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  1. While I don't dispute that wishing death upon Nazis is a radical thought to a lot of people (radicalism isn't always a bad thing), I hope you don't seriously believe rey was referring to people who are erroneously referred to as Nazis as opposed to actual Nazis when he said that. If so, that's a failing of your cognitive abilities. It kind of seems like you're trying to make what he said worse by implying that he's actually talking about being okay with people that aren't really Nazis dying, which is rather slanderous. What people need to understand is that in the far-right, groupings such as neo-Nazis, Falangists, fascists and so on have a lot of overlap when it comes to what they believe in. Anyone should be able to perceive the similarities between such ideologies. Thus, Nazi merely becomes a convenient umbrella term referring to anyone that espouses reactionary views and beliefs. This is just gaslighting. You're trying to imply that because he wants Nazis dead and that because Nazis want people dead, they are just as bad, which is ridiculous. Do you really believe that the prisoners being starved, gassed and worked to death while locked up in Nazi concentration camps felt that the liberating armies of the British, Americans and Soviets were just as bad as the Nazis who put them there? If your answer is yes, you need to think long and hard about what that means. You might say that wanting Nazis dead for merely speaking their minds is over the top, but that only means you have failed to learn from history and that you don't acknowledge the monumental risks involved with allowing neo-Nazis and similar movements to spread and propagate their hatred. You are free to choose to sit idly by while the risk of a return to far-right authoritarianism increases around the Earth, but don't presume to judge those of us who feel compelled to act against these hateful people because we value the lives of human beings. If some Nazis have to die to save entire groups of people from ruthless slaughter, then that is a price anyone should be willing to pay. Besides, there's a very easy way Nazis and the like can rid themselves of any threat of violence against them; they can stop being Nazis. That's all it takes. On the other hand, the people Nazis want to exterminate, like Jews and people of color, can never stop being what they are until they die. It's beyond preposterous to equalize those who would use violence to protect human beings with those who would use violence to exterminate them. As for wanting someone to die, you do realize this is an extremely common thing among human beings? It's an observable phenomena in human society. I reckon that if we did a survey of P&W players and asked them whether or not they'd be okay with mass murderers, serial killers, rapists and pedophiles being murdered, a lot of them, if not most of them, would be perfectly okay with it. That's not to say that they'd be willing to murder these people themselves but if someone did do so, they probably wouldn't mind a whole lot. Even you are probably okay with some people being killed as long as you see them and their acts as vile enough. Maybe this doesn't fit with your imagined hippie wonderland where violence is never necessary or justified and everyone gets along perfectly all the time, but that is the real world, the real humanity and the sooner you learn that, the better.
  2. Finally, we are one and the same @Smith
  3. The Poorly Declared War. Because the war declarations are terrible and bad.
  4. Don't put this on him, the blame is on you. You shouldn't have divulged any information to begin with, no matter what your intentions were. You should have learned to keep your mouth shut. If anyone should feel bad about this, it's you. Take responsibility for it and deal with the consequences instead of trying to squirm away. Also rip opsec lol
  5. Indeed, it would seem I cannot escape my decadent state of mind.
  6. Am I the only one that thinks this looks like a dong with limbs?
  7. No problem bruh <3
  8. It is a substantial amount, I'm just saying it probably wasn't everything they had.
  9. Why bother arguing about who's done the most important things? This is Orbis, nothing is important here. It's just pure mindless nihilism!