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  1. Wasn't aware you got kicked for that, didn't request it (I don't think I ever requested someone's removal from alliance or position, except maybe Gandalf I think?). But yeah, any time I had a concern or wanted to talk something out with Rozalia - he definitely ranks as one of the easiest folks to discuss things with as long as you don't "REEEEEEE" onto him.
  2. I legit enjoyed working with @Rozalia. No BS from him.
  3. Wait, who said TGH was reaching out to IQ?
  4. I like how a couple of you folks are talking about "trust" and "you attract them with honey", yet you're completely forgetting that some of those IQ alliances betrayed the trust they developed with previous allies to begin with.
  5. Is TUE/OWR/Polaris/Cerberus in IQ? I must've missed that.
  6. You have to post more political extremist memes, then wait till someone is triggered from it.
  7. Or perhaps we're hitting alliances that sit behind the treaty web and only exist as a name when it comes to it. Trust me, the city count had nothing to do with this decision. Sidenote: The one time I considered you folks as IQ, I was immediately corrected~
  8. There's a difference between wishing physical harm and verbal abuse. Sure, both are bad, but neither have a leg up on the other either too. In this situation, one admitted to their mistake, while the other is clearly owning up to it and encouraging it. Feel free to take from that what you will.
  9. I don't know, you tell me. You know the context to it.
  10. Not trying to be arrogant when I say this, but I know I'm right in my assessment. Activity is the foundation to any alliance's efficiency. If IQ was 75% active (and were properly taught how to use their MAPs), they'd absolutely destroy any opposition with their numbers. This has been shown time and time again. However, IQ has some weird strats and builds going on. Nuke project becomes mandatory real soon in a BK members growth for example, which just promotes laziness and fosters a lack of awareness to wars/MAP usage. There's literally no reason for KT to be doing as well as they are. They were hit by 2/3 alliances that have a much stronger tiering cohesion than them.
  11. I almost want to jump on IQ's side and assist them with organization just to show you the extent of their ridiculous potential. While they are lackluster at the moment, let's just remember who's sitting there doing nothing.
  12. You mean like how Arkiri literally admitted his wrong doing towards the beginning of this thread? Correct me if I'm wrong, but that is self-reflection, right? Sure, people can go back and read. There's a over-the-top use of cuck which is annoyingly tiresome, and the edited out racist term, to sum it up. I do find it strange on the plural terminology, however.
  13. So you think my reaction to the situation once it happened was fake, Smith? Remind me, weren't you participating in it?
  14. I'm not going to get into too in-depth here, but I'm not following you on this. You're assuming it is indicative of larger issues, and immediately condemning a person based on that assumption. You could be right, or you could be wrong. It could be a slip up, or it could be some actual hatred. For all intents and purposes, I haven't seen anything else based on him that leads me too think there are larger issues, and given how toxic the internet is generally - it's easy to get those "shock" terms stuck in your head. In fact, I know he's a young high schooler looking to do better from what I've seen. As long as a person learns from their mistakes, I'm cool with them. Now for those that decide to remain pissy - well, you do you, but from personal experience - you won't be helping the situation any better.