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  1. Bright and sunny.
  2. Murphy's is better than Guinness surely?
  3. For Malcolm Young...
  4. Sweet Jesus at points this thread has really plumbed the depths...
  5. Lewis Hamilton on the run from the British tax authorities.
  6. A pleasing development.
  7. Thanks for that. May your hubris keep you warm at night.
  8. Well ain't that dandy.
  9. You must indeed be some special kind of tough guy, but I am not sure you wrecking some 'kid' refutes my own assertion in the slightest.
  10. Not sure what IRL has to do with this, I was commenting within the context of dynamics both on Orbis and another world that shall remained unnamed.
  11. Pride comes before the fall, history is replete with examples of what comes up must come down.
  12. Hi, Just signed up in the last couple of days, pretty impressed with what I have seen so far and look forward participating further in P&W.