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  1. I fought with nukes. My tanks kept mysteriously vanishing.
  2. The wenches drank all the mead, dude. Didn't you get that internal memo?
  3. Taken out in the last air raid I'm afraid.
  4. OWR and the Hippo Coalition of Great Justice and Many Lulz have agreed to white peace. Neither party will re-engage the other. OWR will not assist any current combatants. Beer and barbecue at Sval's place. All glory to the Emperor's underpants!
  5. bbcode image bbcode image bbcode image bbcode image bbcode image
  6. I feel bad that you can't read it as-is.
  7. Order of the White Rose Recognition of Hippopotamus
  8. That last fight with you was so much fun, and such a close-fought thing. It wasn't easy keeping you pinned down. Especially with the other wars we were fighting. This entire war was fun.
  9. *when you completely forget that the war wasn't over after the first round*
  10. Pfft. I don't make any of them. Because I know you don't care.
  11. My favourite part of any DoW thread against Arrgh is the repeated assurances that they do not care. It's good to be reminded. As I'm sure we will be again.
  12. I will bring the snacks, and we can discuss our fondest memories of these Good Old Days.