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  1. Dubayoo campaigning hard for worst poster
  2. This thread isn't for campaigning, @Dubayoo
  3. hidude for most asian
  4. Don't tell me what to do! You're not my real dad!
  5. ... the only defensive war I see is a counter? How exactly are you under seige?
  6. That bastard
  7. Shower durmij helps you produce seamen?
  8. DST is over, so it shouldn't matter
  9. If it's an internet game, isn't all of its warfare cyber warfare?
  10. They absorbed the whole game without consent once. I don't know why you're surprised.
  11. "Hippos aren't real people." -Thrax
  12. I'm going with Cuzzelle by virtue of being a woman and not functionally immortal
  13. But... it already exists
  14. lrn2graph
  15. You could've moved the labels to the actual lines, and gotten rid of the legend at the top. You put in more work than you needed to and made it worse.