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  1. 5 recruitment messages times 8000 nations so the total comes to 2.8 billion payable to Apeman. Dont poach the game
  2. I agree with the hippo
  3. Altheus and Pre in one thread. Orbis better look out. Good to see you guys Whale 🐳
  4. Pantheon should keep the treaty. Upgrade it to mdp even. !@#$ orbis that's why
  5. Yep we did 10 billion in damages to gpa and were looking for peace. My 7 warriors did the most in game damage to that point. We clearly didnt merge. Options are nice. What treaties didnt i honor? Care to elaborate?
  6. Just a simple comparison of our almost equally aged nations says it all. On top of that have you ever been zi? Have you ever done anything except lip off and hide in the low ns tier? I get it. You are jealous. It's ok to be. Please don't turn that in to hate. Embrace the Ape and all the teachings. We can make you into a real nation someday. I'm here for you little buddy. Just keep on keeping on
  7. Yes it really is lame that 95 percent of the game can't keep up. I'll send a growth minister to help you put on the big boy pants and ditch those pull ups. Why strive to suck at everything you do? At least the flesh will be tender when i get to gorge.
  8. How many days you need to Grow? Need a loan? I suggest Seb I'm waiting
  9. Could you say nuke a few more times? Congrats guys, a great day indees
  10. Congrats guys
  11. Come to the apeside
  12. I like tbis. Sheepy make it so
  13. Just like your nation. It would take 1 round to wipe the floor with you even if we used nukes. Learn how to build and shit post. 1000 days wasted. Doesn't your ass ever get jealous with the shit pouring out of your mouth. Slow clap for this handicapped hippo. He is super brave while talking shit and hiding in friends