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  1. This is a valid CB, imo.
  2. Apparently it was extended another hour and a half or somesuch
  4. Git Gud winning by 1 vote. All is as it should be.
  5. How is this even a question.
  6. ^wut
  7. The solution is to not increase the cost of military-resources. It's either to add a resource-sink (expensive new project) or to add a mechanic to actually encourage war. We're facing a problem where we are producing more resources per city than we used to because median infra per city is increasing and wars are infrequent.
  8. >The alliances still at war on both sides have fought well. Nothing about the conflict or its conclusion can or should be construed as humiliating or degrading in any way to the alliances of The Inquisition who are still fighting or to their memberships. IQ the type of boi who convince himself that another man hooking up with his girl was his idea the whole time
  9. Lolol, bish what
  10. This is just a shoddy implementation of the score system. "Tiers" are a bad idea. I could come up with a few ways of potentially addressing the issue, but I suspect Sheepy is uninterested in development for this game at present.
  11. keks all around boys
  12. I think Rahl's irritated because soldiers can get killed quickly, leaving you with 10k tanks and no way to use them. Protip: Don't recruit your daily soldier cap, leave it at -200 so you can recruit more in a pinch if you have to.
  13. Yes, LPS -- us making fun of you is exactly like the Holocaust.
  14. Same