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  1. You know.. I will tend to agree with what you're saying because on the other end, ex- Rose is talking big so clearly, past shitty performance is not something to go by?
  2. so wait.. Partisan won?
  3. Why worry about what Rozalia has to say when he has to work on an amazing new cosmetic change?
  4. I think a lecture on freedom of speech and freedom of expression is required. I can deliver it at a discount rate for our great moderators if Alex wants!
  5. Who says he wasn't hired already?
  6. I'm a Muslim and I do not find it offensive at all. I really don't care what someone else thinks about Islam or any concept in it. Those Muslims who do find it offensive - will also probably find women outside on the street alone offensive so.. it's futile to bother about them.
  7. The pirates endorse LoR.
  8. Important history lesson folks - the names of the people who actually destroyed Greene's armies and nation are nowhere to be seen!
  9. Can you link me? Mine stopped working a long while ago.
  10. So KT got itself out of another war? Amazing. What a top-notch TEst splinter.
  11. Please make it happen. @seabasstion can you help out? I miss this so much.
  12. or save time and grow some skin.
  13. I do love these cute attempts by you to make the game interesting Alex!
  14. Frankly, I'm surprised you bothered with the thread.... Isn't it a routine matter by now?
  15. Who exactly are you talking about though? Why not just quote them... You seem like a guy with balls...