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  1. I am having fun too.
  2. also, loose is spelled wrong. And no they don't, watch the movie bub.
  3. This can't be overstated enough. There is a reason the other game had as long a period of staying power that it had. People went insane and created whole ideologies, intricate politics... RL tattoos (yes this did happen), etc... Yes, it was all entirely insane, silly, and ridiculous, but damn did it help create enough drama to fuel the game for a good 8+ years before falling ~2014 to complete stagnation.
  4. It does sound like we've got the perfect Partisan v Lordship debate for Thalmor's show tomorrow night.
  5. That's actually a good set of ideas. I'm of the opinion that vacation mode is used much more for war avoidance than actual vacations. A 7 day buffer after having declared or been declared on (2 rounds of war), plus 1 month of frozen activity would be a nice set up to put huge penalties on war avoidance, but still allow for people to use it for legitimate purposes.
  6. Suggestion: if a nation you are at war with slips into vacation mode, then all blockades/air/ground control should be lifted. After all, there is technically no one left to enforce said blockades, because the nation is frozen in time. I also foresee a potential exploit where 3 mil heavy nations declare on 1, get naval blockade/air/ground, and then immediately jump to vacation mode - shielding them from future decs and leaving them in a position of having a blockade for 5 days.
  7. If a nation you are at war with slips into vacation mode, should their blockade of you still stand? Technically, no one is left to enforce it, as the nation ceases to function during that time period.
  8. Got our first "surrender" https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=7646 This nation is in Vacation Mode for the next 167 turns. This nation cannot be attacked or traded with during that time.
  9. They're nukes, not glorified cruise missiles.
  10. Problem: cities can get nuked, however it is relatively easy to rebuild infra up to 1000, with only 2 improvements to replace. Potential solution: nukes destroy all improvements above what the remaining infra will be. This will cause nukes to be of increased importance example: my nation. City 1. City 1 has 1700 infra and 34 improvements. The nuclear simulator says that I should be left with 190 infra. Therefore, my city can now only naturally hold 3 improvements, so the nuke should destroy 31 improvements. Additionally, this gives the war system the extra oomph to be declared a natural reset tool.
  11. I just used the 5000 number as an example for how a potential system would work. Of course, 5000 steel would be a ludicrous cap for upper tier nations. Interesting comment about the markets, that would be another wrench to take into account.
  12. I would want it to be tested for at least a month on the test server to see how it functions and what behaviors it produces/ doesn't produce. It may end up being interesting, but it also could end up as boring and uneventful (no need to waste time implementing things that don't have an effect)
  13. Cannot upvote this enough. Having to manually change one city, one improvement at a time is very frustrating.