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  1. By these metrics I do believe this makes Roz Wei the most dynamic of all alliances considering that big repeated +50 boost for the wars. Thank you for bringing this to my attention brother Sketchy.
  2. Not a fan of the name personally. You're a NK member forming an alliance that basically has the same name as NK. Ultimately it promotes the thoughts in people's minds that if you're going to be aligned with NK and are so similar in name... why join off-brand NK when you can join NK? That sort of thing. Still, good luck to you. I'd not be discouraged by talk of not having a dozen people with you when starting the alliance. I started Roz Wei with just one other player (Mayor) and it went fine. It can certainly be done.
  3. The Islamic-Progressive alliance has been around for a good while now mate.
  4. It used to certainly unless my vision played up on me as that was why you got the underscore in the previous one where you were mentioned. It doesn't appear now though yeah.
  5. Kleon tells me that was supposed to be a joke... apologies.
  6. While Lordship had a distaste for the ugly men in his army, and all women, the elite forces he called in served their purpose. The Roz Wei forces, tired from a long campaign, outnumbered, outgunned, were attacked at Missourah and met great losses. Lordship himself sat with his army (at the back) and was pleased at the results they wrought, most pleased was he at LordRahl2 who with great rage struck at the Roz Wei troops, "this is for Hillary" he muttered often to the puzzlement of his soldiers. Lordship became sad when this was reported to him for Hillary was the name for a woman, but once informed by Hope that it was also a man's name he became somewhat cheerful. Kosmokenny who taunted the enemy, Lordship watched with great annoyance, only cracking a smile when Kosmokenny tripped, but no broke neck came of this and so the smile faded. Placentica no one could locate, perhaps he had died, perhaps he hadn't, no one was quite sure or looked enough into it to find out. Queen_M meanwhile had been barred from commanding her people in battle as Lordship, to her puzzlement was most angry at the action involving the cocks. Imploring her to show good will he demanded that she write, "I love cocks" 10,000 times. To everyone else such a thing was ridiculous, but Lordship saw nothing strange or controversial about loving cocks. Finally after a few days of fighting Brooklyn666's unit smashed into the Roz Wei defenses, who no longer able to stand began to flee in defeat. In celebration of this victory over the Roz Wei forces which had the Son of Heaven himself at it's head, Lordship had a great feast where he spoke. "Hahahaha! How I wish I could chase down and wipe this annoyance out... however I have more important things to do, far more important activities waiting for me at my Radiant Castle. Let him tremble in his lands, always waiting for that moment that I, Lordship, decide to pounce on his derriere with great vigour and speed. They say that we met many defeats but did we really? Greene was wealthy and had large armies, but money, as he found out when he died, does not buy class, it does not buy ability, it does not buy sense. We lost Victor Truchev but as Yui put it to me, of what worth were they to me? The Thot people are still around, even better so are the Cocks, so nothing was achieved there. So what of anything of worth did we really lose? He only did me a favour I would say by ridding me of the chaff I had around. We sit here in Missourah, this important fortress reclaimed. Showing that the Radiant Army will not be messed with any further. This message goes to that upstart Rozalia, but it also goes to any others out there who are thinking of rising against me. I Lordship command all under Heaven and any who go against me will meet defeat". *In Grillago* The Son of Heaven relaxed watching a play of his once mortal enemy Grillick. It was at the part where the actor playing the main role asked for the honeyed water, the money shot of the production so to speak. The servant responded that they had only bloody water, no honeyed, and out it came. The actor spat a torrent of blood and began to ham it up, falling all over the place in all manners of ways. Finally after twitching face down on the ground for a short while with his groin, he expired, to the great cheers of those in attendance. The tale of Grillick was very popular in Roz Wei, to the young and old both. The Roz sighed with it's end and spoke to no-one in particular. "Like how men must rest, armies too must rest. If the Heavens did not grant me ultimate victory over Lordship on this season then it will be because that is not in the celestial plan that we all follow. Not yet. Lordship can keep buggering in safety. For now..."
  7. Considering the supposed size of these virgins, cock or no cock, he wasn't going to be making much use of it anyway. There is a reason these virgins stay virgins forever, they are so big you'll need a cock the size of your entire body to penetrate that hymen.
  8. Nothing stopped you before. I remember when I was in Vanguard years back and would talk about Rose all the time.
  9. He admitted it once.
  10. Sorry for that Kastor.
  11. Wouldn't shock me if Grand Admiral Kastor controls this "Noobs Army" too. Anyway, interesting. Good luck to both parties going forward.
  12. I diplomatically tried to sort the situation several times, even as Queen_M pushed it more and more. It became clear enough that Queen showed such disrespect towards us and our protection as they felt that we would roll over and take it. They get their hits, Kosmo makes his thread calling us Nazi sympathiser cowards, and you're all very happy. However I take sticking to my word very seriously so you got countered. Many alliances would have hit you much sooner, such as the moment you decided that after agreeing to not spy them declaring wars instead. Again. I get it, you guys think paperless is an easy target, unlike Acadia who seems to put the fear in you all. However if you thought the Roz would be scared of Stratagem because you had Fark and friends then you were clearly quite mistaken. And if you knew I wouldn't, then hitting us was all part of the plan.