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  2. What statistics are we following for VE then to counter your statement? I'm curious now.
  3. ApaReNTlY THe SyNdICaTe ARe sUcH A bAD aLLiAnCE ThEY GoT LIsTEd TWicE. Yeah, you're an idiot and the statistics don't even back your moronic claims. Unless you want to grave dig wars but we can do that on anyone.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Oh god if the micros convinced the whales to do this....what will the micros do next....can they one up's terrifying to's almost as if the micros and higher tiers are merging to create one inactive, dramatic monstrosity with a hunger for cash and unreasonable amounts of infra...the farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmms
  6. You can always trash talk
  7. worth
  8. It was so good until this point 4/10 at best
  9. Good times.
  10. Nothing stopped you before. I remember when I was in Vanguard years back and would talk about Rose all the time.
  11. After spending many nights with Kastor, he finally gave me crabs. Alaskan kings they were! Delicioso.
  12. So since NK is no longer allied to TKR, this mean I can trash-talk Kayser again?
  13. yay we won. no damn targets in range. shitty war.
  14. You seem to have a hatred for KT too.
  15. Sometimes, I dream about cheese
  16. Looks like it' on like Donkey Kong! Glhf all
  17. To Thrax.... Oooo.... I like that song, not heard it before. I mean ermmm.. what? Me?
  18. You look a lot more radiant in your frontpage, baby. That's alright. Let's just keep it groovy, baby! Emerald Bank told me this would be boring, But Jesus, man, even my wardec's snoring! I've never seen such a miserable alliance! I've also never seen such a dull holder of the 1st place! I mean, you can't grow properly in a rush! Borrowers flock to the loans of our bank's stash! I'll hypnotize you with some little free banknotes! And then loan with interests; I'm owning you like the IMF in the nineties! You're defenseless; my rhymes are dominating! You're like all the loans I've ever had: deprecating! (Yeah!) People want a band with a little personality! No one wants to sit through your idle reality! Maybe Smith can craft a unique AA name! 'Knights' is just bloody everywhere! I'm one of a kind; you're always getting remade! You can't touch me; so oh, behave!
  19. That's exactly whats meant to happen iirc
  20. But where will you have opsec conversations with yourself? Be reasonable, man!
  21. I see a bad Moon a-rising I see trouble on the way I see earthquakes and lightnin' I see bad times today Don't go 'round tonight She's bound to take your life There's a bad Moon on the rise I hear hurricanes a-blowing I know the end is coming soon I fear rivers over flowing I hear the voice of rage and ruin Don't go 'round tonight She's bound to take your life There's a bad Moon on the rise
  22. Yay. Cake! ^-^
  23. Appearntly ve are such bad fighters they got listed twice
  24. Well, I'll do that. Thanks.
  25. Yay. gives cake
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