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  1. this is a bad post
  2. the amount of butthurt from people upset that they can't have 100% perfect nations all the time is astounding. wow, you actually have to THINK to play the game now! make decisions on resources vs money vs military! no wonder you're all upset, you can't just follow the exact same guide every alliance has for identical cookie cutter nations and jerk off about it
  3. I don't like it but I understand. I do like how cities can't be perfect anymore, even if it is upsetting. I'm sure people will find more optimal paths but making it so everyone isn't always 115% commerce, 0 pollution, 0 crime, 0 disease will be nice to see.
  4. Hey Alex, With the new update there is no efficient way to get a flat 115% commerce rate. You can either underbuy to 114% with 3 supermarkets or you overbuy to 117% (a waste of 2% econ) with 4 supermarkets. Now you have to do 4 banks and 5 supermarkets to get to 115% rather than 5 banks and 3 supermarkets, wasting a slot. I understand this was meant to slightly nerf economic nations but is there any way we can find a 1% boost somewhere to even it out, maybe attached to the World Trade Center wonder so that people who invest in the project don't get slightly screwed by the increased slot requirement?
  5. I have a sudden urge to check if anyone's been nuked recently
  6. >let's get people out of their echo chamber >lists all the mainstream, default echo chamber opinions about every alliance Whoever you are, you suck and you should feel ashamed that you had to anonymize this. edit: the only person in Orbis who calls IC "Dalinar" is Buorhann so it's Buorhann unless proven otherwise. shame on you, you dirty hippo
  7. lmao this is sad
  8. h-hey !@#$ you, buddy he stepped aside to go to law school, p sure he was very visible when he was in charge and leading you !@#$in pleb
  9. Where the !@#$ is Roq Bottom?
  10. "you guys just let us play the way we want!" "okay, so will you guys let us play the way we want?" "yes" "okay the way we want to play is to attack you for being neo-nazis and doxxing people" "wait no"
  11. "Our alliance may have been outed as a bunch of racist right-wing nutjobs, but this new guy who is named after the collaborationist Vichy France regime and its leader self-describing himself as fascist has NOTHING to do with how awful we are!"
  12. can't have your cake and eat it too, bud
  13. Thanks, I hit him. edit: for the record I didn't inform my gov about this so don't be mean to hogwarts thanks
  14. The guy above you literally has an openly racist username. Forgive me if I don't think it's just a joke.