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  1. Is bastard even censored?
  2. Do you mean aisle or is this a weird island metaphor?
  3. They're so coherent!
  4. Probably because these are specific characters from a specific show rather than generalizations
  5. If I can line my pockets in the process, absolutely. You shouldn't be producing food at low land anyway.
  6. 3edgy5me
  7. Well, I am. Not that that irritation is solely with IQ, but still.
  8. Right, because Mensa would totally want to protect Rose if there were no reconciliation.
  9. or Mensa and Rose, was the joke I think you missed there
  10. So obviously there's some sort of bug or workaround with the reputation system.
  11. Was referring to AO, yeah
  12. Blood for the blood god.
  13. Neigh means neigh, Epi
  14. No.