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  1. I want to do this, I haven't figured out how to do it yet.
  2. I don't think there's any rule-breaking activity here, just some older players having a joke.
  3. They've since been banned.
  4. Please report topics that you believe are offenders as well, and it will flag them for moderator review.
  5. Okay, after seeing how things have shaken out so far in the new war system, I'm willing to give a little and let Fortify add resistance to wars again. My proposal is to keep Fortify at 3 MAPs, and have it add 5 Resistance. This is still nerfed from where it was, but I think is a middle ground that will make everyone (or no one) happy. In doing this I would also return the increased casualty count from 25% back to 10%. By my calculations, a nation doing only Fortify against a nation doing only IT Naval Attacks would still (barely) lose over the 5 days of a war. If the attacker screwed up any of the Naval Attacks (i.e. didn't get all ITs) the defender would be able to escape to war expiration. So it would not be possible to always use Fortify to avoid losing wars. But it would be possible to use it tactically, and if your opponent screwed up, or you did not commit completely, to use it to avoid being beiged. Now I don't plan on making any war updates while there's a big war going on, don't worry. I'm sure someone will still freak out about that in a comment below (we'll see, I'll probably come back and quote this little section in my response to them.) But I just want to hear some feedback on the idea before I get any more serious about it. So, thoughts?
  6. No, you should not be restricted on Withdrawal. And capital letters should not matter. Are you entering your nation name correctly?
  7. There's no way for me to know that's not you who's created like 5 different accounts to cheat. I understand that it does suck when you really do have friends that want to play, so we came up with the Verification Process that Dio Brando mentioned.
  8. Everyone starts with a free name change that can be used for either your Leader or Nation names. It's accessible from the "Edit" nation page.
  9. It's already 75% by default, you think a 5% increase is worth a project slot? My thinking is that it makes resources more abundant, and thus cheaper.
  10. Did he sign up using your referral link or entering your leader name in the box upon registration? If not, it's not counted as your referral.
  11. I'm looking to add a lot of new National Projects to the game to increase diversity, specialization, and dynamism in-game (while giving larger nations more to do and more options to pick from.) So expect a lot of posts like these. Initially I'd just like to get feedback on the ideas and proposals for number tweaks. Name: Military Scrapyard Description: A national junkyard and recycling center for reusing decommissioned military units. What it does: Returns 100% of resources used (not money) when decommissioning military units. Proposed Cost: 5,000 Gasoline & $20,000,000 --- Now, please offer your thoughts. Numbers could be tweaked, as well as project cost.
  12. It was alluded to, though not made explicitly clear, in the Game Rules that this is in fact against the rules. I have updated the Game Rules, and included a 20% bank deletion policy going forward; however in this instance I've just returned the bank as-is.
  13. So I'm not 100% sure I understand the issue. You went into Vacation Mode, and you lose your login bonus as well as the beige bonus? The login bonus you wouldn't keep (unless you logged in every day while in vacation mode) however your Beige turns should not lapse while in vacation mode.
  14. Your nation (10463) doesn't exist. Do you have a valid nation link?