edit: this has always been a problem and bots just make it worse. you should have to have a nation to post. Edit 2: This part of the forums is not for suggestions BTW.
  11. FTFY.
  12. Thank you, VE's war flag always annoyed me. You don't have to make it red for it to be a war flag
  13. Oh man, this thread just gets better and better.