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  1. I like tbis. Sheepy make it so
  2. Just like your nation. It would take 1 round to wipe the floor with you even if we used nukes. Learn how to build and shit post. 1000 days wasted. Doesn't your ass ever get jealous with the shit pouring out of your mouth. Slow clap for this handicapped hippo. He is super brave while talking shit and hiding in friends
  3. This alliance is protected by NK.
  4. Welcome to the politics and war forums. Don't you need to have a nation to post on these forums? Meh whateves. The game is just getting good. The future is bright. So a good alliance that will remain nameless, offers low taxes and skilled players. Here at N.....er um the nameless one, we...um they have many growth programs to help you get the most from your nation. Resource swaps to help you specialize and many many bags of cash to help you to find the love for the game quickly. Like the pusher man, they get you hooked on quick growth and intelligent speech. Oh yeah welcome back
  5. I just want to tale this opportunity to welcome rose into the nuke bloc. Congrats guys
  6. Everybody gets the same welcome bud. That guy literally put my dog to sleep.
  7. How you gonna support that military with no food or revenue? Don't forget to think of Apeman for all your food and resource needs. 312 million food ready to move once the nukes start falling. For allies only Get your own thread
  8. Welcome to orbis. I recommend joining an alliance. Let me know if you have any questions I can answer. Again welcome to pnw
  9. Oh, to be a fly on the wall in that room!
  10. To the club welcomed you are young Yoda. Welcomed indeed
  11. NK is officially ending its protectorate of Assassin Order. Rumor has it Noobs Army is currently arming to assalt and dominate AO. With my paw on my banana, I bow to the power of NA. Ps: Kastor got a big mouth.
  12. Love the videos man. Always a good time
  13. How about you learn how play before you tell me how to. You speak to number 1 ape. Best recognize sucka
  14. What a waste of flesh. You will be missed
  15. To show support of what TKR is trying to accomplish for the game.......NK cancels all treaty ties to TKR effectively now. I mean unless somebody jumps them in the next 3 days cause then I'm gonna lose my shit. 72 hours it is, over 900 days comes down to 72 hours. You have your notice Bye baby