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  1. You know, he who fights monsters...
  2. If we got everyone to sign ODOAPs with each others then Orbis would be saved.
  3. Speaking of which, I do like the smell of burnt whale infra in the morning.
  4. At least we have some entertainment now right after half of P&W got blueballed by a war that didn't happen. I wish both the best of luck in their splendid little war.
  5. If I asked a lot of "what if" questions, does that make me funny or am I just gay? Asking for a friend. 

    1. Rimski


      Well you arent funny nor gay. It would be an insult to anything funny and gay if you were one of them

  6. There's only one thing that can keep me playing and it's baseball.
  7. And I'm here just cracking open a cold one with their boys. Happy Anniversary TCW.
  8. That's a quote from Patrick Bateman in American Psycho, and he says that near the end of the movie. It's sort of a cult black comedy film and a few of Bateman's scenes have reached meme status (namely the one where he offs someone with an axe).
  9. Ask Typhon to do it.
  10. Player retention is a general term for how likely a new player will stay and continue playing P&W after a certain amount of time, and for some free-to-play game developers what really matters is "first day player retention", or how many players are willing to continue playing after their first daily session. While it's harder to measure player retention accurately, activity is strongly related to player retention. Now if you look at P&W, a little more than 45% have been inactive for more than a week on average, while less than a third of players are committed enough to log on daily. And Sketchy's stats show that a majority of nations aren't even in alliances. This doesn't speak well of P&W's activity, and its player retention is likely below average (search up recently created nations just one week from now and tally up how much are in blue/green/yellow compared to orange/red/purple) as far as F2P games go.
  11. Haha, good one Thalmor. He gets a slight bit of redemption for naming his cities off of books from the Old Testament though so good for him.
  12. Get math'd gurl. You need at least 23 cities to be the top 1%. However, according to the Home page, 3812 nations out of 7180 have been active since last week and 1258 have been active today (some of which are low tier newbies and are probably not an accurate representation of P&W's actual community), so P&W's actual top 1% has more cities than what is statically shown. Again, this game's player retention is god awful.
  13. Where did the little girl go after the bomb exploded? Everywhere.

  14. Well I don't, keep raiding your small fry.
  15. They do put the "web" in treaty web.