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  1. this is brilliant!
  2. No, we left CoS when we found out Manthrax was Canadian. Can you blame us?
  3. You need to take that warchest to the gym more often
  4. Coo coo
  5. They are useful predators. They cull the herd of the weak and sick inactive.
  6. F Partisan
  7. Hmmmmmm.....sounds scripted.
  8. TKR = IQ light I thought TKR was part of IQ now?
  9. I don’t know what the problem is, but the answer is Bocephus.
  10. Fraggle, you want me to show this guy out?
  11. If you think that, it’s obvious you’ve never had a Partisan head pat. It’s totally worth it.
  12. I mean, he’s getting rolled either way. Might as well be in his grave.
  13. I think that was her way of telling Partisan to hit Rose....
  14. I owe all my nukes to Partisan’s asshattery.....
  15. ^^ 100% truth right here