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  1. You're not banned and none of the last 5 IP addresses you've used are banned. You'll need to send me a private message with your IP address if you wish to get unbanned.
  2. The Nation API now includes the nation's local radiation index and what season the nation is currently in. @Lyrositor Radiation is listed as "radiation_index" and should return a float Season is listed as "season" and should return "spring" "summer" "autumn" or "winter" @Shakyr "beige_turns_left" has been added as a field in the Nation API.
  3. I just fixed a bug where there was a discrepancy between the rank shown in the Nation API and the rank shown on the view nation page caused by the API taking into account nations in vacation mode.
  4. While two of those were obviously not real accounts, I can't see any rule-breaking activity going on. It's not against the rules for there to be more than one nation on a network.
  5. I'd been largely hands-off on moderation and leaving it to the mods recently, and I apologize for that. I'm here to offer more oversight and help moderating again. We will not be removing the anonymous identities of mods. The reasoning is that it is very difficult to do an impartial job when the results of your moderation action can directly affect you in-game. I.E., someone doesn't like that you gave them a warning, you now your nation is under attack. That inhibits the ability to effectively moderate, and it discourages people from wanting to volunteer and help moderate in the first place. The "mod call-out" rule is there to prevent "witch-hunts." It's very easy to criticize the mods without recognizing the important and good work they do keeping the forums a fun and friendly environment for everyone. If you have a problem with a moderator, send me a direct message and we can discuss it. That's always been my policy and I've overturned moderator decisions before. We did discuss this privately and I think everyone is on board with the idea. I'll see that we make this an official part of our policy.
  6. It was a mistake on my part that has been corrected.
  7. How about the option to convert existing resources into consumer goods? Each resource could have its own corresponding "consumer good" and nations would have the ability to convert their resources into that consumer good directly and receive cash for their resource. There could be a simple linear demand function for each of these consumer goods. For simplicity's sake going forward, let's presume we're talking about one specific resource, but this would apply to all. So a linear demand function that determines the price when converting to goods, like Y = AB, where B is the demand that shifts, and A is a different constant affixed to each type of good (corresponding to the value of its raw resource). Each turn the demand could increase by some random amount, and everything resources are converted to goods and solve the demand would be decreased by some amount. There would need to be some limits in place on the amount of goods you could convert per day perhaps to limit and discourage scripting. This would introduce some fluctuations into market prices, and it would also offer a new avenue to make money: watch the market for discrepancies between raw resources and their respective consumer goods to make a profit. It would also serve to create more demand for resources, which could help control inflation.
  8. What about a function of decreasing returns to scale for cities? The extra military capability from 25 to 26 cities is arguably far less important than the extra military capability from 1 cities to 2 cities.
  9. So, essentially the status quo?
  10. I like the idea of spying being something used more than just in war, but as pointed out, secret trades will just encourage cheating and uncovering messages/announcements would just force people to use Discord and off-site forums when, IMO we should encourage more use of in-game communications (as many players won't bother with Discord or off-site forums.) I think spies should get some tweaks to how many enemy spies they can kill, and perhaps buffs to the damage they can do to other units so that those are usable tactics. Ideally, you should be able to harass each other every day with spies for the hell of it. If it's too costly to do that, we can look at reducing the cost of executing spy ops. One idea that may be beneficial is reworking spy odds so that spies have decreasing returns to scale in respect to their effectiveness, instead of the existing linear returns. To explain further: currently 10 spies has a value of "10" and 50 spies has a value of "50". If we used a logarithmic or sqrt scale, it could be something like 10 spies has a value of "3.16" and 50 spies has a value of "7.07". In this scenario, you can see how instead of the guy with 50 spies having a 5x advantage over the guy with 10, it's now closer to a 2x advantage. Still an advantage, certainly, but less drastic, and the gap between low levels of spies becomes far more similar. Just spitballing as well here, but with a DRS (decreasing returns to scale) system, it may be feasible to once again eliminate the spy-range, so that any nation can spy on any other nation. That's something I've always wanted to do, was to make espionage a universal mechanic that all players could interact with all other players through. In any case, thank you for posting the suggestion and I am offering my thoughts not only to contribute to the discussion, but to show everyone that I am still looking to work with you all (the players) to make the game better.
  11. Do you actually have any coal at the current moment, though? You can't use coal you'll have tomorrow to power your power plants today.
  12. I gave the nation that stuff because his (much older) account had recently been compromised and deleted. It's on the up-and-up.
  13. I agree, that only using Fortify and not doing any attacks is written into the rules as one example of war slot filling. However, this player seems to be following a strategy of nuking their opponents and is using fortify to extend the war until they can launch a nuke at that opponent. I'll give it a little while and see what happens; should the wars end with only Fortification or some meager attempt at an attack made now that this report has been made publicly, I will issue a strike against the nation for war slot filling.
  14. It appears the war no longer exists, and I didn't get a chance to see the nature of the report before it was removed.
  15. It's a school network, unless you have any rule-breaking activity to report, I see no reason to take any action.