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  2. Not really. Tywin is correct: Query me and i'll talk. I've made a promise to a certain ape that I would let this thread be for a bit in terms of arguments, and so I am doing so in good faith. If you really want an answer, you know how to get it.
  3. Or unless it's very easy to win it. Don't forget that. They were awfully fast hitting a 3 man alliance.
  4. we need to have a cb otherwise we lose 2 stability, and when you are big ,stability is hard to gain.
  5. TKR's kind of like Rose these days. They don't go to war unless they have a really really really good reason to do so. They don't need a CB. They need a CBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB...........
  6. Chaos is a ladder. Oh and, Blood for the blood God, Skulls for the Skull throne.
  7. Lordship's haircut is awesome, your looksmetter is faulty
  8. BUT I DON'T HAVE A CHANCE TO GET REPUTATION WITH PRIVATE MESSAGES!!!!!!! I understand that you are here just to foment the disagreements between the two parties to favor a war that would give you the chance to raid without risking a counter, this was easy to understand
  9. Uhhh. If thematically-appropriate selfies become a trend, I'm going to be in a lot of trouble I think.
  10. The best bet would be to message Partisan in private and ask him I guess. My speculation as to why this thread was posted is irrelevant.
  11. They bully me because I don't want to join slack so they don't tell me anything I'm asking the reason of this thread, I'm sure you, or at least Partisan, know something I don't know, or this thread would never have been opened
  12. Tsk tsk, one would assume you will have more faith in your leader than this..
  13. I don't know, I'm asking to you guys
  14. Holy Taco Bell, hold my ponco but you are possesed by the devil senor
  15. So your leader is wrong and perhaps a liar? Okay.........................
  16. My leader also said he has a good haircut, and I can guarantee that he was wrong I mean, if I want to hit don't warn in advance, maybe he was lying
  17. Got an update, You have MacArthur as a Gen/Unit (Sherman Tank) basically op, didn't go too much into it but it stomps everything in it's path
  18. Istra, Dalmacija. Clearly you don't even know their names, so yeah, keeping those. They are mine! Waterproof CB doesn't give waterproof balls. Seems they still wet from pissing all over themselfs for thinking they'll have to defend GoB agaisnt Sparta
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  20. Your leader said he has a waterproof CB, and he seemed very annoyed otherwise too. I would assume it means TKR would hit, or is it too coward to hit? ._.
  21. I didn't even hear anything about not hitting Hogwarts, nobody ever says anything to me I want to understand why you think that GIVE BACK ISTRIA AND DALMAZIA!
  22. I try.
  23. So you have a waterproof CB but do not want to hit Hogwarts? ._. just when we thought the thread couldn't get worse. thanks.
  24. Thalmor's selfie getting more poluar than walls of texts and bickering. Time to counter, with my own selfie!
  25. But exactly all these posts are based on what? Because you assume that TKR wants to hit Hogwarts, I have never heard of anything like that
  26. The worst....
  27. Ouch. Let's not insult them like that either DragonK. It would be too much! It's true but you know.. still...
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