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  1. You guys should come after KT, we're harboring the evil @Vosunda after all. Bring your little myriad of raid targets alliance mates with ya. Hell you guys probably won't even need TKR, we're war virgins too. We've only ever warred micros to boot. Not too different than you guys, actually. But who doesn't dig a level playing field? Aside from IQ, of course.
  2. Ehh, I'm not gonna fault IQ for being opportunists here, I'm just waiting for real wars to start breaking out
  3. Your pip says you're in a militarily incompetent bloc. Pls change that.
  4. Not to worry, only 65 more to go til he breaks even
  5. Top quality jesting.
  6. Meh. No thanks, Massachusetts is too crowded anyway.
  7. Cool, Fraggle will do *some* damage, assuming she joins in, but a lone nuker won't do much in the long run. Now if Nuke Bloc organizes a coordinated nuking campaign on SK, that'd be quite interesting. Seems like it's down to you guys to throw the first punch to get the next world war going anyway. Make it happen, chap
  8. The cancer continues to spread.
  9. Whew boy, another commie alliance. Inb4 IQ signing
  10. Shame it's no late-night DoW. You guys would of had a decent advantage seeing as how everyone else is drinking or sleeping atm.
  11. It didn't start out that way, also check with your coalition how many rerolls you all have though
  12. Where the hell have you been m8? Everyone's been expecting KT and co to start the next fray cuz, ya know, merry little third bloc or somethin of the sort. No one expects NPO to do anything aside from communism and IQ signing treaties
  13. #PrefForPrez2k17
  14. So due to our not being called in at an ally's request, we are instantly war-dodgers or what? If you're so bored go poke Apeman.
  15. Great thing we've had a plethora of communist dictators from history to idolize in American universities and other institutions of so-called "higher learning," eh? Typically the dumbest, most emotionally (versus scientific, for obvious reasons) driven arguments come from "feminists," Antifa, BAMN, and other lunatic and violent groups that endorse such an antiquated and failed ideology. And yeah @Big Brother, unis are crammed full of these type cause they're indoctrinated !@#$ that won't fight for their beliefs without their mob and various allotment of weapons. Hence it will always be a matter of "fascists" and riot police beating their asses, and giving em a record in the process as worthless as most of their degrees as well as political beliefs.