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  1. I am become Death. Destroyer of Wikis.

    1. Rimski


      2 nukes were definently not enough

  2. Happy Saturday the 13th (I wish that was a thing)

    1. Rimski


      And I wish I didn't live in Bosnia. We all have our wishes, chump

    2. Featherine


      What's wrong with Bosnia?

    3. Rimski


      Everything. Especially the fact I live in it

  3. I'm more worried about Forum Mod activity. I've spoke to Alex about this before. But it seems some Forum Mods like to disappear off the face of the earth. It'd be good to see you guys more often.
  4. Hi, I'm Featherine. That is all.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Featherine


      My evil plan is working then

    3. Rimski


      Not evil but annoyance 
      With Hate from Bosnia <3

    4. Senry


      Hi Floofer. I'm Sentry. This is everything.

  5. VRChat has given me too many tumours. Even the lead-lined underwear didn't save me from it either.
  6. Move along, people. Nothing to see here.
  7. The Spaghet is a lie. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Featherine


      That joke flew right over your head.


    3. Frederick


      Somebody toucha my spaghet

    4. Eugene Faulkner II

      Eugene Faulkner II

      All your bases are belong to us

  8. Hmm... New Years Resolutions.. I can't think of anything. People help a brother out. 

  9. Proud to waste my life on this game. TIME WELL SPENT. Seriously. The community is awesome.
  10. Bah, Humbug. I mean. Merry Christmas? 

    1. Jodo


      You were correct the first time.

  11. I only see 6 people on the forums at the time i'm writing this. Where did everybody go?

    1. Ripper


      Wait... No one told you about the party?

    2. Rimski


      @Ripper told you to keep your scurvy closed

  12. Why am i here? Why are WE here? What is existence?

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    2. Zeebrus


      Alex pays everyone 

      but nobody knows yet yet because to send out the money costs more than the money is worth


      so nobody gets their $.5

    3. Zafri Zackery

      Zafri Zackery

      lmao sounds about right

    4. Featherine


      No. It's volunteering. There is no pay.

  13. What's wrong with socialism? (shifty eyes)
  14. Lurking the forums with a ink feather. Waiting to write the next story.

  15. Following the civil war by a terrorist group in Hiroshigrad (Formerly Seoul). Two recruits has joined Rainbow's Ranks from the Meta Board Department of Internal Security (ISS). The recruits are Chul "Vigil" Kyung Grace “Dokkaebi” Nam They will take part in a upcoming operation to help repel the resistance that has caused instability in Hiroshigrad for such a long time. As The Collective is starting to push Meta Board Forces out of the city. And with trouble brewing. Rainbow's phone is ringing.. Time to answer that call.