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  1. Congrats guys!
  2. QFT. Yeah I have no idea what you are talking about, I have adblocker, and all I see are player ads; I have never seen a business ad; I never even knew they existed since adblocker has been working so perfectly...
  3. I'll bet 10m on McGregor
  4. Pantheon will join Arrgh.
  5. This is just another secret plot of the hegemoney. .
  6. Kastor! Nooooooooooooooooo! Why??
  7. Arrgh side: keep raiding and looting peoples money. . . and drink more rum
  8. One of the only alliances that attacked me every time I raided them.. Mensa was good to their allies and members no doubt!
  9. See. . Rogues are people too. . .
  10. Arrrrrrrrrgh!
  11. That should be your first question you ask yourself though when making game changes. Even though you may not love Arrgh near enough, I personally, like this change. I hated how people would always fortify to stop beige.
  12. Although there is an argument to be made about cheaper infra negating Alex' resource update; the people who want compensation for their "hard earned" infra are just whiners and Arrgh should pay them a nice visit. I think cheaper infra would encourage more raids and wars; and that I always support even if my own infra is worth less.
  13. Whens the next comic coming ALREADY!?
  14. I'm just here for the magic.