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  1. Butt hurt?
  2. Already knowed about this 1 year ago! Anyway, congratulations for World Task Force, condolences to Nuke Bloc.
  3. My nick is MIB.HG and I approve this thread.
  4. Re-establish the caps on resources you can would on a nation! And if you don't want to "hurt" the resources hoarders, give them a month, to sell out until implement it, as sure will not be lack of buyers when this war ends,and will allow fights rebound faster, and maybe you will have sooner the next war you so must want. Or the hoarders can just keep them on they AA banks(and risk of been looted,but yeah you cannot sometime just win it all). Simple!
  5. Unfortunately is not possible to buy nukes if credits, but if was possible I would!
  6. Hi! I had buy 1 credit, ~1 hour ago, but still was not add to my account. Nation ID 15994 Thanks in advance, for assistance:)
  7. No way I was to wait another hour, before I could get drunk! Any way, what is a Blitz? Is something the young lads now drink/smoke?
  8. Thanks, for your awesome effort!