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  1. Victory is defined by the goals set. Clarify the definition of "beat". Does militarization include all forms of weaponry including nukes? Thalmor beat me to it.
  2. Someone say hookers and blow?
  3. Moby Dicked for the win. Lock the thread
  4. Somebody order the third string? Change your slots. I'll give you 5 days. Need I remind you are borderline attacking my fam there friend. Gag your dog or I shall
  5. Congrats on the sustained development of my Bros allies.
  6. One sex robot please, made in your image
  7. Enjoy your cake
  8. NK refuses to admit this was NK handy work.
  9. Did you really expect them to pay? The hopes of them actually paying really just shows the average intelligence of most of the peeps here on orbis. Still no reason to stop, keep them embargoes coming.
  10. Love the game Alex. !@#$ the haters
  11. The embargoes have slowed. Really sorta disappointed only the wee little guys are doing it.
  12. Welcome to orbis. Enjoy but most importantly have fun
  13. Like let me embargo the world
  14. Without a doubt we all have read the message from whatever his name is, offering a prize to some that embargo myself. I am honored and grateful to this nation for the free assistance. Please look at me, get a good look, whisper something sexy. Whatever you do.....keep them coming. Ever have your balls licked by the cute girl while you pound the hot neighbor? That's what this is like. NK is ready to defend it's borders. Don't fly thru our airspace or sail in our seas. Don't cross that line Ameri......er Orbis Thanks again Apeman Ps: Sheepy if you are reading this can I just embargo the world? I'll remove the ones I don't want. It would be easier.
  15. We all have our problems bud. Keep yours to yourself.