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  1. I actually had to take the time to look this up. That's how bad of a project that is.
  2. Ok, now run the numbers on Naval attacks (3 of them, considering it's 12 MAP for a Nuke) and Air attacks. Nuke does front loaded damage on a single city. 3 separate successful Naval/Air attacks spreads it across 3 cities. Use the same Infra (2000) in your analysis. ---- EDIT: While maintaining a military is a running costs (So is having 100+ nukes stashed up), there's other benefits to it as well. Minor though (Such as looting, blockading, etc). I think last we checked, if you have over 1700 Infra - that's when Nukes start becoming efficient, any less than that and they're useless. Conventional strikes doesn't suffer as much in comparison. Obviously the more Infra someone has, the more cost effective a Nuke becomes. Thinking about it though, anybody have the Average Infra per City with the Top 15 Alliances?
  3. That still exists?
  4. That was a interesting log between you and Fraggle, James. The one in SGM Discord channel. Very enlightening if certain statements are true.
  5. Feel free to show the numbers backing that up, kosmo.
  6. You can declare on a nation with a score between 6,983.70 - 16,295.30. You must defend from nations with a score between 5,320.91 - 12,415.47. Who are you going to protect with a score range of that, Apeman? You're worse than some of the bigger whales in the game with that inflated score. When was the last time you even got in conflict? So yes, pound that chest and continue to throw your useless protections around. ---------- But back on topic, like our Ape's protections - Nukes are not scary. Never have been. The majority of time you can do more financial damage with Air and Naval than a Nuke. Only time a Nuke pulls through is if you manage to destroy a PP.
  7. They never been scary.
  8. I was going to suggest trying to make Monster Island happen. I'd also throw my support behind Shifty because he does some good ad work if you need him too. He may have differing views, but he'll help out.
  9. Or HoI4.
  10. I see you're already campaigning hard for next year.
  11. I mean, it makes sense why it's not listed if you think about it.
  12. I'm revoking my vote for TheNG now.
  13. Who the hell does that? Even the most militant minded people in this game don't "declare war" and "sit for turns". They either do it right before a turn change, or wait till a more opportune time is available. Declaring then sitting, and getting your rear kicked for it after doing absolutely nothing, is highly suspicious of slot filling. That's just dumb. Cocania doesn't even have nukes to justify waiting either. Looking further into this, this is blatant slot filling. This made me laugh. Ripper, just stop man. The guy got caught. As someone pointed out above, your member had plenty of time to act. It's a slot fill. Short of nuking someone, it's very hard to justify "declaring then saving MAPs" when you have plenty of MAPs to start off with to establish some kind of control - whether it's naval, air, or ground. There was no action taken.
  14. Did you get their numbers?
  15. rofl, this sounds so fake.