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  1. Just pay him in-game, I'm sure he'd make one for you - for a fee...
  2. It is hard to keep up with alliance leavers/ghosters, isn't it? Seems like a more common thing nowadays.
  3. I can be a prettty petty Hippo.
  4. What can I say, Mensa left this game in hopes of hosting the great testing between these two fine individuals.
  5. I'm curious, what string TKR poster am I considered now?
  6. You guys need to stop talking shit to my new TKR comrades. I told them all to militarize. Come at me bro.
  7. This is terrible. How have you guys not been wiped out within that year yet several other smallalliances die out all the time?
  8. M

    Why does the post karma bother you? It doesn't do or mean anything overall.
  9. I better be a Platinum Plus member. The Plus being that I can still be nuked by a Fraggle.
  10. It won't go far. As I said, send representatives to speak on behalf of the alliance they're in. People who are not familiar with the grudges, trolling, etc. Too many of you "leaders" are either too prideful or too stupid. Or both.
  11. That's a very interesting perspective if you came to the conclusion that OO was the center of activity after Partisan stepped down from tS Affairs. Like, literally, just that one person made that difference. >collect every leader in a chat and talk it out Coming from hades this is actually amusing. I get the message, and it's not a terrible idea, but I'll give it 5 mins before insults and trolling starts to happen in that chat. Again, and again, and again. If you want that to work, perhaps you shouldn't send the leaders but representatives instead.
  12. Ok Roq, who was the "definitive leader" of the sphere?
  13. You're just now getting that vibe?
  14. You're seriously talking out of your ass there. Especially in reference to Syndicate. >Syndicate wasn't a key alliance after Partisan stepped downn Either you're kissing Partisan's ass or you really don't know them, or their contributions to the sphere >many of Mensa is still around We started with nearly 80. There's like 15 of us still around, maybe less by now.
  15. I can tell you right now that previous Mensa leaders (including myself) have no plans to get back into this politically. We've won. Now the rest of you nerds get to deal with Roq's pity party of IQ's 'woe is me' stories. Unless you're kosmo, then you're still stuck thinking that Mensa is doing bad stuff.