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  1. March 11th The Calondian Air-force and Navy is currently mostly used to transport the large ground army into their conquered territory and protect them rather than sortie and commence attacks. Occasionally battleships would patrol the coast of enemy territory in earlier wars but with the Mogatopian Navy very large and powerful those were a pipe dream at the moment. Planes that leave from Tokyo carry thousands of tanks and troops to prepare for the final assault into Mogatopia. The Mogatopian Air-force has for the moment been checked by the large presence of ground AA but their Navy is still an ever present threat that last attacked the city of Naha and caused widespread damage. Also with fresh declarations of war from the small nations of Atrom and Iostroecia meant that more attacks could come at any time so the air-force needs to be quick about transporting the necessary troops. The Ground Army of Mogatopia has been in retreat since the start of the campaign and nothing shows that will change any time soon. With the fall of their capital Nassau opens the way for the final push into the heartland of Mogatopia and now the Calondian Army is solidifying their hold on Occupied Mogatopia. Two more cities have been captured and the blitzkrieg has been a tremendous success adding the regions of the Isle of Mutiny and Bay of Rum to the glorious Calondian Empire. The new war with Atrom though is concerning since the Calondian Navy and marines had conquered that region a few months back and now the province has risen up in revolt and declared an independence war on the Empire. With the Empire overextended already fighting in multiple wars this is news that the Emperor did not want to hear. At hearing this news of his subjects revolting against his rule the emperor went into a frenzy and reportedly called the Nuclear Missile operator and demanded a nuke be sent to obliterate the unruly province of Atrom. Dark times are ahead for the glorious empire but as always the eternal empire will persevere and in the end snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.
  2. Tokyo, March 5th, Nuclear Missile Silo "...and we need that missile to go towards that damn fleet! Shoot it into the ocean if you have to I don't care! If I have to spend one more day without my caviar I am going to die! This is a priority! And an order, so do it!" "Yes my liege, I will do as you command." says the nuclear missile operator. The operator thought to ask his superior on what the Emperor had commanded him to do. However he was attending the emperors gala and was not to be disturbed. The operator has to complete this task on his own. "Well I guess I could just see what I can do on the computer. ." the operator checks on the nuclear launch control system and changes the direction from Mogatopia to the ocean where Mogars fleet was stationed. "That should just about do it." he presses the giant red launch button and then logs out of the system. "Well nothing left to do today. . or months and months waiting for the next nuke to be built. . so I might as well relax and watch some TV." *THE IS CALONDIAN STATE TELEVISION, TELLING YOU THE TRUTH, ALWAYS* "This just in, the mysterious Mermaid Refuge in Mogatopia, has been liberated by Calondian forces. The mermaids cheer for the Calondian forces as they liberate the countryside. Since the area is under military lock-down we cannot show the footage so you will just have to take our word for it. This is another step in the inevitable victory for our great military and..." Some other individual enters the screen and whispers something into the ear of the news reporter before rushing off again. "I have just received a report that a nuclear missile launched from Tokyo has destroyed the area around Mirror City and devastated the city itself. We don't know why this missile was launched but we are at war with the nation of Bonnaroo and.." The operators eyes widen, "Damn it! Damn those stupid missiles! They can't even build a nuclear missile right, wait no. . those were the Calondian Space Agency rockets with a nuclear payload. . why are we even using those?! They failed every test we made with them!" the operator rests his head back and rubs his eyes. He knows the emperor will call to complain. He knows those calls can last hours. . "I'll quit. This is it. I'll quit. I have had enough. There is only so much one person can take!" He thinks to himself some more, "But where? Work where? Everywhere in this country is a deathtrap! Navy ships blowing up left and right, cities being bombed every day. . where else-" But at that moment the phone starts to ring and the operator starts to feel sick. He slowly reaches for the phone, regretting what he is doing, he knows it is the emperor calling but what can he do? "Hello.. this is the nuclear operator.." he says meekly. All he hears is breathing on the other end, heavy breathing, but no words.
