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  1. I just posted 30 offers and didn't get any captchas.
  2. Buying, or posting? When I was battling bots, it was just buying.
  3. The real problem is that a captcha is required for accepting offers as opposed to posting offers. Captchas should be for posting offers instead, since people who use algorithms to dominate the market do exactly that.
  4. I like the new verification process.
  5. Yes, you have 100. But we cannot have 100000 tanks or 100000 planes now, can we? If Sheepy increases the cap to the numbers described, he should also play around with the probability of "Sabotage Nukes" operation. Else it makes spies even less useful than they are now. The fact that you are annoyed by the spy system is proof that it works. If you never received any spy attacks, then it would be a useless game feature. If spies are ineffective against nukes, you can just remove all the pretension that it is intended to be useful, and take it out of the game.
  6. The people who complain about spies being hard to retrain are more often than not those who use spies defensively to protect their nukes. Their main argument is that all other troop types, like tanks, planes, ships etc can be retrained in 5-6 days. What they carefully forget to mention is that tanks, planes, ships, and soldiers can be decimated to zero in a few days as well. However, take the people like Fraggle and Apeman who have over 100 nukes. Even with the current spy system, and even if they have zero spies at the beginning, only 2.5 of their nukes would be killed per day: In order to make sabotage nukes attack likely to succeed, you need to clean out the spies every other day since they will retrain 3 every day. It would take 100/2.5 = 40 days to destroy all the nukes under the best of circumstances. TL;DR: If you are going to boost spy defense, you also need to somehow boost spy offense. Else, you could just sack the spy system altogether, as it is only good for nuke shenanigans.
  7. This is so priceless. FYI, LoEG died off before any spy attacks started, back during its inception. It is, however, extremely satisfying that people believe it still exists and is the cause of their problems.
  8. Thanks a lot! I will try to see if there are any differences in growth rates across cohorts.
  9. Can you create the following city level data? Player ID, City ID, Player Account Creation Date, City Creation Date.
  10. If you remove the ability to use spies to sabotage nukes, then spies become *completely* useless. That makes the game less dynamic. It would be equivalent to removing spies altogether, because they aren't remotely useful for anything else.
  11. Lol. So 2 days of 100% protection for your nukes, and reducing 1 more nuke kill every 2-3 days is insufficient protection? Give me a break. Spies have 3 main uses: 1) Kill people's nukes 2) Kill people's spies 3) Protect your own nukes from others' spies by reducing their chance of success as long as your spies live. If the spy rebuild rate is going to be increased, it needs to come coupled with a higher chance of sabotaging nukes when the opponent has more than 2-3 spies. Else, nukes will be invincible until they are used.
  12. You are entitled to your own false opinion, of course. The fortify option before the update allowed nations with zero military prevent getting looted whenever they wanted. You want to loot someone's resources? You cannot, no matter how strong you are militarily. Beiges only happened if one side was inactive, or wanted to get beiged on purpose, which usually happened after they hid their resources somewhere else. Now they still have access to the same strategy, but at least they won't be able to switch after fighting a little or lobbing a nuke, and they will have to be active enough to use all of their MAPs in time.
  13. This is a good update. The infinite fortify to avoid beige for sure was more of an exploit than a strategy, and made no sense. I wouldn't mind it being further weakened since, as demonstrated above, if you always fortify on time, you still can avoid beige.
  14. The only thing that can be said for certain is that now the wars will be costlier: 1) More slots needed to achieve same production -> More infra per city needed -> Infra rebuilding costs go up -> Infra rebuilding takes longer 2) Less production of resources overall -> Smaller warchest development given the same amount of time -> Warchest rebuilding takes longer So this update will encourage either snoozefests or shorter wars.