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  1. Keep peddling boi, Chaunce wants his bby home. Get ready to write your demands on water lmfao.
  2. Any BK should be happy that we have decided to take the back seat and let you fools run around recklessly unchecked. Let it be a present that competence chooses him to be a stepping board for change.
  3. He ain't listen for shit. @Kayser tryin to come out here and act like a fricking saint when all he did was give up being on top and let his membership live at the bottom. Great fricking job @Kayser! Begging like a little !@#$ to your memberships enemy is great FA amirite?
  4. IQ will always be in an awkward position because of the greatest political mind in @Roquentin being the head and idiots like @Kayser trying to keep up.
  5. Wrong. What I do hate is when @Kayser comes out of the blue and starts implementing some baby back bullshit along with his homeboi @TheCreepyLurker. @Smith can suck it too. frick you mean pretending to be JayZ? I'm Ebeezy fam. I don't need to pretend to be anybody. If you know JayZ and I act like him, well shit. Allow me to reintroduce myself lmfao.
  6. Preach brother preach! @Kayser's incompetence is advanced beyond that of modern-day BK government.
  7. All these sexy ass motherfrickers can stop posting now because we all know that the root of all evil that has been happening in Orbis has all been orchestrated by the baby back bullshit of @Kayser. He must pay for causing stress to my dear snek @Partisan, rich oil baron @Abbas Mehdi, the 1 ship 1 man army pw ball homeboi @Ripper, and whoever the frick decided to become active again to give @Kastor's dignity back. This is your answer @Queen M. @Kayser's incompetence.
  8. As far as Lordaeron FA is concerned, it is still somehow @Kayser's fault.
  9. If @Smith, @Kayser, @TheCreepyLurker wasn't out here bullshittin, we wouldn't be in this predicament rn and we would all be !@#$ slapping Zodiac and Cornerstone every 6 months.
  10. The cock of a horse can beat someone like @Kayser. May this be a testament to his time here in PW and the membership of TKR when it is time for him to be evaluated.
  11. Dancing with @Roquentin requires skill. This is why @Kayser better miss us with dat bullshit using his weak ass FA moves and shit. Motherfricker don't know how to dance.
  12. The real truth is, @Kayser just aint about dat lyfe. FA game weak af. S/o Roquentin for missin dat bullshit with Kayser. I see some of dem logs doe and it'd be a shame if TKR don't act now and lose somethin hella valuable.
  13. TKR stopped doing leg day when @Lordship left and let someone incompetent like @Kayser take his place.
  14. @Micchan could've been on dat gdoc this time around, but @Kayser be playin.
  15. @Kayser needs to stand trial for being incompetent government in a competent alliance. Someone send him to an IQ alliance where he belongs.