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  1. And where did I claim I have no morals? Exactly. Don't make ridiculous claims you can't back up. Me not being concerned about Trump dick pics or whatever doesn't mean I don't have morals.
  2. No. The umbrella term is Fascist, not Nazis. Nazism is a specific form of fascism and easily identified. Try again. Bog standard Conservatives are reactionary in a lot of places. So if that is what it takes to be a Nazi then yeah, you're doing as he said. That so huh? So I guess by that same token we should kill off Communists like yourself (deny if you like, no one believes you) to protect the whole. Ah but wait... those progressives are pretty bad too, very racist and aggressive people always causing problems... I guess we should kill them too. It isn't hard to understand how it goes. People are generally fine with killing people who are actually doing as they believe (if said beliefs are aggressive), however those who merely believe and don't do anything? No, it's generally seen as distasteful. I know due to your progressive puritanical nature that you have to portray humanity as evil, but no, most people aren't twisted like yourself. Besides you're a hypocrite anyway. If we used the same Nazi logic of yours and targeted the Mohammedans you'd be on here sputtering some pathetic defence (Jihadists are doers, however the Conservatives belief the same nonsense, they simply do not act on it. Nazis who don't act on it you think should die, so logically the Conservative Mohammedans who don't act on it should die too).
  3. Nah mate. He is a dishonest person whose word is no good. He loses automatically to everybody.
  4. He is basically saying you're being Trump here and saying there are bad people on both sides. Something like that.
  5. While I did hear about it going well across the board, didn't expect the numbers to be quite that lopsided. Others fighting aren't included. NSR isn't listed for example.
  6. And the blacks in government are those natives are they? They were brought in from outside the area and so are as "native" to the land as the whites. Just because they're black doesn't mean they're native to all of Africa or whatever. It'd be like saying that Cape Verde belongs to blacks as they are the "natives" even though all those there were brought in by whites who actually lived there first.
  7. I am aware of these things. National Communism is far smarter than Internationalist Communism as it can actually have a chance at working. It all exists in a chain upward. Yourself at the bottom, then your family, friends, town/city, region, country. Country is well established and even then you get people such as yourself, and you think you're going to get Russians or whoever to care about Congolese? No. People are different and will conflict with each other based off their differences. If separate by states then this conflict can be civil, though yes it could mean invasions (though we live in different times today in the west). If both are together then you get race wars, you get conflict, division. The EU, supposed to be a stepping stone towards such a nightmare itself cannot manage even Europe as the north is radically different to the south... and you think you can include South America and Africa into that? You're dreaming. Your full power globalism would make a lot of very rich capitalists very happy. It'd mean death, rape, and general suffering for everyone else. Rebellions, riots, and wars would break out across the entire world quick enough. If that sort of anarchy is what you want then cool, be an anarchist, but lets not pretend such a world is going to be some utopia.
  8. What is the relevance in your statement. I told you that what the Soviet Union was is not what your Full Power Globalism brings.
  9. Except that isn't what you want anyway. Your Full Power Globalism is not what Russia went through, it's a horror show only seen in dystopian fiction.
  10. Translation: Nothing matters. Changes that have happened should be ignore, whites should forever be punished for slights however long ago... strange I don't see you taking the same stance with Muslims? Aren't we just for bombing the middle east to pieces? Don't they deserve that too for what they've done? And finally your globalism should be allowed to run rampart even though it would make the rest you want impossible. All you want to do in reality is break the bonds people have, divide them, making them easy pickings for heavily capitalistic companies. No. People are not rapists or whatever other guff you think. We have come a long way and you know this considering all these things you go on about as being why deaths such as in South Africa and Haiti are deserved aren't present today (outside Muslim areas anyway). Nationalism is a force of good that can be used negatively, big deal, you can say that about everything including your precious Communism or whatever you are. At it's core Nationalism brings people together while your guff tries to dissolve the bonds of people while replacing them with nothing, making them easy pickings of the companies. People need to be united by something, simple as that.
  11. Really? Really? Really? Absolutely ridiculous. I suppose it makes sense considering how often you guys like to call back to slavery or whatever. Nationalism today is not 1918 Nationalism nor 1945 or whatever else. Nationalism like many things can evolve, there are different versions, and can differ based on culture and other factors. You're trying to simplify something, pretend it's an old form, and then claiming it's all bad.
  12. Again, going back to WW1. We're talking Nationalism today, current year and all that, not from way back when.
  13. Hogwash. You simply cannot compare Nationalism today to Nationalism of the past. Hardcore Ethnic Nationalists still exist of course, but they're a minority in the west (widespread as you go east though yes).
  14. So... talking up Lenin and attacking those who came together for their nation's sake? Right. It might be hard to understand but you sometimes put aside your differences to tackle threats. Nationalism today is not the Nationalism of 1915 or 1945. Please get with the times please.