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  1. No. I denounce the terrorism being inflicted on the civilian population of Mosul.
  2. Yeah, i didn't expect sympathy for Muslim civilians from the likes of you. I just found it odd how your fellow terrorist sympathisers were spinning things.
  3. Okay Mr Crusader.... if you say so.
  4. Lmao, are you being serious right now? You think America or UK or France or Germany or Russia or Portugal or Rawanda or Congo or most mordern states have killed less people than the Islamic State? I'm not even going to dignify that with a response.
  5. The Islamic State is dozens of times bigger than Belgium, and has such effective governance that it managed to attract tens of thousands of people from around the world who risked death, torture, & prison just to reach it. Yeah, I'd say it's pretty incredible for a two-year-old state, especially given it's fiercely heroic resistance against all the Imperial superpowers of our time.
  6. Islamic State meets all the requirements for statehood and is therefore, a de facto Nation State, and as such can not be referred to as a terrorist group/organization. Sure you can call them a "rogue state" or "state sponsors of terrorism" if it makes you feel any better but whatever they have done pales into insignificance when compared to most modern day states.
  7. I made a point to bring it up because my accuser (the OP) has a profile picture of himself posing as a crusader, couple that with how many times he advocated for a new Crusade against Muslims, and we got ourselves a real terrorist. So how about lecturing him for change instead of pointing the finger at me all the time? Having such stark double standards is not cool.
  8. Isn't the PeshmerGAY, Iraqi Shiite Militia, and the US using violence for political ends? Are they not killing civilians with their airstrikes? Aren't they aware that launching airstrikes on highly dense urban areas is guaranteed to result in many civilian casualties? And yet they launch it ANYWAY despite having more than 20 times the number of soldiers under the command of IS on the ground? Willfully opting to kill civilians rather than face a numerically and logistically far weaker enemy head on and thus mitigating loss of innocent life??? That to me & every sane moral human being is real terrorism.
  9. No, it's usually the same gang of lowlifes trying to curb people's freedom of speech. Have you ever heard the sayings "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter" or "terrorists is usually what the bigger army calls the smaller army"? If not then you should really broaden your horizons and look out of your tiny little bubble. For example, how do you think Muslims & even many other non-Christians feel about Crusaders? We regard them as terrorists and history testifies to their atrocities (just look at what they did after they conquered Jerusalem)... yet here is Thalmor the hypocrite posing in a Crusader uniform for his profile pic and calling Islamic State terrorists. Honestly, the cheek of it.
  10. Define supporting terrorism because the way i see it if anyone is "supporting terrorism" with regards to the invasion of Mosul, it's the ones supporting the invaders who with their airstrikes are the principle murderers of the Sunni civilian population!
  11. You who bomb from the air killing countless civilians because your 130,000 + soldiers on the ground are no match for 5,000 brave Islamic State soldiers, SHAME ON YOU!
  12. I find it hilarious how they try to spin the narrative as Islamic State Sunni soldiers killing their own Sunni civilian population, whilst painting themselves as the "hero's" trying to save them? Lmao, as if we don't even possess a shred of intellect, they piss on our intelligence and expect us to eat up their propaganda like sheep without even providing fabricated evidence to back them up. Here, I will present you with the hard evidence and you be the judge. Who is REALLY killing the Sunni civilian population deliberately? WARNING GRAPHIC: A health center in the town of Hamam al-Alil, south of Mosul after it was destroyed by the US A kindergarten destroyed by the US in Tal Afar, west of Mosul.
  13. You can eat up the desperate Zionist American propaganda/disinformation campaign or you can observe the truth with your eyes... Islamic State TANK HUNTERS: Taking down American made Abram Tanks deployed by Iraqi Shiite Army.
  14. Today it's the PeshmerGAY getting punished, yesterday it was the Iraqi Shiite Army
  15. PeshmerGAY tried to flee the battle TODAY but Islamic State soldiers weren't done with them just yet!