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  1. Man I wish people just allowed me to beige them and didn't fortify while I was Arrgh raiding, that shortens the war time considerably!
  2. The nukes eaten stat is by far the greatest achievement, so don't you pass me!!
  3. Nooooo Hope.. buddy.. D: Though I understand 100% I am still sad!
  4. Don't you guys be mean to Who Me; this champion of all that is good has gotten me out of bill-lock in Arrgh through baseball many times. All he cares about is baseball and that is good enough for me. Through him I have been able to buy nukes, soldiers, tanks, spies etc so I can raid IQ nations. He has done his part for the war effort. Please continue your under-appreciated work Who Me.
  5. This is probably the saddest thing I have ever read in my life. Poor poor Pablo and Taco, poor poor little babies see no avenue of victory. I weep for you.
  6. Some alliances need to be patched
  7. Sorry to see you go Doc but best of luck irl
  8. Sorry to see you go Vas, though I disagree with you about the game and spending money, like Alkaline I have donated because I want to help fund a game that I put a lot of time into and enjoy apparently quite a bit, however it is always sad to see a Roz Wei member leave the game. So take care irl!
  9. Don't worry, I reported him. We can't have that kind of attitude in this thread Partisan. This is a safe space.
  10. Alex, Dragon K, Ockey5, DtCjustice. . how large can this vote even be? lets nominate everyone in the game
  11. Hmmmm. . I feel like I read this exact thread a week ago. . but how is such a thing possible. .
  12. Arrgh!!
  13. I didn't realize the Templar Order corruption was so widespread. Friends I thought I knew. . Templars. . Please save my nation Kastor! Oh. . and I can't donate. . please save my nation for free!
  14. 1) HBE, because it would be hilarious and no longer seeing hades in government is definitely a bonus. Honorable mention: Acadia, and then I wouldn't need to see George Clooney of NAC ever again, also since it was a merge into Acadia, good riddance to North American Confederacy as well so this is like 2 in 1 deal. 2) NPO, because then we would have a war finally and it would be a pretty epic blitz. TKR also would be a good choice for the exact same reason. 3) Pantheon, because they just build more and more cities and don't really do anything but I would honestly be fine with GOB as well.
  15. Excellent work as usual Ripper, I loved it!