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  2. BK is warming up..... Ayy lmao
  3. ayy lmao
  5. Good Whatever beings of Orbis and afar. We are the Ayyslamic State of Orbis and Universe We are your new overlords At around 9:30 PM Eastern Standard Time we have sent one of our most elite forces to return to Orbis following Terminal Jest reports that the Black Knights were, in fact, a dead alliance. (Report Link) Though, the question remains. How do you kill something so.... Dank? Prepare your eyeballs and minds, for our broadcast, will destroy the brainwashing cycle Terminal Jest has imposed on you. Ayy Lmao
  6. I think Roq's head in those pics should be replaced with Buorhann's, and the snek's should be replaced with Kastor's.
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  9. I'm 1.5 bil, if you're interested contact Pimp Lolo
  10. I guess if that's what everybody is into...
  11. He said 154million Oddly, i am 246.8, despite being 9 cities. Apparently being in government for a big alliance is a big bonus. Nice.
  12. I won't lie btw, those two do look like a cute couple. Then you realize that sneks eat rodents, and then you go further down the rabbit hole at realizing they should've just photoshopped their heads on a pair of praying mantis' mating.
  13. "Come on Dark Brotherhood just let me attack them already! :weary:" With great power comes great irresponsibility -DB shadow gov
  14. Send them a picture of me at my greatest, then ask them how much I'm worth.
  15. IMU sells nations.... Lolo says Tulip is worth 135mil. Ask lolo to see your price xD
  16. I'm worth 45mil...apparently
  17. lol yeah this was good enough, too much swift tho... ;-; needs more sneks
  18. How much for members?
  19. Rin? Are you surrendering the name of your conspiracy supervisor? :3
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