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  1. That's what I !@#$ing thought.
  2. If only anything the president did was scripted...
  3. Oh, sorry. Autocorrect. Either that, or my computer is very smart. Ah huh. By allowing Hitler to annex the Sudetenland, contributing to Germany's industrial capabilities. But why stop there? Hitler remilitarized the Rhineland too. And aggressively annexed Austria. Let's not forget the launching of the Gaff Spee (which, by the way, really ticked off British naval command in the south Atlantic during the war). So many opportunities to stop Hitler, and yet the British "empire" stood idly by because... why? Oh right, they weren't properly equipped. Do you think real hegemonic empires worry about their militaries being "properly equipped?" Decline of the British empire, my friend. Why do you say Trump isn't a Russian puppet? He seems to divulge state secrets to the Russians at the earliest opportune moment. He brown noses the Russian autocrat despite the federation opposing American foreign interests everywhere. Not to mention the fact that his old campaign chairman is currently on trial for illegal foreign lobbying for Russian political interests. ...Is it because he's pro-wrestling again?
  4. I did Nazi that coming from you. Ah yes, everyone remembers Chamberlain's "peace in our time" moment before 150 million people died. Britain may not have started WWII, but she certainly didn't help stop it. Perhaps if Britain's Empire still commanded the same hegemonic influence it once had in it's glory days and used it with wise leadership and principle, 150 million people wouldn't have died. I honestly don't think Trump is a communist, I don't know why everyone thinks that Russia is still a communist country. It's more of a plutocratic nepotistic dictatorship held by whoever can troll and kill the most people in the most efficient way possible. I just think Trump is both too corrupt and stupid to realize that he's selling our country down the Volga.
  5. Idk wtf "Progressiveness" is. Enlighten me what you think "progressiveness" is. Because if "progressiveness" means liberal social policies (in the American sense), China is a proponent of it. Legalized abortion, gun control, etc. WWII, the famine of India, the post-imperialism tribal conflicts of Africa, the religious conflicts between Muslims of Pakistan and India, Falklands (though that's comparatively smaller), Iraq-Iran wars. I won't count WWI because you Brits just !@#$ed up then by giving mixed messages to the Germans and didn't show good leadership at a time when the world really needed it. Some historians would say Britain became useless after WWI, but almost all would definitely say September 1st, 1939 was when Britain became an over-glorified FOB. If Russian special forces in the Crimea and Russian influence campaigns against both the US and the former Soviet Republics are any indication of Putin's intent to restore the old Soviet empire at the slightest weakness and chance given to him by US and NATO is considered a conspiracy, yeah, I'd say that I'm pushing it like an American pharmacist pushing pink pills.
  6. Panem et circenses, eh Commodus? Boring is safe. People tend to forget that in long periods of peace and stability.
  7. Politics is suppose to be boring. When did politics become an entertainment sport?
  8. lol, wtf is Progressiveness? You mean everyone who voted for Clinton? lol. All empires fall. Ha. Like you know anything about empires and their fall. Name me a single great hegemonic empire that has fallen that didn't result in subsequent years (even centuries) of death and destruction unparalleled. Name me the fall of a single great hegemonic empire that didn't devolve into warlords and banditry. I don't think you really understand what you are wishing for. I imagined it all different. I imagined it would be a declining American economy due to the wealth gap that forces Americans to decide between prosperity or republicanism and a desperate generation would choose the former and start some crazy crusade that breaks the coalition system into a bipolar nuclear Cold-war shitstorm that I wouldn't see in my lifetime.
  9. That depends on if Trump fires Mueller or pardons them. If Trump does either of those things and the Republicans let it slide (which they will), you would be correct. In all honestly, that terrifies me. The Washington Post's headlines would not be an exaggeration then. Democracy would die, presumably with millions of others in what would likely be the end of the Pax Americana. Shortsightedness and stupidity would have brought down America, not an overwhelming foreign enemy (though Russia did help out).
  10. Obviously, the depths of my understanding in this area is far inferior to yours. It never even occurred to me someone would judge candidates based on how pro-wrestling they were.
  11. Oh shit boys, the Muellerman is coming, and he's going to plow the dump! Until Trump fires him... Who wants to make the bet that Trump is going to fire Mueller? Oh oh oh! And pardon Manafort and his cronies!
  12. If Hillary campaigned in spandex choke-holding a skinhead in a 20x20 roped enclosure, you would have voted for her, yes?
  13. I see now. Lol. This is making a lot more sense.
  14. Well, that goes to show unlike the Trump administration, Meuller's own team is competent and knows what they are doing. lool, then there isn't a debate here. Your opinion, entirely devoid of facts, is, by definition of lacking facts, "talking out your arse." The only person who thinks your opinion might be worth anything is yourself. Trump is incompetent, and seeing as how nobody has set forth a challenge to that notion, I'm going to call it and wait until someone who actually has an argument to come forth and present their case. You claim me to be an extremist, yet you can't provide any evidence to the contrary of my claim. If there is only evidence for one position, doesn't that make that position the truth? The fact that you think there is an X, Y, or Z position when there is only evidence for a X position means that the extremist is yourself: you don't share the same reality with anyone anymore. That's pretty damn extreme.