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  1. It didn't start out that way, also check with your coalition how many rerolls you all have though
  2. Where the hell have you been m8? Everyone's been expecting KT and co to start the next fray cuz, ya know, merry little third bloc or somethin of the sort. No one expects NPO to do anything aside from communism and IQ signing treaties
  3. #PrefForPrez2k17
  4. So due to our not being called in at an ally's request, we are instantly war-dodgers or what? If you're so bored go poke Apeman.
  5. Great thing we've had a plethora of communist dictators from history to idolize in American universities and other institutions of so-called "higher learning," eh? Typically the dumbest, most emotionally (versus scientific, for obvious reasons) driven arguments come from "feminists," Antifa, BAMN, and other lunatic and violent groups that endorse such an antiquated and failed ideology. And yeah @Big Brother, unis are crammed full of these type cause they're indoctrinated !@#$ that won't fight for their beliefs without their mob and various allotment of weapons. Hence it will always be a matter of "fascists" and riot police beating their asses, and giving em a record in the process as worthless as most of their degrees as well as political beliefs.
  6. Haha finally some action, albeit relatively micro at this point, but Arrgh never fails to impress with war.
  7. People still to this day very often underrate the value of blockades. It's kinda sad to be honest.
  8. Hell let's just put tech in the game while we're at it!
  9. Dont forget TFP is now hitting em too, thanks in no small part I'm sure to the server overload
  10. Lol wot? You have a few [former?] gov members from VE that plotted this shit and you're gonna trash the entire AA for it? Gg
  11. Heh. Why the hell not, sign me up for 5 tickets!
  12. An already beaten opponent, much bravery here, SK. Lel
  13. This shit hails back to the days of old in VE, when it seemed the coolest thing for newbs to do was dumb shit, get disciplined, then head to the OWF when it hit the fan complaining about VE. Almost brings a tear to my eye, damn nostalgia
  14. But communism. Seriously, they tax literally everything. Get rid of that economic model, and I'd say I agree.
  15. Mensa complains about pretty much anything Sheepy does. It's their forte, and something most of us are well-accustomed to by now. It doesn't make it any less annoying of course. Personally, what I draw the most issue to is how utterly disrespectful a lot of their members are toward Sheepy about these issues. Same goes with the general member base that calls into question the same issue(s). As for Pre, I don't know enough about the issue in question to draw any sort of educated judgement, but it does seem a legit cause to complain when spy ops can't be countered in a conventional fashion.
  16. I've been trying out the new war system on the test server since it went live: I must say I think it's a fresh change. Ships could use a rebalancing, however, as they appear extremely overpowered at the current. It seems that in almost every naval op I've launched, even with a lone ship, under the tactician war policy I destroyed an improvement almost every run. Mostly barracks, but still. Aside from that minor detail I welcome the incoming changes, and can't wait to see how they affect wars in the future on the regular server. Thanks for the continuing advancement of the game Sheepy!
  17. I'm not even trying to be greedy. City 15 (~120 mill) would suffice!
  18. Day and a half(ish) war? Meh
  19. Obviously NPO. The whole commie/command economy thing, it's obvious members there worship their government more than their independence. As liberal as it gets.
  20. Lel. SRD, the amount is, specifically, what Hayley is bragging about. Nothing more, nothing less. I don't think NK has ever been known for their conventional prowess, hence probably why they're not known as CK or something of the sort. On another note, good seeing you around again though, grumpy ole buddy!
  21. Hard to execute a good blitz when most slots are already filled, and Valyria's score is dropping quicker than a bottle of eggnog o/
  22. Lel. It's Christmas time, man! The best gift is giving in to extortion! Good to have you on board gents
  23. OOC flamebait! Kek
  24. Lel. Let's not forget this also brings in Mensa on Rose's behalf. Gg Valyria. Bold move though gents, and I must say I respect the move, no matter how suicidal!
  25. So member nations will be required to fork out their own cash for sustained spy ops? I really, really like and appreciate the idea itself, but that would certainly hamper long-term money warchest reserves for member nations.