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  1. 1 alliance from EMC joined in. “It’s still easy mode!” >logic
  2. Before you guys continue, can you get my OP back to 0 reps at least? Thanks.
  3. So whatever happens, IQ will have taken massive damage and will likely have to white peace/surrender this war, not win. So what exactly does being in IQ even do for you? Leaving and forming another sphere with others would actually help you win/take less damage. Besides beating up on micros, IQ hasn’t won a major war. Plus, listening to Roq’s logic, you all will probably be at war for 2 months to gain little to no traction. So my question is, what do you get out of being in IQ, even NPO, you get nothing out of IQ. You’ll never truly, “win” and you’ll never truly dominate another alliance. At this point I think the game is content to just beat up on you repeatedly for the next month or so, but I want to know your thought process.
  4. I think I can tell the difference between a joke and an insult. Keep my name out your mouth, Colonizer.
  5. Y’all wrote this entire story just to get clapped by NPO in 2 rounds.
  6. You had the capacity to take or hurt majority of them this round tho. I don’t disagree with anyone hitting KT, however. Give them hell, BK o/
  7. Your loyalty shall be tested. Best of luck.
  8. We shall cleanse the world.
  9. We shall cleanse the world.
  10. Your loyalty shall be tested.
  11. You and your co-harts in IQ will probably screw it over, then have it merge into an even worse alliance.
  12. Grow another 2 city counts and we’ll see what happens @Roquentin @Seeker @Codonian
  13. Either call them out or shut the hell up.
  14. This is actually really true advice.