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  1. The alliance is bigger than we’ve ever been. You think we’re pixel huggers? You really want us to hit you? Interesting!
  2. Libel! TKR and Micchan are the only loves I'll ever know
  3. Trust in the brand cuz you know what we doing
  4. Thank God for that, aye?
  5. I'm down to participate in this if it's ever done again
  6. Steven Crowder! Join Mugclub
  7. 1v1 me irl
  8. Good luck guys 😁
  9. I disagree with that premise, but I think it’s interesting that you say that. So you guys have to roll us first before you’ll be satisfied?
  10. I mean we can pull up statistics that demonstrate it is unipolar at this point, and with the increase of cancellations, isn’t an interesting, dynamic world not the very thing you tried to create? I’m a bit confused as to why you’d continue in the opposite direction of this. And uhh, you guys spent the whole year denouncing syndisphere after you guys left, and even still when alliances disbanded and went paperless, so I’m not sure that’s true
  11. BK! You’re sounding a whole lot like the BK we were allied to. “Don’t make it easy for them” sounds like the syndisphere BK. But wasn’t the point to not be like syndisphere 🤔 Interesting. What’s the type of change you’re looking for then? Specifically, so we know where to look.
  12. However, I don't believe that makes them "virtuous" // Well what makes a person virtuous is quite debatable and I don't think it's just about improving one's economic situation as you mentioned above. When it comes to virtue I typically have a conservative interpretation of Aristotle's ethics (the idea of not having too much of one but rather constantly finding the balance in between and that being where the virtue lies) as well as stoic virtue primarily from the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius and ironically the Roman slave Epictetus. ^bit of a tangent on virtue there but it's quite interesting. As for complete libertarianism which is what you outlined above, that's the complete extreme. Though I do disagree with this premise: "Libertarianism would ultimately result in a feudal society powered by advertisements and poor healthcare." specifically when discussing the American economy. Ultimately libertarianism ends at the base role of government, not a complete total lack of government. The idea is that you and I can do and believe what we want so long as it's constitutionally legal and we don't have to care about each other's beliefs or activities. That government has no business in marriage, or church, or drugs, or any of the other things it likes to stretch its hands and touch because it simply doesn't fit into its role. "and some old white !@#$ who got a shit ton of money from his daddy would all somehow profit from your misery" -- well no, I disagree with the premise here as well because the only reason people are rich and continue to build wealth is through providing goods and services that make everyone's lives better. The fact of the matter is that we are living far better now than the people who lived 100 years ago because of the advancements in technology and industry and innovation which are considerably harder to create via government oversight and regulation. If it wasn't for government regulations, Deutsche Bank would own your house, you would be slaving your paychecks to a payday loan company called "Kwick Kash" that charges 300% interest, at least 2 of our family members would have died in car crashes (presumably taking the fast way out the front windshield) while driving to the hospital for lung cancer treatment, nobody would have car insurance to clean up after the mess, and some old white !@#$ who got a shit ton of money from his daddy would all somehow profit from your misery. // Well, there obviously needs to be some regulation, just not to the extent that it stifles business and encourages companies to offshore their profits rather than invest it into the American economy. You shouldn't be taxing small companies an individual income which big companies don't pay, etc.
  13. We had an interesting debate and general discussion in the OWLs channel a couple of days ago on all sorts of political topics ranging from healthcare to taxes etc. I'm not sure if there's been a proper thread to discuss the differing philosophical viewpoints on these contested topics so figured I'd go ahead and make one. Political philosophy has become one of my chief interests as of late and there are many among this community that I hold in high esteem; should be fun to engage in the sharing of ideas with you guys To start it off, my basic worldview is that individuals - when left to their own devices - will tend to make better decisions for themselves and those around them in order to improve their lives and ultimately live as virtuous as possible. To that end, I believe the role of government should be limited to meeting the basic needs required of its office; to ensure the freedoms, safety, and liberties of its citizens. Any legislation outside of that principle is, I believe, unnecessary. Fiscally, taxes should be either flat or low, spending should be kept to a level sufficient to fulfill the basic role of government (police, military, etc). Socially, quite libertarian. I believe the government has no business in determining who can marry who, whether or not people should be allowed to consume certain drugs (unless they pose a credible threat to the rest of society) and certainly don't believe in judging people by the color of their skin or what minority they belong to, but rather by their character and ideals.