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  1. Read what I've said and try again.
  2. If y'all believe I am a legitimate racist, nazi, or any other foul human being, I invite you to message me on discord and get to know me. Just because a person makes an ill suited offensive joke does not automatically make them whatever tag you wish to put on them. Does that make all people who make 9/11 jokes terrorists? I've owned up to my mistake, said I'm in the wrong, and even agreed with you guys on this you still spout the same bullshit and spin things to make me look like a horrible person and it gets to a point where you are literally lying and making stuff up to help your false case, for example calling me homophobic. Where have I said something homophobic? Also, I said a pretty harsh word that offends people in the context of a joke, for all of you acting like you know what actually happened when you wasn't there. Wishing me to die because I said an edgy joke? I sure hope you don't browse too far into the internet with your sweet and innocent school girl eyes.
  3. I'm going to poison your daily bread scraps, pigeon!
  4. I appreciate your stance on this, but this thread wasn't made with that in mind at all. Just for the fact that The Golden Horde has 4/5 slots on the top liked posts. How in anyway does this post relate to the incident that happened last night? Where did I bring it up? How does that play into how many likes TGH as an alliance have recieved? What kind of red yarn and pin bullshit are you playing with here?
  5. Okay, paper thin skin. Edit: In all seriousness, point taken. Shouldn't have said it to begin with. I'm not going to argue or defend myself cause I know I'm in the wrong.
  6. The Golden Horde, plus Shifty, pillaging a forum post near you soon. Run.
  7. I mean, I sure hope he can see the difference in bad jokes and serious malevolent intent.
  8. He knows, he joined willingly.
  9. Polaris banned TGH from their discord, we invaded their safe space. UN BAN ME @Kriegskoenig

    1. Robert E Lee

      Robert E Lee

      We don't ban people in The Golden Horde, all are welcome in the land of the golden showers.

  10. @[email protected] Hi i am from Polaris can I have some steel so i can keep the war machine rolling
  11. Why didn't you talk to us on here @Lordship
  12. Is he the perennial passive actor Gayser was talking about?
  13. Yes. Can you describe perennial passive actor for me
  14. I think so. Apparently Gayser got tired of perennial passive actors and abandoned leadership for t$.