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  1. I love the assumption that IQ in any way influenced this. They didn't.
  2. I ship this.
  3. Very best of luck to tTO going forwards.
  4. We only did it because the treaty web told us to. #init4thedickbutt
  5. Salt, on Orbis? I never imagined I'd see the day...
  6. Good luck and happy hunting.
  7. I ship this.
  8. An easier solution to the "problems" with inflation would've been to increase the costs of building things. All this does is limit people's access to certain aspects of the game, and that's rarely a recipe for improvement. Now that my hands are effectively being tied into building little more than commerce in the long-run, you could've at least allowed me to progress beyond a mere 115% build.
  9. I ship this.
  10. This pleases me.
  11. Finally, somebody gets it.
  12. It's touching to know how much you care.
  13. I'm truly devastated.
  14. What's that worth in grams?
  15. Cheers mate.