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  1. I honestly don't understand why anyone would think the Trump administration is out for the middle/working class of America. What exactly has the Trump administration done for Middle America? Give us a 5 year 0.5% tax break in a permanent corporate tax cut policy that will bankrupt our children? Well, maybe your dog then, since you don't get child deductions in the new tax code. That being said, the Net Neutrality will be challenged in court. I'm pretty sure there are a half a dozen lawsuits filed before the vote, and it's probably going to only go up after the repeal. If the repeal is going to get held up in court, it would mean that Congress would have to pass legislation to clarify the repeal. I would be investing in Comcast stock right now. Not to mention there is little enforcement (even in the Obama era, but especially in the Trump administration) of anti-trust laws, you can expect that the US internet infrastructure in 10 years will be exclusively from comcast or Time Warner. The FCC repeals favor the huge infrastructure companies who have captured most of the population as consumers. This will allow these mangy little !@#$ to use the extra infrastructure and capital to squish out smaller start-up competition. Less competition means shittier service and more farming, not "innovation." Expect Comcast to go back to the shitty ISP it has always been, except you'll be paying for website packages on top of that "modem rental" you already pay. The great irony of this is that all those internet nazi trolls will find it hard to visit all those reddit white supremacy sites without their parents screaming at them from the kitchen upstairs about a bigger internet bill, all the while still sucking the penis of the president who made it all happen.
  2. Nixon says no. The US senate says yes. All Trump needs to do is tweet "I AM NOT A CROOK!"
  3. I hope that we can all agree that the Graham-Cassidy bill is a !@#$ing joke, right? Even healthy young people who never paid a day's worth of taxes know that the GOP Healthcare bill is going to bend them over and plow their ass. That being said, Bernie Sanders is a dipshit idiot. By posing his bill on the Senate floor with the GOP bill up in the air, he is essentially making people choose between two opposite extremes: a single-payer system that will bankrupt America or a give-no-!@#$-sucks-to-be-fat-and-have-heart-disease bill that will literally kill people. Some speculate that this debate (and the subsequent attachment of 'socialism' to Bernie) would up the approval of the GOP bill from 15% to around 40%, potentially changing the minds of people like McCain and the only three women in the GOP party. Bernie is a short-sighted dipshit who is doing this to garner attention so that he can run in 2020 on the democratic ticket despite being A !@#$ing INDEPENDENT YOU LITTLE WHINY SHITS! By pulling this stupid fiasco, he is breathing life into a bill that should have stay dead. If he really cared about the working class people, he could have proposed this dipshit idea after the Republican bill falls flat on its face in a week instead of giving it a chance to pass. Bernie is either too damn stupid or too detached from reality to realize he could be !@#$ing the entire nation with his egotistical need for the spotlight on his dipshit ideas. He's still marginally better than Trump though. Bernie is an egotistical idiot detached from reality. Trump is an egotistical idiot detached from reality who doesn't have a single moral fiber in his entire 270 pound butterball-KFC finger-licking fat ass. Both might end up !@#$ing at least 1/6th of the American economy.
  4. I understand the second amendment just as much if not more than anyone else here. You're wrong. Also, I was rather fixated on the AR-15 part of his statement, not because I don't like people who own guns (otherwise I would hate myself), but because he sets an image in people's minds about how dumb, redneck hick shit everyone between California and New York are with their extra chromosomes and their guns. Who the !@#$ "dial(s) AR-15 or draw the knife not 911"? Besides the fact that this guy doesn't understand English !@#$ing grammar, his statement doesn't make any god damn sense. He's just trying to act all tough like he's a wild west cowboy who has to shoot wild Indians running along his farm in !@#$ing Iowa back in the 1860's. Honestly, he just makes men look like a bunch of uneducated little shits who try to compensate their poor ability to please the opposite sex with a garage full of firearms and missing punctuation. I'm just here to correct people's assumptions by pointing out that he's a rather singular and unique case of !@#$ing retarded.
  5. Yeah, that's great and all, but my argument (to which you were responding to) was ANYONE WHO !@#$ing THINKS WOMEN DON'T CONTRIBUTE TO THE ECONOMY IS A !@#$ing IDIOT.
  6. Lol. I own an AR-15. What, you think I'm some coastline hippy who hasn't touched a firearm in his life? I'm insulted. Hell, I'm willing to bet money that my barrel is longer than his. And you clearly didn't actually read what I was saying, which is that women contribute to the economy and anyone who thinks otherwise is a !@#$ing idiot. Does your graph show that women don't contribute to the economy? No, obviously women have jobs and shit. You are literally making the same argument as me.
