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  1. I think Partisan starts wars so he can make Taylor Swift videos
  2. Ironically there are fewer wars against tkr than usual. Some war this is
  3. Raiding inactive nations is just common sense, no hostility there really
  4. Well you guys stopped being Enemies of Arrgh, hell I think after that we ended up doing several billion in treasure sales
  5. I always preferred adding people to my Enemies of Arrgh list, so you have time to get around to everybody
  6. Haha are they going back to that well? DYNAMISM! I can picture the discussions: "Hmm well NPO are the only alliance that really poses a meaningful threat to us long term" "Alliance with NPO it is!"
  7. Only maybe 20% of TKR ever got a slot in that war, and the ones that did on the bottom mostly lost
  8. TKR hasn't fought a real war in like, 2 years. That spy attack is probably the most fun that poor guy has had in years
  9. Just for that we'll say Cerberus did all the hard work of fighting us and you guys just bandwagoned
  10. We are cruel monsters, someone should do something about Arrgh
  11. Nonsense missiles merely tickle you, they don't inflict millions in damage at the cost of your log in bonus
  12. My missiles fire children in fact, I am that depraved
  13. Checkmate hippy