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  1. it's when IC comes out of vacation mode
  2. Lordship is no longer King of the Heralds. That's good! Now it's TCL. That's bad...
  3. Because sometimes excessive, random humor isn't to everyone's liking.
  4. wtf i love sketchy now
  5. ok cool who are you?
  6. Lordship literally told us to stop shitposting a week or two ago so it's not like this was a "time", it's always been that way.
  7. so you agree that this isn't a clinton thing, cool thanks
  8. turns out conservatives were the ones who actually started the whole thing, and the dnc only picked it up after but that doesn't fit with your narrative
  9. this looks like it will suck
  10. honestly the entire rant was just an excuse to shit on milton
  11. That was literally my original point. I'm glad you agree. honestly I !@#$ing hate this dumb game and most of the people who play it. I have no qualms with CS, I was simply pointing out that a religious-themed alliance never got rolled in spite of protestations to the contrary.
  12. hint: reichswehr and iron guard got hit because people wanted to hit them and used their themes as an excuse. nobody actually gave a shit. ibrahim was tolerated for a long, long time until eventually he annoyed people and even then he had a lot of defenders. if "anything right-wing themed gets rolled" how are KT, CKD, TO, and CS all in the top 20? much of TKR's gov including our dear leader are trump-supporting nutjobs. the only "leftist" that has or had a prominent role in discussion was comrade milton who is a raging frat-obsessed weirdo who managed to be too stupid even for NPO, and that alliance is filled from top to bottom with some very low energy thinkers. we have thread after thread on this forum involving nerve gassing ghettos (nice dog whistle), anti-semitic headlines, anti-feminist rants, how political correctness sucks, protecting hate speech, keeping up confederate monuments, saying "antifa" is a recruiting tool for nazis, and even in this thread we've got juvenile shit like "gay" being thrown around as if it's 2004 and /b/ is cool again. the only thing approaching leftism on this forum is dumb trolls going "lol religion is bad". this place is a garbage bin filled with the scum of political beliefs, and your persecution complex makes you think you're a minority here.