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  1. There's nothing unfair about saying that it's odd to declare a war you literally never attack in. If the possible steel damage he took was something he was concerned about in a raid that had gone sideways when the target became active, why would he then buy tanks and fortify to prolong the war/damage? If you don't think it's suspicious enough to at least warrant a look/comment from admin, you're just showing your bias.
  2. In case it's unclear? It's suspicious because he declared a war and didn't attack a single time. From my understanding this is a no discussion forum, and you're not adding anything that isn't already quoted in my post aside from your own opinion.
  3. Nation Link: Ruler Name: Aleph Nature of Violation: Arthur James had three wars declared on him before attacking a member of my alliance. Here are his current wars. All three of these wars are fairly low damage, but the one by Aleph is particularly suspicious. He declares the war and literally zero attacks, then starts fortifying.
  4. Welcome to the forums, seemingly-well-meaning internal government official from Black Knights! Run.
  5. Beneath the delicate hum of her growing hive, the Bee-Queen regarded the scene. Amusement flitted across her features as she looked upon the battlefield. "Sting, and die. It is our way. Roz has laid down the lives of his forces. Would you call that vain?" She looked back upon her prisoner. Smith squirmed against his bounds, but the wicker man held fast. Yes, the bees: they were in his eyes. "Or your supple boy-king. Did his drones die for naught?" Zeebrus laughed. A soft, threatening hum. "Egg, Larva, Drone, Hive. We move forward, pulled by our own destiny, until our work is done. No one of us is anything beside it. But together, we bring it about. Do you understand?" Smith made a mumbled reply. He was probably allergic or something, or maybe freaking out because a bee got into his mouth and he was going to lose his vegan card and then have to maybe actually be popular at parties. "No one can be sure. And yet I believe I will survive to see it. To see my masterstroke done, and see the lives of these drones earn their place in history. To become immortal, in art and history." "Do you see it yet, you tiny man? The spark is lit, and the perfect world is coming. Today, these deaths become the life of softcore Lordship erotica. But in the end, the forums will be awash in all manner of fanfiction... all necessities provided, all anxieties tranquilized, all boredom amused. My work will be complete." And at last, Smith was silent.
  6. Yikes Zeeb. There's children present.
  7. What else could a man need?
  8. When Critters was in t$, Fist was in charge. I think that's probably where the disconnect is. In fairness to him, it's something we had a lot of headaches with. However, that was then and this is now. I mean, we just hit Pantheon a couple weeks ago, and Yui came out to beat on us personally. Anyone who doubts Pantheon's willingness to back their members or allies up is probably not paying attention.
  9. !@#$ Rose! But nah. Good luck Rose. Making fun takes work, and this is only a first step. Hope you make something cool outta the momentum. : )
  10. "I've got 2 loot a bank" BADMAN "I've got 2 loot a bank" BADMAN If a man is considered guilty WORK! 4 what goes on in his mind WORK! Then gimme the electric chair WORK! 4 all my future crimes-OH WORK! Electric chair "This thread needs an enema!"
  11. I see a bad Moon a-rising I see trouble on the way I see earthquakes and lightnin' I see bad times today Don't go 'round tonight She's bound to take your life There's a bad Moon on the rise I hear hurricanes a-blowing I know the end is coming soon I fear rivers over flowing I hear the voice of rage and ruin Don't go 'round tonight She's bound to take your life There's a bad Moon on the rise
  12. This is quote is high art. Good luck Roz. I think this whole war is pretty silly, but nothing but respect for shooting a shot right through the center of the web.
  13. Edit: Wait, putting this here is me basically doing it again isn't it : (