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  1. I have no idea how to fix this or if it can be changed at all.
  2. Good news, they just needed to be enabled, and weren't destroyed in the process.
  3. I'm not sure why signatures were removed, I'll look and see if I can figure it out, but I fear if they're gone they may be gone forever.
  4. I would assume you can still use BBcode, somehow or another. Testing bold BBcode is working fine for me.
  5. So if I recall, with this new software we can mention each other with the @ character. This is super convenient, and just to make sure it works, I'd like everyone to respond here with @Kastor
  6. And the forums are back online! IPS4 has a lot of neat new features that I too will be picking up as we go using this new software. One important note is that if you had a different display name than login name before, you just have your display name now, and that's what you'll be using to login.
  7. Hey all, Just a heads up that sometime in the next week or so I will be upgrading the forum software to the latest version of IPB. Basically everything should carry over and transfer fine, but at some point when I do the upgrade the forums will be offline for a short time (hopefully less than an hour.) I don't have an exact ETA of when I'll do the upgrade, but it could be as early as tonight. I know the forum skin won't carry over, so the new forums might be pretty ugly for a time before I get a chance to customize them and make them look nice. Thanks for understanding!
  8. Probably an issue on your end and not a problem with the game. Have you tried looking at it on different devices or browsers?
  9. The reported will be issued a warn point, thanks for the report. In the future, you can just click the "Report" button in the bottom left corner of the post, it's much easier for us moderators to track down and manage. As for your comments about the Iron Guard, as far as I know, the alliance has been very careful to remain unassociated with Nazism, as per the game rules. If you believe this is not the case, I would recommend that you make a separate report in which you provide specific evidence.
  10. You can't, only a moderator can. We will sometimes delete posts under special circumstances, but generally will not. You can, however, edit a post and remove whatever content you had added to it previously.
  11. I'm sure it's a different image you have somewhere that's throwing the error. Sorry it's not more specific.
  12. That was an old thing we did a long time ago to promote forum activity and keep track of forum accounts. It's pretty obsolete nowadays.
  13. I wasn't aware 10 was an internal address prefix, that's interesting. Probably why I can't find any ban records
  14. I've created an Android app for the game, I'm in the process of getting it approved on the Google Play store now. Once that's done, there will be a link to it in-game, but if you'd like to try it out before then, here's a direct link: First version is pretty basic - it's just the mobile version of the game contained in an app. In the future I'd like to see the ability to purchase Credits in-app through the Google Play store, as well as push-notifications about war declarations, messages, etc. And yes, we are working on an iOS version as well. The player Cobrastrike is helping me develop an iOS version (and was helping with Android, I just kinda jumped the gun and threw together an app already )