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  1. But his reasoning here wasn't exactly the most realistic and backed-up. It was more 'my beliefs' and that's it.
  2. If you don't like Alex's decisions, don't play this game. No one is forcing you to, and if you don't like how he acts to you relating to very sensitive and polarizing topics, don't cry about it.
  3. Kastor deserves it. He didn't go out of his way to try and become the worst player - you are just annoying. And that does not equal worst. Annoying is what you are due to the fact that you require attention and cannot, ever, behave in any rational manner even when all odds are looking at your direction and saying 'do something that isn't purposefully annoying just to get attention, and you end up doing some extreme attention whoring behaviour and get shouted at, and inside you think 'man, I'm so popular' - but you aren't. You aren't worthy of any award apart from the person that should quit PnW forever And each time that you supposedly quit, you come back, likely because you are bored of not getting enough attention and this happens on a neverending cycle of 'HEY LOOK AT ME, PLEASE GIVE ME ATTENTION'. And people have learned to not trust or listen to you because you are only here for the pure thrill of being talked to, and I know I'm feeding into that right now, but it's to say stop. Back in 15/16, I was just like you. I needed attention, so I did whatever I could to do so. I caused massive issues and fights and got myself told off so many times that I've lost count. But guess what happened after I took a break from the game - when I came back, I stopped trying to be a super popular smart-ass wise guy whose only goal in life is to annoy this loving community and actually stay here now because I understand the concept of a tightly knit community who has no time for people like you. Kastor cannot on any level, be compared to you. He wasn't a douchey, ten-year-old kid - he was a man who knew what he did, and the community that surrounded him, whether consciously or not, liked that he was around to cause a change in dynamics here and there. But you aren't anything like that - you are just here to seek that eternal essence of attention that keeps you alive. So please, just stop right now.
  4. Your alliances and you aren't the worst at anything - you try to be and it doesn't work out. Other alliances and nations are far more better at being bad than you, who cannot even understand the basic concept of being bad, because forcefully trying to be bad doesn't make you a valid nomination, whereas places like Lordran deserve the award.
  5. And no reason to even use it. Using urbanization or manifest destiny is far more of a money saver than land ever would be.
  7. This is against the rules, mate. Stop doing it otherwise Alex may frown at you. Sternly frown.
  8. What time zone do you live in.
  9. did you accidentally spend it
  10. 1. it does. you cheated. 2. then make spare time or don't dp it yourself. don't cheat. 3, don't cheat. it doesn't help your expierences. 4. DONT CHEAT FFS
  11. if its not your work and you present it as your own, its going to get you into trouble and shows that you are unable to do the work yourself. So DO NOT do this if you want to succeed in life. Cheating isn't cool.
  12. And there are other scripts that are basically the same that work too.
  13. Writings papers do not affect anything in the game. Flags are. And using someone else to write your paper will result in issues like grammar, word structures and sentence structures. So if you come in with a paper that is completely different than your normal works, the professor will think something fishy is happening.
  14. It still works. Just use the old one. I can't think of much else to add to it other than modernise it.
  15. You used to allow multis on the test server though.