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  1. Dude, you are impossible. Now I remember why I stopped coming to forums for a few months.
  2. Why the !@#$ are you commenting here if you don't want your comments to be quoted and replied to? Where the shady financial practices proven? Show me bank transactions which show the original allegations to be true, that is farming their alliance members. There is a difference between sending recruitment messages to members/officers/heirs and sending messages between the one who is in-charge/founder/only-member-aka-leader. One is considered as a taboo and another is something plenty of people do while approaching each other for a merge. RD didn't steal from anyone and your opinions about their name/theme isn't worth a shit.
  3. Zodiac or BK or RD didn't attack OP, he was invited and in-turn he attacked back with some accusations. We are just reacting to what he did, nothing more than that. If you don't want to be "summoned", then you got to stop posting
  4. This thread is all about the OP accusing RD of not providing grants to their members and farming. You and any outsiders can view their bank transactions, but you can't check how many people are applying for grants, how many are not given and so on (I've repeated this already in my previous comments). Criticizing me/Zodiac/RD is totally fine and we will learn from it, but this is not just criticism. It started when their officer contacted the OP and asked him to join and OP decided to attack back accusing RD of farming their members and not giving what was promised. You can just check the bank transaction to see for yourself. With your first comment, you were supporting Scarfalot, by that you are supporting his action of declaring war on RD. If your comment is about RD and improving them, that's fine, we will take it and help them improve, but it looks like you started your comments here with a different narrative. Edit: OP also mentioned he declared a war because a nation mentioned there will be nuclear retaliation against raiders. That is a silly justification to declare war on and to support the OP even.
  5. Mind you, this is not someone from within the alliance who is complaining, in which case our reaction will be different. In this case, you and Scarfalot are outsiders with no information about what's going on inside, posting here just like that without verifying, passing comments about Zodiac randomly. In the past, we have even given city grants to a few protectorates (Trident for example) to help them grow faster, but every nation/alliance have their own pace of growth, as people spend different lengths of time in this game and we don't really force anyone to get funds, some people will like to be more independent. Attacking such an alliance because you think they are not sending grants properly is nothing short of bullying and it cannot be accepted, esp since they are under our protection. If we get complaints from their members that they are not getting what was promised and the govt is not working towards giving what was promised, we will do something about it. For someone who wants to be left alone, you sure like to interfere with other alliance's affairs. It's your own decision if you are going to fund NRF to someone after the conflict is resolved, but if you are going to fund someone, which is directly going to hurt my alliance, I won't take it lightly.
  6. It is very clear at this point, you think some target is weak and you are picking them for bullying. How will they get ALL of their members to more than 6 cities? Their alliance is growing slowly and every new member who is joining them will be at a low city tier for a while before growing. If it is one of their member who is complaining, then it'll be something else, but you are an outsider with no business to them. We too don't have all of our members above 6 city tier. Having said that, you are free to launch missiles daily, you will see where it gets your nation in a few days'.
  7. For some reason you are missing the other part of Zodiac? Some past influence may be? Either way, if you're funding to an hostile nation and helping that nation to nuke one of ours, it is an act of war and it'll be responded accordingly. What that screenshot shows is, he is not farming his alliance members and he has deposited more than what he took away from it. You can just visit his bank transaction page, scroll to right and check the resources deposited. Your whole thread revolves around two things here, one is they don't give grants and another, they are farming their members. That screenshot should show they are not farming and regarding grants, check the screenshot below (Eternal Dragon is not one of their Lord or Emperor or Priest and he received 2.5million). If you can go and check other nation's bank page, you can see some funds, they are very small as this alliance itself is small, but still that's something.
  8. If only you had spent a few more minutes checking their bank activity, you wouldn't have created such a drama. You have no clue on how many members are applying for grants, how they are processing their grants, whether or not they are denying grants to their members who are applying. An alliance's leader's bank transaction page which farms it's own members wouldn't look like this at all. With your suspect, you could've approached Zodiac, or you could've done a better job of going through their nation pages at the least.
  9. You don't need the whole atom, all you need is a nucleus
  10. Andal race
  11. Good luck to all Mensa members !
  12. Congratulations Aristide !
  13. Bend the knee my lord...err I mean Good luck to House Arryn, nice theme !
  14. with "Fire and Blood" I'll rightfully burn everything that I can find I believe I heard people crying when I burned a couple of fathers and their sons alive, highly likely those people drink secret toasts for my health as well Thanks !
  15. Thanks Placentica !