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  1. I mean I get the point you're trying to make but if you go a bit farther back it basically explains my own problems working with anyone in IQ, and I'd imagine most people share at least some of them. With their insularity and supremacy clause, I literally know that any deal I make with anyone in IQ is going to be subordinate to 5 other agreements by default. That's a big mountain to scale. I've been screwed over by plenty of people within it, and a lot of my friends have gotten it far worse. There's people in IQ I enjoy speaking with and I don't have personal issues with any of them (and there are some people in the game I have personal issues with). But there haven't been no carrots, and I don't buy into their victim narrative on these forums. People go too far with their nonsense posts and not everyone actually has a reason behind what they're saying behind just being jerks, but you're making it sound like the onus is entirely outside of IQ, and that's just total nonsense. In my time in Syndisphere, BK and Mensa were the largest garbage speakers in the game. To see BK now claim to be victims in some kind of unfair coordinated forum attack is, simply, total dogshit. If you're saying people could do more to offer them incentives, sure, but that's literally always true. People could also be doing less. EMC got less incentives to break up, and did it anyway. My two cents, anyway. I do think there's plenty of people who are also just completely unfair to IQ and are basically bandwagoning. But that doesn't mean there's no legitimate basis for some of the criticisms they are getting. Dio, I appreciated your post but I think I'd make the same point to you. You need to go back a bit farther for the context that makes some of the things you're presenting less ridiculous.
  2. I mean stats definitely need to be read in the aggregate to be meaningful. Sketchy's first post would be more accurately titled "Who fought people who bought too much infra!?" than "Who is best at fighting wars!?" if you were only allowed to look at it alone.
  3. Hahaha. Good luck have fun! Never underestimate a well-timed boomerang.
  4. Don't get me totally wrong. I've said worse things myself: I enjoy offensive jokes. But when you toe step into being unfunny and/or genuinely upsetting people, I really think what you need to do is stop, and take ownership of the mistake. To me, making this thread seemed like you were proud, and that's why I commented. Shitbag was a rude thing to say, so sorry for that. Anyway. I'm glad you took my point, so I'm happy to take what you said at face value. You can't unwind the clock. Just learn from it.
  5. Hooray! I'm a real fan of your work. "Half Kastor Baby".... hilarious! But no seriously there's a difference between being an amusing in-character antagonist and just being a shitbag. Might want to study up.
  6. Dig the enthusiasm and earnestness. Welcome and best of luck!
  7. Good luck WiFi!
  8. Lost intelligence and/or We have no intelligence
  9. Whoops. I eyeballed them kinda. But you're right: yours is on par with RoK, so my bad. (Probably the right move was to hit me and then say "how's my ratio now, muthafrickkkkkkkkka!?!?!")
  10. Here's some random armchair musings. Feel free to comment if they're off since I don't have much to go on at ground level. KT must be doing okay to not be negative. GG. Also, poor SK. They look bad being the only negative on their side, but it's probably mostly a symptom of fighting targets with lower infra. Roz, RoK, IoM, and HS have some pretty monsterous ratios. Good work! Looks like BK is doing about half the fighting on their entire side. Acadia's numbers actually look pretty good to me, considering Rose is way larger: good stuff!
  11. Damn guy. I thought it was 50%. Shows how long I've gone since I sold a tank I guess! My bad. Resources being abundant isn't a bad thing, but I still think it just can't be 100%, because then I, a 25 city nation, could sell off literally all of my troops, downdeclare on some 10-15 or so city people, rebuy, and have a really good chance of still trouncing them, with no real cost. So 80% is low but I wouldn't think of exceeding 85-90%. I mean even at 85%, you're getting 40% of what you otherwise would have spent back... still probably worth a slot.
  12. The money is virtually a non-factor, proportionally speaking. So returning 100% resources seems like a bad idea to me... game already has issues with inflating/deflating NS being too easy, imo, so making it totally costless to do so isn't going to help. If you twisted my arm maybe 80%, I'd think.
  13. Just have him declare on you: he's within range that way. Happy to help.
  14. This sucks, no one is my range
  15. Feel better duder!