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  1. Got it, thank you.
  2. This is a no-discussion forum. Mad Sweeney has already issued a preliminary warning, further rule-breaking posts will receive warn points. I don't see any sufficient evidence of multis (or any evidence at all.)
  3. You're a brave soul.
  4. I agree who you want to have sex with is not racist, and I've never said that. I've said that ranking women by race is racist. The definition of racism being "saying one race is better than another" that's exactly what we see in the results thread. "So-and-so race is better" is racism, and per the rules, was locked. This is obviously a satire thread. I don't interpret it as trolling or promoting polygamy, so it's not breaking any rules.
  5. It's not against the rules to judge someone by their personality, immutable or not. It is against the rules to judge them by their race. If you want to discuss or propose changes to the rules, that's one thing. But I am basically just quoting the existing rules to you at this point.
  6. There's nothing in the rules that says you can't be upset or made upset. There is, however, a rule against racism.
  7. What external characteristics are being judged here? Surely you can see the difference between judging a woman based on her race or ethnicity and judging a player based on their behaviors?
  8. What's sexist and racist about it? Feel free to use the "Report" button on any posts you feel are in violation of the Forum Rules.
  9. Please post any screenshots as images. No offense, but I'm not going to download a .zip file with god knows what in it.
  10. Moderation action here has nothing to do with "interracial love" (I don't even see how that's relevant. There's nothing about love in a thread where you "pick 4 wives") and in my opinion, racism becomes an issue only with the second "results" topic. I will first re-iterate that the post in question has absolutely nothing to do with Politics & War, there's no reason it has to be here. I suggested to Rozalia over DM that he could do this sort of thing elsewhere. Second, your right to free speech on this forum only extends so far as I allow it. We have rules and moderators, you will respect them or you will not be allowed to participate on this forum. That's the nature of a privately owned and operated discussion board. Third, the Forum Rules (which have not changed since any of these posts have been made) do not allow for this sort of topic. You are not allowed to "call out" the moderators, and I specifically reminded Rozalia of this in our DM (as I imagine the logs reflect, unless they were edited.) He was aware this would be immediately locked and that he would receive a warning point when he made this post. For users to have a question about the rules, or would like to propose a rule change, that is what the Moderation Support forum is for. Obviously that's not what's happening here. Lastly, you can read my dissertation for why the first post was removed here: As to the most recent "results" post, I do not think that is an acceptable post on this forum for the same reasons as the first, but also I believe it is implicitly racist to be ranking women by their race (or ethnicity) and awarding trophies to "the best race (or ethnicity)." I believe to do so is dangerously dehumanizing and also just offensive. There's no reason to have that here on this forum, and I will not tolerate it. Furthermore, the entire nature of both threads is incredibly demeaning to women. Treating women like objects, picking them out like breeds of dogs, and collecting them for points are all terrible things, and as I pointed out in my response to the first post is a terrible example to set for younger players forming their views about the world. It seems to me that the entire point of each post has been to "stir the pot" so to speak, to rile other players up for one reason or another, and now you're all doing the same thing by accusing me of being against interracial love, being racist myself, etc. which is all ridiculous, and just a poor attempt to somehow point the blame at me and the moderators for this. This decision is final, the rules are the rules and we have interpreted them. If you don't like the rules, you are free to post a thread in the Moderation Support forum to propose a change (I can't imagine removing the racism rule would be popular, nor would I go through with it), and if you don't like my interpretation of the rules, you can cease using the forum. Those are your options, and if you continue to violate the rules, I will make the decision for you through the established warning system which includes increasing lengths of account suspension and ultimately a ban from the forums.
  11. Since we've introduced the ability to track clicks on ads, I thought I'd post the most clicked ads to date for the hell of it. Here's the top 5: #1 436 Clicks #2 426 Clicks #3 389 Clicks #4 384 Clicks #5 383 Clicks What do you think makes a good ad that people want to click on?
  12. If I were to redo it, I would have done soccer/football as it's a more universal sport. However, baseball is far easier to "truly" simulate. Each baseball game that you play is simulated, play by play, from the pitch to the hit to where the hit goes to who catches it, etc. Of course, no one looks at the detailed simulation of the game and I don't even display it anymore, just the highlights. In the end, it would've made just as much sense to have created a pseudo simulator of soccer that wasn't play by play at all, just roll a couple of dice and give you a "score" and call it good. At this point, though, I don't really care enough to change it. It's far from an integral part of the game, and if I were to do anything at this point I think I'd just remove "sports" completely, as it's pretty irrelevant for a nation-sim.
  13. I'll check it out, thanks.
  14. Does this really add anything new or interesting to the game? Or is it just another way to min-max and make the game easier? IMO Land isn't that expensive as-is.
  15. I've updated the Nation API to include the following: offensivewars defensivewars offensivewar_ids defensivewar_ids But for the time being I can't push these changes live yet. Expect them in the next week or two.