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  1. So much sexual tension. Jesus people, just !@#$ already. BACK TO NOT GIVING A !@#$ ABOUT THIS PLACE
  2. Hi, Eumir. I'm trying really hard to stay as far away from this awful game as I can, but someone brought this to my attention. Not really sure what you're referencing to "obeying orders", which I assume was under Syndisphere. As far as I remember, Yoso didn't blindly do shit on their whim, and I certainly didn't. We were very proactive with the political shit at that time. Do me a favour, I don't give a !@#$ about this game or your opinions about BK's current leadership/membership/etc., but do try to stick to the facts and not just make shit up. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've spent about 60 more seconds here than I would like. Peace out, Orbis. Keep doing your thing, I guess. EDIT: And yes, my nation is still alive, so this should be a valid post.
  3. So, most people are probably aware of my growing inactivity since September. I just don't really have any motivation to play this game any more. Put the nation in VM for 6 months on the off-chance I want to come back, but realistically I'm probably done. I'd sit here and list people, but there's way too many to name. So I'll just say, to everyone who made this game worth playing, thank you. Didn't think I'd be here for two weeks, let alone 2 and a half years. But for now, ring the bell, I'm tapping out. -Strummy
  4. Literally just logged on to say !@#$ you magicboiiiiiiiiiiii /me goes back to retirement
  5. only 10 pages in ~12 hours you almost make me want to come out of shitpost retirement almost
  6. how many times did you pet him
  7. none because !@#$ weebs
  8. i respect that
  9. good luck with that I'll be over here retired because
  10. I'm hurt
  11. Ain't no party like a Knight party because a Knight party don't stop.
  12. I heard Pepsi goes well with cake.
  13. something something united airlines
  14. go back to !@#$ing africa