  7. But your argument literally is in favor of what I am saying. Unless you are presenting evidence for my argument, in which case I should be thanking you for doing my research. Also, "Skim" does not mean "I didn't read a !@#$ing word." It only means that I didn't think too hard on your argument, especially since its pretty much what my argument is. If I dropped a random link to an article, that means "I didn't read a !@#$ing word."
  8. .... ...I totally forgot about that. Oh well. Barack Obama for term 3? God forbid, Joe Biden.
  9. U troll. I wasn't talking to you. Though you do have spelling problems. My recommendation for you: get laid. Put a ring on that finger, and pop out a couple of kids. You'll find the deductions for having a family may go well with your AR-15 for compensating your small penis size. Though you may be in a catch 22 if you have a small penis and can't get laid. Might I suggest presenting a case to the Supreme Court to legalizing marrying your AR-15? I assume it would have to be a AR pistol, since the barrel might be too long for you.
  10. Yeah, I didn't bother to look more into your journal beyond the abstract for a lot of reasons, chiefly because YOU DIDN'T !@#$ing READ WHAT YOU POSTED. Besides, I don't have a fancy-pansy subscription to actually read the entire article. I briefly skimmed your wall text, but it doesn't seem like you are refuting the claim of the abstract, which is that in New Zealand, women are less of a "financial liability" than men. Secondly, you were responding to my claim that "anyone who thinks women don't contribute to the economy is a !@#$ing idiot." What your wall text essentially says is that women do contribute to the economy (albeit, your argument is that they contribute less than men). So you've already proven my point, and I'll gladly use your wall text as Exhibit A for any other dipshit who thinks women don't contribute to the economy. Finally, to tie this all back into the op, your belief that only the rich people ("net contributors") should have the right to vote is undemocratic and bad for the economy, because it inherently puts a value on the opinions of a landed aristocracy. Considering that a third of the Fortune 500 CEOs inherited their wealth, I don't think you would want somebody deciding the destiny of your country by "virtue of living until you are old enough" to inherit wealth. A landed aristocracy only breeds complacency, nepotism, and stagnation, just ask the Chinese in the latter Tang Dynasty. And if you are thinking, "Oh, but Trump has already installed all of his relatives to positions of power despite being ridiculously unqualified and mega donors now influence corporate tax cut legislation by simply threatening to cut GOP senators off," well... You should be happy with the state of the US then. Rich people and special interests dominate sound fiscal policy, billionaires are awarded official positions in government by virtue of having a shit ton of money and not competence, and the capacity for the people to hold elected officials accountable for their actions is dead. "Democracy," the type of government you so despise for being the inefficient, hand-holding system that takes from the "deserving" and gives it to needy dependent people, is ironically the opposite of what we have now given the excessive gerrymandering, super-pac, unlimited-terms-in-congressional-office system we have now. Also, btw, again. White suburban women in key battleground states allowed for Trump to win the election. In some districts (I'm looking at you, the stinking shithole called Florida), that percentage gap was as high as 30 points. It's ironic that you would all try to take the vote away from them when they were literally the reason why Trump won.
  11. Nobody got my Hitler joke there? Damn, people either need to get a better sense of humor or crack a book on the rise of Nazis in Germany.
  12. That's cute, you think you are making an argument by just posting from a journal that you never read. Oh? How do I know you didn't even read the !@#$ing abstract? I'm glad you asked. First, the country specified in the study is NEW ZEALAND, a country known for its koala-bear hugging hippy !@#$ whose economy ranks below Greece. GREECE. Yeah, the same !@#$ing country that is being propped up by the EU for its massive public debt and stagflation. To compare the economy of New Zealand to the US is like trying to race a F1 race car on a !@#$ing tricycle. Second, and it says it in the abstract itself, but "Notwithstanding considerable within-gender heterogeneity, women are found on average to have systematically and persistently lower net fiscal liabilities than men, especially at older ages." Translation: Men use more public money than women because their penis-driven hormonal thought distracts them from actually having sound fiscal sense as to not depend on the government for everything. Even if it did say what you were thinking it said, using government-funded social welfare programs doesn't mean you don't contribute to the economy. Poor people have jobs, contrary to popular belief. And they consume things with that money they made, at a substantially higher rate than higher income individuals. When you make 10 bucks an hour, you are going to spend a larger portion of your paycheck buying things like TVs and food at restaurants. When you make 6 million dollars a year, there are only so many yachts one could buy. I still stand by my statement. Anyone who thinks that women don't contribute to the economy is a !@#$ing idiot, so thoroughly devoid of education and academic curiosity (admittedly, not necessarily by their own volition) that one might mistake them for being severely mentally disabled.
