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  1. yay
  2. Uh because that'd be dynamic and Pantheon aren't dynamic
  3. They wont hit real commies, they'll lose dramatically. They have to fight an alliance that is worse than they are which isn't even a relevant alliance.
  4. What browser and what device
  5. yay
  6. Seven million... then 9 million... them Thrax says 11 million..... whats the real price
  7. hello bby... welcome back
  8. That's exactly whats meant to happen iirc
  10. For those people that are back online - good on you.

  11. I've recieved a whole bunch of dating website ads too, even though I'm in a relationship. I thought it was just Google being stupid and not recommending good ads, but it kept happening more and more. Not tried different browsers yet though.
  12. Hehe.... these guys trying to hit AIM is hilarious
  13. Two issues - 1. already a project called the ITC 2. Exploitable as all balls... imagine if you get a loan for 1billion.... thats 20 million extra YOU get.... now what if this wasn't a loan and was two people looking to get more money for free... repeat it over and over again
  14. If you join AIM, you get special goodies like reduced interest rates.