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  1. Well, Nothining customer #1 has been serviced. Space Uncle was pleased with the results. Almost 3B in damages. Who will be next? Uncle only knows. Stay tuned....
  2. Here's the real relevant data: Number of Partisans in alliance: HW: 1 CoS: 0 .....something, something, addition by subtraction.....
  3. We brought him out of VM for this....
  4. *cracks knuckles*
  5. #slapsgiving its coming
  6. Is that Beavis and Butthead on guitars?
  7. So for a war to occur both sides have to agree to it? Interesting.
  8. I didn't forget....
  9. Why stop at 2?
  10. We denied his CoS application.
  11. Came for lack of kastor. Saw that there was kastor. Left disappointed.
  12. Double standards are still standards
  13. Poor show not having the imagination to name your own. Guess those creative wall-of-text days are behind you. <Cue Springsteen's Glory Days....>
  14. Sorry to see you go man. We will always have Farscape....