  13. Only the uninformed idiots of the world would think that women don't contribute to the economy. I would honestly recommend a book on women's role in the armaments industry during WWII, but that might not be a book you would want to read because the Nazis are the bad guys in that one. Besides, Trump carried the vote through white suburban women in key battleground states. If women weren't allowed to vote, all the Nazi internet trolls would still find themselves under a dark rock because society shunned their worthless pathetic ideology. Besides, do you even pay taxes? I'm assuming not, because spelling errors on your tax forms would warrant a visit from the IRS. Talk about not contributing to the economy.
  14. Ur literally too small for me to give a shit. That's a surprise, I never thought the day would come where I would have to tell a Trump supporter that the word "reality" is not "real." You dirty Mexican rapist, you can't fool me with your second-rate English. Trump's going to send you to a "holding facility" for an indefinite period of time slaving away at some menial labor task while you wait for deportation, and then presumably after the Senate building catches fire and martial law is declared, he'll start literally adding you to the American melting pot.
  15. !@#$, please. My country already has a wall to keep out those Mexican murderers and rapists.
  16. Can you tell me who the US ambassador to South Korea is? And how long have they been at that post? The Trump administration's "foreign relations" is a !@#$ing joke. It's non-existent for pretty much all of our allies and most countries in the world, and pathetically underwhelming for everyone else. If you thought Obama's foreign policy was bad, at least he had a foreign policy.
  17. All hail the Mormon Axiom!! Blessed is our promised Zion land in the salty shithole called Salt Lake City.
  18. "Have you seen how well he's been going with foreign relations." No question mark. Which makes me think this is a sarcastic rhetorical question with bad grammar. Is English your second language? If it is, you are not welcome in Trump's America.
  19. I've read one of your posts now, and it seems like you would be the type of person who has his head so far up his ass that you !@#$ up basic English grammar through constantly sucking the anal secretions through your ears and shamelessly regurgitating your bullshit out one of your filthy orifices for the public to see. I'm not surprised that you think I'm the one who is delusional: after all, if I spent my entire life believing the walls of my anal cavity were reality, I would be just as ignorant and !@#$ed up as you.
  20. That's what I !@#$ing thought.
  21. Trump is soooooo much smarter than Tillerson. Who agrees? I think Trump has a higher IQ than Tillerson.
  22. Covfefe.
  23. If only anything the president did was scripted...
  24. Oh, sorry. Autocorrect. Either that, or my computer is very smart. Ah huh. By allowing Hitler to annex the Sudetenland, contributing to Germany's industrial capabilities. But why stop there? Hitler remilitarized the Rhineland too. And aggressively annexed Austria. Let's not forget the launching of the Gaff Spee (which, by the way, really ticked off British naval command in the south Atlantic during the war). So many opportunities to stop Hitler, and yet the British "empire" stood idly by because... why? Oh right, they weren't properly equipped. Do you think real hegemonic empires worry about their militaries being "properly equipped?" Decline of the British empire, my friend. Why do you say Trump isn't a Russian puppet? He seems to divulge state secrets to the Russians at the earliest opportune moment. He brown noses the Russian autocrat despite the federation opposing American foreign interests everywhere. Not to mention the fact that his old campaign chairman is currently on trial for illegal foreign lobbying for Russian political interests. ...Is it because he's pro-wrestling again?
  25. I did Nazi that coming from you. Ah yes, everyone remembers Chamberlain's "peace in our time" moment before 150 million people died. Britain may not have started WWII, but she certainly didn't help stop it. Perhaps if Britain's Empire still commanded the same hegemonic influence it once had in it's glory days and used it with wise leadership and principle, 150 million people wouldn't have died. I honestly don't think Trump is a communist, I don't know why everyone thinks that Russia is still a communist country. It's more of a plutocratic nepotistic dictatorship held by whoever can troll and kill the most people in the most efficient way possible. I just think Trump is both too corrupt and stupid to realize that he's selling our country down the Volga.