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  1. Have to agree with SRD here. Not sure why he keeps sending out spam. Just post a topic where people can sign up for his mailing list and stop this annoyance if Alex won't warn his nation for that behavior.
  2. Please implement this. I know these are messages from an in-character nation, tho I feel like it's more of a outside of the game issue. I know people are taking care of him in-character. It would really be nice to have an OOC option to end the annoyance so an in-game response isn't needed. Feels a bit weird to handle it through in-game means when it's not really an in-game problem per say.
  3. Hands off please, he is ours. Trying to get these TKR guys to actually buy troops/tanks to not give him cash is proving difficult enough. Also this serves as our DoE. We exist. And if anyone wants to make us a flag send me a PM to discuss price and details. There is only one alliance that has a worse flag than SA and it's Alpha's.
  4. Nation Name: South Beach Vikingdom Nation Link: