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  1. At no point have I talked here on the situation of NK. I pointed out your dishonesty in how you swap around from opposed standpoints as you require at the time. Attacking me only shows how you cannot actually defend yourself. Of course someone who makes clear how he despises his country and it's people would laugh. You don't seem to realise just how soulless your views are and then wonder why so many hate them even though you've had the entire establishment promoting them for decades. Whatever the case you as usual have nothing on me as you can point to nothing where I state factually that Brexit will be a plus economically. I supported Brexit on Nationalistic grounds which yes I know, is very funny to a cold globalist like yourself. Of course I support free healthcare, I'm not big on guns, and equal pay... well you have that too so what are you on about? You talking that myth I assume, ummm, very fact based aren't you... Regardless of my country I'm very much for freedom of the people in many avenues, going much further then many of these so called progressives who often will remark that such positions are in fact wrong and right wing or whatever (allowing people to marry more than 1 person being anti-women for example). These experts are why guys like Spite, Rahl, and you can be oh so confident in your views against mine. You guys don't think for yourselves, don't see the lay of the land, you simply trust on these often bought and paid for shills and off you go mocking anybody who talks differently like you actually know anything yourselves. On Brexit I had the advantage of actually living in the country and unlike someone like Spite who is a Red Tory stooge and so doesn't live in reality, of knowing the feelings of the people that have been around for so long. On America I don't even live there and yet I could tell easily that states that had lost so much due to globalism were going to side with the candidate for president who was finally speaking out against it all whoever he or she were, even if Donald Trump. Lets take our bet for example, why would you take it up? Because you trust those fools that tell you that it'll go down that way. When you lose, perhaps you'll realise as Brexit and Trump should have already told you, that experts while they can be nice still require you to actually engage your brain and make deductions on your own. Stooping low I see. Lets see what I actually said shall we. Where does it say that JFK, Clinton, and Bush raped slaves? Nowhere because you're a dishonest person who has to attack the person to try and escape from the argument. Lets run the full list then. Has Trump raped slaves like Jefferson? Has he been indulging in prostitutes while president like JFK? Has been sexually abusing women like Clinton while president? Has he been a stupid joke as much as Bush? Has he joked about the destruction of Russia like Reagan? I'll answer for you as a dishonest person like you will likely just attack me again instead of answering. No case of him raping slaves, indulging in prostitutes, sexual abusing women as president. He often called stupid of course yes, but that is for the views he puts out and not him simply messing up his words (Bush would mess up stuff written for him, let alone when he had to speak), and while Trump is known as quite the joker he has not joked about basically ending the world as President.
  2. Except you know, I've talked nothing on the matter here. All I did was point out how NK changes depending on what you need it to be. No threat to America you say, and then say that they would cripple America (and the world) if conflict broke out. You. Cannot. Say. Both. At. The. Same. Time. Pick one, and stick to it. Of course NK can't beat America in a war, who the heck says different exactly? The only relevant things here are your own words where you state them to be of no threat and then possessing a threat. Your lot simply never learn no matter how many times you are told. Do you think for a second trade agreements matter to me (and loads others) in that decision? I don't make it a secret I'm a Nationalist and I distrust (rightly) a group like the EU that ultimately wants their nation state called Europe. For such a thing they have consume all the other states rendering them mere regions. I reject such things. This "European first" nonsense is terrible and I reject it. I have always made clear that economically things could certainly be worse after Brexit... and I've also made clear that if so it is a price worth paying to get away from that beast. Such a thing as principle. As Gabranth says, nationalising prostitution too, in fact search this forum and you should find a thread I did on it. Oh and your cute efforts won't work, case in point, I'm a white male and I'm not ashamed about it. I love my white skin and so do all the not-white honeys, something I often tell those guys who are "white only" as they don't know what they're missing out on. To be the people I referred to you have to be a racist and sexist idiot with a saviour complex who above all hates white males for well, just being the best clearly if go by what these people believe. Ah yes, the "experts". Tell me how people who promote a certain form of trade tell us that it is the best form. I wonder... if we asked a Communist economist if they would tell us above the glory of their ways... ummmm... anyway, many of these economists are suspect as you can't trust their honesty, many of them have been wrong so often that you wonder how it is they are even employed, and of course lets not forget That. I. Do. Not. Care. Brexit, Trump, these matters are more than simply economics. Ah yes. Just ignore my first response to it where I bring up the likes of JFK, Clinton, and Bush. Right. Is Jr his father? No. His opponent also had foreign support which no-one seems to care about, and hey apparently the Russians bought ads (the monsters) for her, BLM, and such. Is she a Russian agent too I wonder... I mean... there are those pictures of her and Putin together... how deep does the conspiracy go? As for Mueller he will find likely what I said at the start and nothing more. That Trump has some shady dealings (is in Real Estate, big shock I know) with some Russians and... nothing more than that. Which among Trump's supporters will only make them like him more as they'll see it as "Trump is so good to be able to make so much money off the Russians". Speaking of, this Mueller guy doesn't have long now to save you... hehehe. You'll soon learn why you shouldn't so readily believe in these conspiracies. As I tell your sort to no avail. You should buckle up, forget the silly conspiracies that even has Alex Jones Mr nutter himself laughing at you, and then land constant blows on what actually matters to people such as healthcare. When you waste time with this silly nonsense you erode your power to convince people as they'll write off any actual reasonable information you may have as just another piece of nonsense from petulant idiot. This is not some grand secret I have suddenly figured out, and if you weren't in your haze of madness you may well be smart enough to realise such a basic truth.
  3. And by what can you judge my supposed ignorance on this topic? What is this ignorant statement exactly? That Trump talked to NK like how they like to talk to others? Please do tell me of the peaceful and ever polite Kim if so. Except your attacks come with a side of "hahaha look at your country doing Brexit". Your country did Trump which in your own view is worse. Anyway, Brexit was a good thing and something so many have wanted for so long. You have made quite clear what sort of person you are of course, you detest the people and see them as stupid and worse. You cannot understand how your beliefs could be rejected and beaten, something must be wrong with them. Easy. Your side sucked and lost. You had the MSM, Political establishment, the big money, and all the while the ever fresh "racist, sexist, bigot, Islamophobe, blah blah blah" nonsense used in full force... and yet you still lost. Imagine had the fight been fair, you'd have all been obliterated with ease. A smart person would look at losses like that and think that maybe, just maybe, the people have a point and the status quo is busted and must change... or you can be a fool and just declare people stupid. Keep losing loser. So a Conservative is for the legalising of Polygamy/Polyandry, attacks what I perceive to be Puritanism in sexual matters (and other nonsense within these religions), supports gay marriage, transsexuals, wants a basic income, and state ownership of certain key industries for said basic income to function optimally. Right. No. What you're doing is the ever fun "he is a bad dude to me so he is a conservative thing" which is a variant of the "he is a bad dude to me so he is a Nazi" used when the user at least realises that calling someone a Nazi is foolish. Please. I'm more "progressive" in many ways than these progressives (regressives) themselves, I simply don't subscribe to their weak self-hating loony nonsense and am all to tell them just how wrong it all is. Hehehe, the positions I've taken. What a joke. I may be the person most called arrogant but in reality there is a whole host of far worse people such as yourself. You guys think you're oh so smart and can talk down to people. Please. You're nothing. So what positions have I taken that show me a Conservative? Brexit? Let me think back to around that time where Spite said that my supporting of Brexit meant I was a woman's rights hating, racist, middle aged, fat, pale white bloke who gets drunk down the pub. Which was wrong on all counts outside the male bit as you know, foreigner blood so I can't be as white as that, I'm certainly not fat and middle aged, I don't drink (nor smoke for that matter), and of course I'm not racist nor do I believe taking rights away from women. You guys take me siding with something as meaning I must be for a number of things and then build my profile (always white male of course) and then talk out of your arses. However for you perhaps it is Donald Trump? You think me siding with a guy who ain't a Conservative anyway... makes me a Conservative. He ran as anti-status quo and was hated by the Conservatives in the Republican party and the Conservatives in the Democrat party. Even as pathetically weak as Bernie came off if Trump dropped out I'd have then gone with him. To me anything is better then these robots you like such as Clinton and Jeb! The world needs shaking up and changing. In the most recent general election I even went with Comrade Corbyn you dunce, even bet money (and won) on it openly on my alliance's discord. Oh boy. Raping slaves, cheating on your wife with prostitutes, joking that American will be attacking the Soviet Union with nukes (I think it was), are more classy then saying some mean tweets. Repeat those words back to me please. Say that raping slaves is more classy than mean tweets. Do it. But I get it, Trump certainly ain't classy... which matters... for... absolutely nothing. Oh no, I'm not going to let your group creep away. You and your kind have been for months talking cold war style Communists are under the bed conspiracies, and the progressives have their own delusions. You guys have no high ground at all, none, after displays like that. When Trump's boys get into that nonsense you'll find it on some sites here and there, big deal. There are that Pizza guy I suppose if we talk big time stuff. When you guys get in on it the new stations light up and report them as if they were fact. Heck in this thread alone you admitted that in your claim about Trump you had no evidence but hey, you feel he could have said it and that apparently is good enough. That right there has repeated itself constantly when it comes to Trump. Now you might again try to pin those sort of things on me and to that I say... prove it. Show any instance of me supporting Pizzagate or whatever. You'll not find it as I do not stoop to such things as I see such tactics as unneeded.
  4. I have not stated what level of threat I believe NK to be. I commented on your changing perception of them from big time to small time. Nothing more. You attempt this "lesson" as you call it because your dishonesty is clear to see and you got to distract from it in some way. I know all that NK/SK related stuff already, talked on this forum on the matter before in fact. Right. Lets see. You see Brexit as oh so bad and Donald Trump, well, he is basically Satan himself apparently. So you, an American whose country elected this figure you believe to be some devil... is lecturing me on bad decisions? By your own view on these matters your country has made a much larger mistake so spare me your pettiness. Brexit and Trump were decisions taken by the public against the status Quo. Suck it up and deal with it as we had to as year after year was spent in the status quo. Except I'm not a Conservative darling. Guys like you love to go straight for those sort of attacks don't you, like if you land them that it means anything. "You're a Conservative", "You're a Christian", so on. Spite, Rahl, you, and a whole host have done it on here and never have any of you jokers actually got an accurate hit. Evidence on here but if you go on the Knights Templar discord you'll see quite clearly that me being such things is quite impossible. No comment on that oh so grand class from those previous presidents huh. Well you do seem unable to admit error so no surprise. Also... I thought you apparently weren't a progressive on that Bernie train? Has the comrade won you over at last? Or did BLM put you on your knees or something? Are you going to tell me of the evil of the white male next? Please, if you have had a progressive awakening then I really want to hear about it.
  5. Right... It seems that NK goes from threat to no threat as it suits you. That is called being dishonest. Also... have you not argued for America's efforts in the middle east or am I confusing you with Rahl? America is showing strength and it doesn't cost anywhere near what their efforts over the years have (plus it has yet to cause any loss of life), nothing new for America to flex a little. You're running with it as if he said it when you have no evidence, and no him having said stupid stupid stuff before is worth nothing. Remind me of your thoughts on all those wild attacks on Clinton or whoever that cites them as paedophiles and the rest? I assume you think they're wrong yes? If so... then why are you going down to that level exactly? If Trump was as bad as you make out then you'd be treating him like you have Kim in this thread, as in "don't call him names or piss him off as bad things will happen". I get you guys hate Trump and all but lifting up the likes of Kim as being respectable is laughable, almost as much as the uplifting of Bush and company. Also the "class and dignity" stuff has and always will be a joke. Jefferson the rapist, Kennedy who indulged in prostitutes, Clinton with the obvious, Bush making Trump look like Shakespeare, Reagan often making threats/jokes/insults that make Trump look tame, to name just a few. In fact... you don't seem to realise that Trump more than previous presidents seems to be like a... manifestation of what people think Americans are like. Braggarts, AMERICA!, and someone who you just have to love in their otherworldly ridiculousness. Trump is a perfect representation of America they'd tell you... unless the progressive disease is in their brain and they believe that there is some America out there that is this great progressive beast (lol).
  6. He responded to North Korea like how they like to talk to people, oh dear, standing up to people who threaten destruction is suddenly bad. Ah yes, one of the many hearsays that can be printed as the press likes. Any actual evidence? No. My brother's roommate's cousin heard Trump say he looked at how much stronger in that capacity America is then everyone else and he uttered "Lets be 10 times stronger for no reason". Also are you, someone who is daily in his attacks and insults on Trump... saying we need to respect a leader like Kim and not hurt his liddle feelings? If you believed the nonsense you just spoke you wouldn't constantly do these silly Trump attacks you do. Those fanatics wishing the world would hurry up and end for them to go to heaven are sane are they. Right. As everybody knows Trump doesn't at the very least believe any of that fundy nonsense those guys do. That fact alone puts him down as more sane than those guys as the end of the world is of no benefit to him. As for your talk of "even Republicans hate him", so what? They've been saying their guff since he first announced to zero effect.
  7. The normalisation that you guys are doing is simply absurd. Suddenly Bush, Pence, and others are all dandy fellows who are alright. Nah. War criminals and fundy fools. Pence may be polite, he may be calm, but he actually believes his christian fundamentalism nonsense and considering how easy it'd be for him to get support for it makes him far more dangerous than Trump could be. Likely believes a nuclear war would be great as it'd mean rapture and all that, quite a number of the most loony (note, all generally quite polite old men) Republicans believe in that garbage. Trump says mean words. What can you nail down that he believes that is mad exactly? THE WALL!? A perfectly sound policy that has seen results in Hungary, Israel, and other places. Tax cuts? A standard republican policy. His heel persona? He lives the gimmick and it works great, people love heels like that.
  8. Not an argument. A petty attack is not a refutation. It depends on the two involved. The more advanced age combined with likely higher wealth/status can certainly give the woman more confidence to be more powerful in the relationship, but at the same time the male matters greatly. Does he sit back and try to reel in the maximum amount of wealth for himself from his older partner, or does he actually commit and try to take charge.
  9. Shifty indeed has made an error in saying such things. His talk implies "MILFs" are emotionally needy as if they are special in that regard. They aren't. Outside the small exceptions (#NotAll. Also not talking about Lesbians as they don't actually exist outside some rare cases) women are emotionally needy and need a strong man.
  10. Would you prefer someone who speaks niceties while stabbing you in the back? Look at Pence for example. Actually a pretty polite guy and I'm sure if you had a talk with him he'd come off pretty good. He is also a Christian Ayatollah who'd want to bring about some theocratic state. For most people if they know it or not, they're better served with a "rude" man like Trump than a "polite" one like Pence.
  11. I said I wouldn't be surprised if Trump did have a higher IQ so you're wide off the mark. It doesn't mean much however.
  12. Wouldn't surprise me. IQ tests are not so straight forward as many believe. Being "too smart" can make you get a lower IQ score for example.
  13. I see no children involved in that case, if even true because as far as I see she just took a photo with a black man... and? Anyway as said, that guy seems to not be such a person anyway. If the man is involved and good it doesn't matter what colour he is. Simple as that. Are black males on average absolutely horrible, sure, the numbers don't lie. That doesn't mean they're all terrible. Who deemed that so? There was the religious idiots of the past. There was those who wanted to have some social order as the better men getting all the ladies would have caused severe social problems as the lesser men would revolt... however... what does that matter at this point? Even with those restrictions you all know it was just a ruse to fool all of you. Do you think the rich and powerful haven't enjoyed several women, or men in the cases of rich and powerful women? Of course, they may not marry them but they're enjoying it all the same. Why bother continue to delude ourselves? People are wired differently, they can not simply change on such matters that easily. You don't just become gay. You don't just become someone who wants more than one person in their life. Those who want to be puritans will continue to do so and the rest of us will continue to be different. As for child raising... are you seriously saying another parent is a bad thing? That a woman/man can't raise a child that is not their own? You'll find a lot of that happens already. Divorces happen because people settle for what they can first get, they don't put the cards on the table to reveal what will make them happy. If a woman is a sexual creature who wants to be ravished and her man is some puritan than yeah, she will cheat on him, they will get divorced. Likewise if he is a sexual creature and she is frigid then guess what happens then. Of course it doesn't have to be those extremes. He could want new things and she doesn't, something as seemingly small as that can do it. There are as they say a lot of fish in the sea, but most are going to make you vomit them back out... so to speak.
  14. Do you think I am against "family values"? Having a nice healthy family is great and what should certainly be done. I just differ from guys like you because I feel men should be able to have more than one wife and for those women out there who want it they can have more than one husband too. Nah mate. "Tainted" when referring to a white woman having been with a black man always comes down to being a racial matter. Why should a man not plunder booty? You think divorce rates would go down if everyman was locked into whichever woman he screwed first? Of course not, they'd go up if anything. A man should plough those fields until he finds the woman that fits him best. We all have our own tastes but generally that is a woman who is a woman (as in not a raving Feminist type) who respects his manliness. Trust me, I'm no feminist. The things I've said on here and especially on discord makes all the Nazis look like choirboys compared to me to the Feminists. I'm no mind reader but come on now mate, when a guy like you talks on such things it is all quite obvious. Who even cares anyway? I'm against all the importing of people and multiculturalism too and as you know I'm all in on "exotic" women. Being against those things doesn't mean you have to become some dickless puritan. Also I have briefly searched this thing. I can't see any certainties on this actually being the case. Saw some stuff about him being a refugee or something when from what I can see he is a very anti-SJW/Conservative type and not a refugee (I'm going to assume that all sorts of misinformation has been spread). For black males in America that tends to come with being sensible and good men. So white woman with a black man == instant whore huh? Well aren't you a strong one. Any evidence of this "thotness" you got? Bloody hell. White guys getting all scared of black guys, absolutely hilarious. Man up guys. As we are told by those who hate us, the white male rules the world, we are the kings of the jungle, we are supreme, we are the best, and all fall at our feet. If a black man gets with a white woman the divorce rate on that is 200% more likely to break up (usually soon after), while in the opposite of white male and black female it is 50% less likely to break up. Seriously, and this goes out to all these Alt-Right/Nazi types out there. Drop this cuckoldry and actually take advantage of being white for once. A good woman who respects you is worth it whatever "breed" she may be. Now you might say "but what about white genocide?" and to that I say... you guys aren't exactly well known for the children you have are you? Loads of you guys go completely childless but hey, you spent that wasted life fighting against white genocide. Fools.
  15. No, that is not the real issue. People can be with who they like and they are not tainted for doing so, nor are they "spoiled brats" either. I responded to guys who believe very racist things on the matter, think of chastising them first before you think of doing so to me. On the right you got guys saying that white women who go with non-white men are whores. On the left you got guys saying that white men who go with non-white women are white supremacists. They're both idiots, losers. A man, especially a man at the top of the foodchain like a white man will and should dick whoever they feel like. As nature intended you get woman, take her/them back to cave, and you have sex. As caveman as that is, it is actually very forward thinking as it does not discriminate. Nothing "degenerate" about it, in fact it is the Puritan guff people have had going on for so long that is completely unnatural and harmful. Nothing wrong with just having fun and not everybody you have sex with is worth having romance with. Ideas like that is one of the reasons divorce rates are so high these days.