  3. Meanwhile in the nation of Mogatopia... The Calondian army is finishing the conquest of Squid Island, setting up a temporary military base there, so they can support their outpost in the Bay of Gunpowder. The military has set up AA and coastal defenses to thwart any attacks by the still powerful Mogatopian Navy and Air-force. The Mogatopian Army has been routed and is retreating to their rear lines. "General, Sir! We have an incoming report from the Imperial Capital in Tokyo. It is an urgent message." says one of the soldiers in the base. "Thank you Recruit, you may leave." says the Captain as he grabs the radio and hands the phone to the general. "This is General Tojo of the Imperial Vanguard." "This is Emperor Mayor. . I just woke up from my nap. Have we won yet?" "No sire, but we have conquered three cities so far. The rest should fall easily since their army is retreating. Word has just been received also that the enemy city of Nassau has fallen to our forces. Victory is in our grasp." "Excellent, excellent. . because their navy has been causing a problem back home. Entire blocks destroyed in an instant, I mean, they are cheap to rebuild because we are not building a Utopian paradise but. . the people killed can't be cheaply rebuilt! It takes years for more soldiers and civilians to grow up and become useful! I need this war won soon! If the blockade continues I won't be able to get any more of that White Pearl Albino Caviar that I like, and it is necessary!" "I know Sire, with the conquest of Nassau, we are one step closer. With victory at hand we will soon be able to get your.. caviar." The Emperor hangs up on the general without a further word. General Tojo then looks towards the captain. "What is this I hear about an attack on the homeland?" "Yes general, the Mogatopian Navy has launched massive raids on Hong Kong and Tokyo. It appears their air-force is just defending their armada." "Thank you Captain." The general then thinks to himself, the country has been at continuous war for decades. This captain will probably die in the next assault however the general himself has lived for so long. "I wonder if the men despise me for surviving. ." he says quietly. Enemy gunfire could be heard in the distance and the general knew he had to get back to work.
  4. The Calondian government commends the Umbrella Corporations amazing achievement. Our nation and UC have been allies for years and we regret the sorry state of the Calondian Space Agency or we would offer any help if you needed any. Our rocket ships were converted to nuclear missiles for the eternal war with Orbis. We remember that last viral crisis and remember that the UC handled the situation with care and we expect nothing less from yourselves in the future. UC facilities are always welcome in our great nation and we are very proud of our relaxed regulations to ensure privacy of our corporate investors. We hope both Calondia and the Umbrella Corporation can be prosperous. -Emperor Mayor from a underground bunker.
  5. Our magnificent nation is opening military recruitment today! Be apart of the invincible armed forces of Calondia, never truly defeated, always glorious. Openings are available for: Army, Navy, Air-force, Intelligence, and Support Staff Get ready for a long lived life of adventure, raiding, and unimaginable riches! Be the heroic soldiers who drive the final stake through the heart of Mogar!
  6. The Great Raiding Chapter One Emperor Mayor was sitting at his desk in a ruined castle, everything was ruined, the wall had a giant hole, the roof collapsed. . This was the great, eternal Imperial palace. The place had seen better days. With most of Calondia occupied by fascist imperial powers the territory still ruled by the Emperor was small indeed. "What a disgrace. . The great eternal nation of Calondia, reduced to rubble." The Emperor had heard of a prosperous nation called Mogatopia, a superpower with immense funds and prestige. He wanted that prestige for himself. "What a disgrace! A small upstart of such weak caliber is the superpower of this age?! These people don't know Calondia! They don't know true glory! I will show them!" The emperors aide was standing by, "Of course you will sire, you will conquer the known world. No one or country is outside your grasp. Your influence is infinite." Emperor Mayor: "Thank you my friend, I needed that. Sometimes I let Calondian glory take hold of me and I cannot let go. We are just so, so great." With that in his mind the emperor decided, "And we will be great again! Glory to Calondia!" Aide: "I am the only one in the room sire." Emperor Mayor: "Of course, Of course. . Get the General on the phone!" Aide: "At once sire." A few moments later. . Emperor Mayor: "And we will be great again! Count on it!" General: "Of course we will, sire, of course we will." Emperor Mayor: "Invade Mogatopia! No one insults our greatness! Send in our armed forces, arm the nukes, destroy them!" The Emperor slams down the phone with a fury and smashes the receiver. Aide: "Well done sire, excellent decision. Might I ask that we depart to the underground bunker at earliest convenience, since our air-force and navy are. . not in the area. .?" Emperor Mayor: "Yes, Yes. . good idea, I think I need some rest also. I am a bit overwhelmed. Please tell the general that I expect total victory when I wake up from my nap." Aide: "Of course sire." OOC: I declared war on Mogar in-game.
  7. You entirely missed my point as well. I am not on the map because I want to RP Japan but cannot. So I offered ideas to maybe help the RP map to accept more players. You don't want to allow me to vote because I am not on the map. Kind of dumb if you ask me. How many other players wanted to RP their China nation or Greece only to see that it has already been claimed by a 150 province super-nation. And you mention in your post you clearly don't wasn't to change anything about that. You say you want to allow the big nations to stay and new nations to be able to claim up to 75 provinces. So from what I can see you don't even really want the map changed either. Edit: I am also going to point out that nearly 75% of my account posts have been on National Affairs, so yes I do post here, I just stopped posting recently because I was not able to claim Japan fast enough after Eva told me it was available. I made a big post about where I claimed half of Japan, I made a deal with HBE for Tokyo, but the others decided they wanted all of Japan instead so I was warned for breaking consent and my RP thread locked. Since then I have not really posted since I just don't see the point of using the map if I can't be Japan. I just ignore the map and pretend the other nations claiming it don't exist. I think I am perfectly able to vote in this poll and give my ideas because I have even more posts in NatRP than you do, I have been in moderation circles to discuss NatRP many times with Four and others like Lelouch, and I think vote restricting is bad in general anyways. I just came here to post my idea because it seems others are dissatisfied with the map as well. Edit2: The map is missing that I made but it shows Japan split into 2 pieces, the ultimatum was declined. Also all my topics I have created are in NatRP, a lot of them were made when Calondia was on the map also.
