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  1. When he started talking about looking his dad in the eye, I was ugly laughing in the middle of the gym so hard I got a ton of stares. I got lightheaded.
  2. 27:05 is where the magic happens.
  3. I was wrong. Should have known better.
  4. This episode of Kastorium is going to be !@#$ing lit fam.
  5. They are trying to set the record for most Dynamism™ ever fit into a single anal cavity.
  6. Why don't you elaborate on the type of scientists? You seem to have all the answers.
  7. Not an undeserved joke, as there are far more bad egoists that basically amount to the Rick and Morty fans of philosophy then there are actual egoists. But I was using "spook" correctly here. Stirner originally used it to describe humanism, the worship of man over god, as being just as flawed as religion. Anything that one worships can be a spook if it isn't purely based in the material reality and is the basis of one's worldview. The idea of race being directly tied to culture has been thoroughly debunked, to say nothing of most "race science" being alluded to here. So worshipping one's own race and ascribing values to it is indeed, spooky. See above.
  8. "Ethnic beliefs"
  9. We weren't talk about you, were we?
  10. When one has been caught multiple times using slurs and advocating for the deaths of people based on inborn traits, one tends to attract the label. As do their apologists.
  11. This are all pretty well documented and reoccurring patterns. You not being familiar with them doesn't make them untrue.
  12. Still not dynamic enough. For serious though, congrats on cancelling on the most dependable alliance in the game to sign one notorious for not entering wars. I hope this Dynamism™ was worth imploding real relations and friendships forged with time and attention. And no, not just your own.
  13. Wouldn't surprise me. Idolizing middle age Asian countries for their isolationism is a very common white supremacist tendency. And honestly, the only real consistent component of white supremacy is anti blackness, so he could very well be a Chinese Neo Nazi.
  14. To be fair, making fun of CS's stupid announcement is the most concrete step they've ever made towards Dynamism™.