  8. Basically what I get from this is you just want to reset the map and change nothing? If that would be the case I would just ignore the map entirely as I have done so far. Under the current rules I really don't even see the point of the RP map other than to look pretty.
  9. @Bavaria You are talking more about RP where I was talking about mechanics. You could easily do everything you want with colonies with my stated plan. Tributaries is just a name I came up with, you could call them colonies or whatever you wanted, the only thing that matters is that they can be invaded by other players. Thanks for the answer though!
  10. Thanks Erin, I can reply now! I had some suggestions for NatRP, in my personal opinion, the NatRP has way to many rules and threads and bleh! Some of my complaints are massive countries and colonization (I dont play NatRP cause I want Japan not some other place); people being cry babies about "consent" about war and having "consent sign up" double bleh! and the billion rules and how it is all presented is very confusing! I have some suggestions to change these. 1) Ban colonizing more territory on map. Massive nations like HBE I think stop others from wanting to play on map, and this other nation Armenia? is taking up a ton of space in Asia and is ridiculous. I know nations want to RP as a superpower and I have a suggestion for that, but the current set up where there are these big nations and not even on the consent sign up page is asinine. In order to fix this I think we could set up a new system. a) Nations upon signing up for the NatRP map choose 6-10 contiguous core territory. These territories CANNOT be declared war on or RP by anyone else other than the owner unless they agree in PMs. This way we can remove the consent sign up system which I think is a failure. So if a nation wants to RP in peace mode they can do so with no worries. If someone breaks the rules we can forward to moderator. However how will big nations exist if they can only have 6-10? core territory max (and you cannot have any more ever) b )tributaries, these are territories that exist outside your core nation and can be declared war on by anyone else in the RP. So if Britannia claims all of USA as a tributary and his core territory is Texas, then I can claim his non-core tributary territory for my own (6-10 like everyone else) if I dont already have a nation on map. A rule would be if I steal someone elses tributaries then I have to RP it some way. Does not need to be war, it can be diplomatic or purchased or whatever but there needs to be an RP post for the claim to be accepted. I think this way will scrap some of the rules and consent and encourage smaller nations, bigger nations will have to RP to defend their territory. So say Britannia (sorry Lelouch :P) has all of USA and I claim Washington, I can only claim 6-10 core territory, Britannia cannot get these back, however I can also RP to steal HBEs tributaries and make them my own tributaries. The only way to do this is through war or diplomacy through RP with both sides. So no massive revolution where Lelouch loses everything, it will have to be a legit war or something. If HBE claims these in the first place he is giving his consent for war. I think this way more people can join on the map and play the countries they want and people can war or be peaceful. c) Vassals, since you can only have a max of 6-10? core territory if I and Lelouch agree to RP to conquer his core territory of Texas I cannot annex him but he becomes a vassal. This way people can RP to be conquered if they want. If he becomes a vassal obviously I have given my consent for him to war against me in the future. this prevent people from acquiring too much core territory and effectively being invincible if they are not on consent sign up. These are just my ideas I wanted to ask you guys. I am very interested in playing NatRP again however I am not interested in consent sign up or playing as a non-Japan nation. I am aware Japan is more than 10 territory but I can live with it. I will claim the rest as tributaries if I can and you are welcome to try and take it form me! What do you guys think? On the map maybe we can have it so a deep color is core and a lighter is tributary? I voted for UN special powers but I honestly dont even know what the UN is in NatRP but the idea sounds cool. Edit: We could also have a max for tributaries that can be claimed in a day or something but that can be determined for what is best for NatRP and to prevent trolls. Since the claims have to be on map thread I dont think this will be an issue.
  11. Yeah Rose!! o/ Awesome Red Army, those Rose treaties were building up so I am glad a few of them were trimmed.
  12. You . . You! You heretic!! Run back to your arrogant Pope!
  13. close, but no cigar
  14. Everybody knows you were pointing out Buorhanns timing, you have made it abundantly clear you disagree with him and think he is biased.
  15. Thanks Lelouch, but it brings up a good point. It is kind of hard to know what the rules really are when there are three separate threads for them. One for National Affairs, one for NatRP and another one for the map it seems. I can see how it may be a bit confusing.